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Jun 9, 2010

Winners Update from Last Auction

From Brent

Wow, sorry so long of a delay in finishing up the last auction. I was sick for several days, then we had some situations where our help, guidance and attention was needed to help someone who... needed help. I'll leave it at that.

So here we are trying to catch up now.

Here are the results of the last auction:
  • Auction 1: Blog Makeover - Nati (blog) - $50
  • Auction 2: Rainbow Roll - Amanda (blog) - $28
  • Auction 3: Handmade Baby Items - Jackie - $50
  • Auction 4: Jensen iDock Sound System - Ruth P. - $70
  • Auction 5: Memorex Nature Sound System - Julie @ Flitterbugs (blog) - $40
  • Auction 6: Autographed Books - Joni Sweet (blog) - $100
Each bidder can PayPal their donation here or contact me for other payment options if necessary. Please send me your mailing address so your items can be shipped to you.

Please visit their blogs when you get a chance. We appreciate their generous donations and joining us in our mission for orphans.

Also, big big thanks to those who donated items and the others who have continued to suggest donations.

We are a third of the way there in this campaign and are dedicated to seeing another orphan, maybe two, home this year.


Anonymous said...

hi brent, I have a suggestion on your fund raising effort. With the money you raised with the auction, why don't you use it to buy a valuable, highly desirable item and do a raffle ? It's similar to what Mckmama did recently. She purchased an iPAD for $499, held a raffle on her website...basically donate $10 or more and you get a raffle ticket to win this iPAD. She did this twice and was very successful each time. She was able to raise over $20,000 for orphans and also for another organization in the US. Pls think about it. I think you would get more money raised this way. Thanks, Beth.

Nati @ I will praise Him said...

I just paypal-ed you the amount for the Blog Makeover. I'm so excited!

Are you going to do some more Auctions? If so, I would like to donate something.

I'm not that girl you thought I was said...

I paypaled my payment and emailed you my mailing address. Let me know if you received my payment! Thank you!