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Jul 8, 2010

Abby Update

From Michelle:

Abby is still having fevers that are high enough to land us in ER for blood cultures. As an added "bonus" the ER is filled with "doctors is training" who ask her a lot of questions that annoy the crud out of Abby. Why grownup strangers care about her pee and poop baffles her. A couple of the doctors have been wonderful with her but you never know which one is going to walk through the door.

Thankfully,her white blood cell count remains high enough to avoid being admitted. When you are admitted an even larger crowd of big people in white coats show up to ask you the very same questions all over again.

Last night her lungs were were pretty junky but I think they sound a little better today. [Okay so as soon as I finish typing that Abby has a coughing fit in the next room. Go figure.]

Tomorrow (Friday) Abby will be receiving IV chemo and a an IV antibiotic. According to the leukemia protocol Abby is following, they are supposed to increase the dose of the chemo Abby gets daily. Giving Abby more chemo when she is having daily fevers and fighting pneumonia is a little unsettling to me. Abby's white blood cell count has crashed many times after they have increased her medications. Please pray for wisdom for all who are involved making decisions.

I really wish they would do a CT scan to rule our a fungal infection. I hate handing her chemo every night without evaluating her better. I have watched too many kiddos get into real trouble when they were fighting infections when their bone marrow unable to produce enough cells.

Abby's immune system is fighting hard now, but their goal is to find a high enough dose of chemo to keep her from producing so many white blood cells.

Thank you for praying for Abby while she was at dance camp. Dancing for half a day was a stretch for her but she was thrilled to be there. I will post more pictures soon but I wanted to share one of my favorites with your tonight.


Anonymous said...

So very happy that Abby at least got to dance. Pfor you to have strength and doctors wisdom. I can't even imagine how you get up everyday and keep going. God is definitely guiding you through this difficult time! Blessings to you all.


purejoy said...

many times i see picures of abby where her smile doesn't quite meet her eyes, but i enjoy them anyway because it's a window to her heart, and she tries so hard to put on a good face.
todays picture, even knowing how sick she is… is precious… her smile lights up here entire face.

it's an honor to pray for abby… thank you for sharing your journey so openly.

Webmaster said...

Beautiful picture! Glad she was able to participate this year. Praying for the wisdom of the doctors.

Michelle Found said...

My son HATES having to tell his story over and over and yet over again every single time a new person walks through the door. Numerous Nurses, Doctors, Resident Doctors, Medical Students. A new one every day. I've asked him to try and be patient with them, as one of them might ask the right question which will provide "the solution"; but he feels so ill he just doesn't want to tell the story one more time. He just wants them to "read the chart".

And, sorry Abby, but the pee and poop questions never stop! They are always asking about the "plumbing".

Praying the right solutions are chosen for Abby; and so thankful that the Lord is with us in these trials. How else would we ever endure?

God bless.

~Michelle Found
Picton, Ontario, Canada

Nora S. said...

So happy Abby made dance camp!--she needs some bright spots with all those crazy doctors asking her the same questions over, and over, and over again. I never understand why they can't share their information and not bother a young child with the same questions all the time. Don't they know it's so annoying?? : O and drives you crazy
: }

I hope all the balancing of medications goes smoothly--I missed that she had pneumonia so I will pray for that to heal and that her immune system can handle all that it is being handed.

Beautiful smile from her--she is an amazing little girl--praying that God gives her peace, hope, healing, and carries her through all this she is enduring--and that He continues to carry you and Brent as well.

Let us know how the renovation situation is developing.

Blessings to you.

Nora S.

Kimberlie said...

What a fighter your girl is! I love the smile and it's wonderful she was able to take part in the dance camp she was looking forward to for so long.

Abby continues to be in my prayers.

God bless you all!

Debbie said...

Thank you for the updates on Abby; loved the photo of her smiling face. I had to chuckle when you wrote about the 'new doctors'. July 1st is the date that new residents start their rotations, right?

Blessings and prayers,

trooppetrie said...

that smile is cracking me up. I am so glad she was able to go

My Cottage Charm said...

What a precious pic of Abby..she is absolutely delightful! :) I will pray that God will give wisdom to the doctors and strength to you all. I can't imagine what you all must be going through, but I do know we serve a very BIG God who is full of grace and mercy. He will provide us with everything we need to get through anything. Just know you have people who care.
Oh and I'm so glad she made it to her dance camp, what a joy!
Blessings & prayers

Sweet Joni said...

What Beauty God has created! Stay Strong & Courageous Abby! :)

Michelle, thanks for sharing this update & I'm so tickled that Abby (& Landis) were able to go to dance camp this year!

May HE above bring knowledge to find a solution for these high temps!!! I've done plenty of researching & SO MANY diseases can cause them.......

And why isn't a CT done???
Love & Hugs,

Anonymous said...

Why would they deny you a CT scan to rule out fungal infection? I encourage you to ask again, insist again.

I have regrets in my own life where I didn't speak up for myself and my child's health appropriately, instead I opted to doubt myself and assume they knew better.

My friend almost lost her first born child because of some complications during pregnancy. Thankfully God gave her the courage to insist/demand a simple bilirubin test.

God sees all.

In love,

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Have thought of you often this week ... and noticed the very quiet blog. So sorry that things have been so tough for Abby again recently.

Praying for you!

Laurel :)

Bobbie Bailey said...

Dear Michelle,

Love your little girl and am countining in prayer for her. Always so sorry she has to go through so much. The picture of Abby is amazing! What is most surprising is that she looks so happy inspite of all she has had to endure. It is obvious that she is "well loved." Thanks for posting the photo. It blessed me.


Wendi Taylor said...

Praying they will see the wisdom of doing the scan NOW so they know what they are up against before it gets out of control.

Michelle said...

I was starting to get a little worried when there hadn't been a post for several day, will keep her and for that matter the rest of ya, in our prayers as well. God Bless!!!

Michelle said...

oh yea and, such a cute picture!

Rochelle said...

Abby is so beautiful! I love that picture of her. So glad she got to attend dance camp. As the mother of a 7 year old and a 3 year old girl I know how important that is...I can only imagine how important it is to Abby who has missed so much. Praying for her to heal completely!

Rochelle Sanderson

JillAileenJones said...

Just beautiful! She is just so precious. I will continue to pray for you and for Abby and your whole family. I am sorry that you are having to be put through all of this-I am praying for wisdom for your Dr.'s as well.
Praying for His grace to get you all through this and strength to endure each day.
In Him,

Liz said...

I am one of those "new doctors". Not in the same state or hospital as you guys, but I simply want to remind you that your very experienced, much older physicians were once the "new doctors" that you are speaking of having "bonus" encounters with. We realize and understand that we all ask the same questions, and the younger ones seem to be more thorough and ask more than some of the more experienced ones that get exactly to the point. You never know when one of those "new doctors" will come upon something no one else has.

Oftentimes, the older attendings much prefer working with the younger, newer physicians as we are closest to the education as well as latest and greatest technologies/therapies....We're not all bad.

I know how frustrated you must be with your many trips to the ER and with Abby feeling crummy, but please try to be patient with us :)

May God bless you and your lil sweet Abby. I hope she is feeling better soon so she can enjoy the summer and play,play,play!


Jill said...

Praying for your beautiful Abby!
With Love,

Debi said...

Glad she made it to dance camp! YAY!! Now praying for your precious girl as she faces these hard treatments. Praying for clear lungs, Holy Spirit immuinity from infection and complete healing.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Thankful for the update - was concerned and glad to hear she was able to dance! Praying for your continued strength, peace, hope and joy to fill you all to overflowing!

Lots of love,

Beth H said...

That picture of Abby is Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

love this picture of abby! thanks for sharing the updates. praying for her and thinking of all of you.


Denise said...

LOVE that picture of Abby! She looks soooo grown up!

Praying, praying, praying...

Shannon (CA) said...

She looks so happy!! Praying for you all-

Rhonda said...

Abby looks so good in the picture...Tell Abby as I have a toddler that lives on the Hem/OC floor..I get sick of answering questions about his pee/poop ...I keep you all in our prayers..

Anonymous said...

oh she is so so precious!!! makes me cry. thanks for sharing the photo. i appreciate the doctor's comment above, but i still wonder if it's really a practical need for them to ask a young child these repeated questions. i don't understand why a parent can't answer them themselves, given that they are probably very aware of her elimination (pee and poo) situation. i wonder if you can ask them to ask YOU the questions that aren't neccessary to be directly adressed to her, (such as 'how do you feel' or something) just a thought. loving your girl. also, i agree with the poster who suggested being very assertive with your concerns re: the scan. it's hard for those of us who are naturally cooperative to be a 'pain', but it is not always a bad idea. praying for clarity of mind and a supernatural amount of energy for yourselves and all involved

Courtney Kay said...

ABby is looking so good!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about abby's updates and I hope her fevers resolve as soon as possible. My prayers go out to you!

And, btw I am another "new doctor" who feels the same way as liz who posted above. Be nice to us! We wake up at 5 AM 6 days a week to show up at the hospital where we work (unpaid) for 8-16 hours a day so that we can learn to heal little girls like your abby!

Since Michelle is a nurse I'm sure she already knows this, but we can't just "look at the chart" (well, we DO look at the chart, but we can't ONLY do that) we have to ask the questions ourselves because otherwise no one will ever learn to be a good doctor. And like someone else commented, incorrect information often gets recorded in charts, so we have to check to make sure it's all correct.

If you dont want to be a part of a "care team" consisting of medical students, interns, residents, and attendings, you can always choose to go to a private hospital that is not a teaching hospital. But we sure appreciate you giving us a change.

Love and prayers your way.