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Jun 30, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover? What Do You Think?

From Brent

A blog friend wants to nominate and submit our family to "Extreme Makeover", the show that does house makeovers. I looked over the application form and it's all the basic stuff: information about our family, our story, photos, etc.

I think what might set us apart possibly, is YOU.

If we could get "testimonials" and nomination statements from dozens of our readers, perhaps it would draw attention to our application, and let the producers of the show see extra public interest. This may all seem to be a little self serving but they get thousands of applications a week. You have to have something that sets you apart.

Would you enter a response to each of the following two questions IF you honestly feel like "nominating" us?

Question One:
Why do you think the Riggs Family deserves to be on Extreme Makeover Home Edition?

Question Two:
What about the Riggs family inspires you, and will inspire America?

(Keri, once we get all the information, I'll get it to you so you can submit the nomination...)


Anonymous said...

What an AWESOME idea! I can't think of a better family for this show!

Tanya said...

Absolutely! I read your blog last night and had this exact thought...Extreme Home Makeover! I've never commented on here but admire you and your wife and your commitment to your children/family.

Anonymous said...

I've heard the more people that contact ABC for you to get a house, the more likely you will get it. It can't hurt. You are doing the right thing. I hope you get a lot of responses and get selected!

elteescat said...

It's pretty much the same answer for both questions! I think you guys are honest, hard working people. You have great morals and values. You go out of your way to help other people. It's so great that you work so hard to bring children into your home and give them a chance at a better life than what they could have had in their home countries. This may sound a bit cold, but it's also great that you didn't try to send Abby back when you found out she was sick. I've heard about adoptive parents pulling a return to sender on special needs children from foreign adoptions. They talk like the kids are consumer goods and they were sent defective merchandise. But not you guys. You're busting your tails to provide the best possible treatment for Abby. Not to imply in any way that I think she's "defective", but alot of people would very likely refuse to pay for all the cancer treatment when they expected a perfect international adoption experience. It's also great that you participate in groups like Guat Tots to help the children connect with their heritage. And you're not afraid to speak your mind, preach the Gospel, and disipline your kids in public! I can't think of enough nice things to say about you guys. That's why it's the same answer to both questions. You deserve to be on Home Makeover for all of the above and you inspire me because of all of the above!!

Michelle said...

before i'd be willing to help with this, i need to ask a question which i hope you will address on the blog for EVERYONE to see.

(before i ask this, please know that i LOVE your family, and think you're an amazing bunch of Jesus lovers. you are inspiring & giving, and i'd LOVE to see you blessed in this way. so this is NOT to criticize - it is a SINCERE QUESTION!)

aside from your bathroom, do you truly need a brand new house?

this show tears houses down & rebuilds new ones. from what i've read, you need your bathroom redone. families living in dangerous homes need this more than you do IF it's simply a bathroom issue.

HOWEVER... if you truly do have other concerns, or if it's possible the mold (and whatever other toxins there may be) have SPREAD to other areas, then OF COURSE i'd LOVE to help in any way i can! i've seen them do cancer kids' houses before, with special air filters & materials to reduce infections & everything. it would be amazing... but my only hesitation is that if all you need is the bathroom, i don't think they'll go for it.

again, this is a TRULY SINCERE question. my motives in asking are pure... our Lord as my witness. :-)

- michelle

Sweet Joni said...

It would be such an AWESOME act of God if you recieved the blessing of a "Home Make-over" THIS way!!!

And this "GIFT" would certainly allow more room for you all to gather together under one roof as your family grows :)

Either way, remodeling NEEDS to be done so stay strong & KEEP your faith! :)

Anonymous said...

hi! we have been praying for abby and your family for quite sometime now and i know we shouldn't ask for something in return but.... we need YOUR prayers. my sister's church member (11 years old) fell to her death from the fourth floor while playing with her friend. the miracle was that she recited the Lord's Prayer on the way to the hospital but i guess GOD has his plan for her. i do not know this girl personally but my heart breaks for her and her family. you can go to www.caringbridge/org/visit/anyamichellemckinney


Hannah said...

My question is what about your home needs a makeover? Is it just that medical bills are all consuming? Or are there specific house things that are falling apart?

Alison said...

Hey ya'll! Michelle, thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving your sweet comment! I am your newest blog follower! Yay! And I definitely think ya'll should be on Extreme Makeover...that would be awesome! I am going to be praying for your precious Abby and your entire family! What an inspiring blog!

KelliD said...

This is not to the Briggs but to the people who seem to think that EHM is too much of a "gift" for them. My 1st question is this: How is submitting a few sentences via the internet for them to do this such a burden on you??? And my second question is this: Just how are YOU making the world a better place? What do you do daily that reaches out to people, makes their lives better? And seriously, don't you think Abby alone deserves a new, ultra filtered, safe house for her? She's a child with cancer, who's fighting a long battle. Give this family a break already people!

Michelle said...

Hi Riggs family,
I never had a chance to comment on this topic yet, but I just wanted you to know that I will always trust that you guys are honest and full of integrity when it comes to these kinds of things! With all the Michelle's out there, I just wanted to clarify that I most likely always use my last name! :) Hope you understand why I felt a need to post this! :)
Michelle Mann