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Jul 4, 2010

Abby Udpate

From Michelle:

Abby's lungs are worse today than they were on Friday. They are filling with fluid and making things tough on her. Since she is still making a lot of white blood cells, we were allowed to go home. Fortunately, she is not contagious to others.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Abby is supposed to be at dance camp. Abby is very excited about going. She longs to do things that healthy children take for granted. I am planning on taking her but will be staying at the studio "just in case" Abby needs help.

Last year we got a call, after Abby was dressed for dance camp, saying there was a bacteria growing in her blood and we needed to take her to the hospital immediately. I am praying that this year Abby will be able to have fun and learn a little.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Abby and asking others to pray as well. We are weary but blessed.

From Brent

Abby is back at home. She feels awful. All she does is sleep and is just kind of a ghost of herself nowadays. I hate to see her this way.

We went out into our yard to watch some fireworks going off around us but were ATTACKED by swarms of mosquitoes. We are 3 days into a predicted 14 day stretch of rain coming from the hurricane/storm that landed in Mexico and swept north. I felt dozens of them on me. When I got in the house, I killed a dozen of them still feasting on my legs (my blood is very sweet; made mostly of sugar...).

By the time another solid week of rain ends we are going to have a bonafide epidemic of mosquitoes. Abby and Hannah are particularly affected by them. They get huge bumps and welts with every bite.

Thanks for your kind comments and love for our family.


Anonymous said...

Always praying for you- I wanted to let you know that even though I don;t often leave a comment, I still pray.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Ugh! Sorry for all of you Brent!

Prayers remain!

Hugs and much love to all of you!
Who is a mosquito magnet too - YUCK!

Nora S. said...

Sorry to hear Abby is feeling so awful--did another temperature send her to the hospital?--is it still thought to be a fungal infection?

Praying for relief for Abby, strength for you and Michelle, support for your children.


Kris said...

Praying for sweet Abby and her dance camp.

My daughter gets feasted on by mosquitos too. I got the Don't Bug Me Patches and they seem to work. They essentially infuse vitamin B into you. Last up to 36 hours per patch. I'm told if you beef up your vitamin B intake a few days before exposure that can help too. Don't know if Abby can do that but might help Hannah. My husband hardly ever gets bit and we have been told it's because of the amount of black coffee he drinks :). Praying next year you are celebrating freedom from cancer.

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Praying for Abbey and wishing all of you a happy Fourth (what's left of it) and Fifth! Hope you will have the extended two-day holiday.

Rachel E. said...

Keep fighting, Abby! I'm praying for you to start feeling better very soon!

nmassie218 said...

Still thinking of your family and praying. Sending you all hugs.

Debi said...

Still here and still praying for Amazing Abby and your family. Praying for her lungs to be cleared and that she would be able to go to the dance camp. Sounds like lots of fun!
I the mosqitoes love my blood, also. I just got the Off Clip on that is guarenteed to work. The "Don't bug me" patches sound great too. I might look for them.
Love and hugs and prayers,

trooppetrie said...

I have found if you put chloraseptic throat spray on mosquito bites it really helps.

oneblessedlife said...

I know you don't need a project right now, but I heard that a bat house in a tree in the yard gets rid of almost all your mosquitos. My blood is sweet too. . . thanks to diet soda and hugs.
. . .

. . . Keep posting because we are praying.

Joanna said...

Abby, "I hope you dance" girl! I'm so sad to hear she hasn't been feeling well lately. Hoping to feely-good dancin' days in Abby's future. ((hugs))

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Dabbing vanilla (yes, the vanilla used for cooking) on yourself works as a great bug repellent. I use it on ourselves and our chickens. The farmers actually carry small bottles of it with them.

I hope Abby is feeling better for dance camp. It stinks to miss all the fun stuff.


Anonymous said...

re: Michelle's Twitter about God's timing being perfect:
YOUR response to God's timing is always gracious! Continuing to pray for your strength.

Sabrina said...

Yuck, Mosquitoes. Can't stand those darn things! My little 3 year old is also very sensitive to them and often breaks out into eczema if she gets a mosquito bite. I got her those things that clip on her pants and I put 2 of them on her, one in front, one in back and they work o.k. I'm thinking of Abby and praying that she can go to dance camp and that she will feel well enough to dance with the other girls her age. I know she must be weary of this battle also, and I'm praying for her strength and endurance. Thinking of you all!

nikki said...

Hope Abby made it to camp! Continued prayers to the bravest little girl ever!!!