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Jul 18, 2010

Abby Update

From Michelle:

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update. There has been a lot going on in the Riggs house, so it was hard to know where to start.

Abby's headaches have been gone for 2 weeks now AND she has adjusted to the new dose of Topamax. When they first increased it she was very tired and it was difficult for her to concentrate. Now, she is no longer taking naps and is making a lot of progress in her school work. Abby loves to learn and Landis has been joining in the fun, too.

Since her headaches are gone, we are beginning to decrease the dose of her pain medications. Hopefully, this will help her have more energy for summer fun.

For the last 5 days Abby has been taking steroids (Prednisone) as part of her chemo regimen. Most parents hate them because they tend to make kids very emotional and ravenously hungry. They are thankful they are treating the cancer but it makes for one tough week for their kiddos. When Abby is on them it they also help her breathe much easier, so she has more energy during the day and sleep is more restful. Tough week or not, it is the safest week so I love them.

How are the fevers? She is still having them, but since all of the blood cultures have been negative, they are letting us go longer between ER visits. Abby gets to wait 72 hours between visits and then we only go in if her temperature over 101. We've been a week without a hospital run. Yeah!

The mold in our bathroom is gone and the work to repair the damage is in full swing. Our church has stood beside us for two years. Watching the men of our congregation work to fix this problem has been a visual reminder of God's love. We are truly blessed.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Abby and for the other children who are sick, too.

From Brent

Thanks for all your wonderful comments and concern for Abby. We've had a couple of vicious comments (such as "you want Abby to stay sick so you can keep getting free stuff and attention" or "if you don't like what happens at the hospital, why don't you stop treatment and let her die?") but we are blessed to have a hundred loving responses for every ugly one. You guys are great. I trust that we'll be a blessing to you and your family for many many years.

We realize out of the hundreds of posts we've written, not every one of them will be full of joy or devoid of any frustration or fatigue-produced misperceptions. Sometimes we are a bit amazed at how ready some people are to jump on any tiny sound of complaint or negativity, or to assign some grossly sinful motives to our life. We are also amazed that anyone who holds such an opinion of us (like those in the ugly comments above) would even waste their time reading our blog. Such is life...

A couple of quick things:

ONE - There is a single mom in Minnesota with a bad case of fibromyalgia. She could really get some relief with a Tempurpedic or Select Comfort Bed. Does anyone out there sell either of those or know someone who does who might be able to get her employee pricing or a humongous discount? She is on an extremely limited budget. If yes, holler at me, and I'll hook you up with her -

TWO - I know you gals love the kind of clothes and things that are being offered in this adoption raffle, so hop on over and check it out here. You can help someone adopt and win some beautiful stuff in the process.

And finally, some pics for you:

Yes, Abby and Landis really do play this well together. They have their moments, but about 99% of the time, they are inseparable and play, play, play for hours at a time together.

Abby praying in dance class. We love her instructor and class because they teach modesty, respect and reverence for God.


Rudd Family said...

We love you all so much and our international american family is joyfully anticipating the arrival of your newest addition and the glorious healing God continues to orchestrate for precious, beautiful, amazingly talented Abby! Love, The Rudd Family in Florida.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...



Love the photos - oh my is she precious!

Love and blessings,

Tracey's Life said...

Thank you so much for updating us on Abby's condition, I think of her daily and she is always in my prayers. I love the picture of her and Landis, how sweet they are.

I pray that she continues to do well and is one day free from any and all illnesses and need for medications.

To any of the people who choose to leave nasty remarks, may they have to walk a mile (or a spend week) in your shoes before they leave such remarks. What ever happened to the saying, if you can't say something nice, then don't say nothing at all. I guess you can always say "Forgive them Lord, for they know not what they say"

I am raising two beautiful children because their Mom is in a Nursing Home and cannot care for them, I get NO financial compensation for doing so, and people ask me all the time why I do it - my response is always, Why NOT me?

God Bless you all

Tote, Debby, Sammy and Caleb Jimenez said...

Just wanted to leave a positive comment to help tip the scales! =)
I respect every decision that you make for Abby. She's your little girl and you know, want and do what you feel is best for her and your family! Continue to trust the Lord and ignore the unkind people out there!!
Much love and tons of prayers for your amazing, beautiful, inspiring family!!!!!!!

Danette said...

I just love the pictures. Thanks for sharing. Abby looks so healty and happy.

Shelby said...

I was really beginning to worry with all the time that was passing since the last post but am soooo very thrilled to read the great news!!!!
Thank you for posting the link to the raffle. I know they really appreciate it!!!

Penny said...

Glad the new med is helping! :)
Love the pictures of Landis and Abby. Beautiful babies!

trooppetrie said...

Praising with you. I am so glad for this time of relief.

Nora S. said...

Glad to hear good news about Abby and you. What a blessing to have a wonderful church family that is so supportive. The picture of Abby and Landis is priceless. So happy she is enjoying dance class.

Kelli said...

So happy to read that things are looking up! Love you all!


Holly said...

I can't even believe there are people who would say things like that. This world has some monsters in it for sure. Praising the Lord with you that she is doing better. I love those pictures so much!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the update! I'm thanking God for Abby's progress. When Chrissie was in the hospital, our church really stood by us too. It's a lovely thing to see the Body of Christ come together in such a positive way. I LOVE the pic of Abby praying, you can see how hard she's trying to keep her eyes closed! I miss y'all so much and can't wait to get together again. Tell Abby that I love her and I'm praying for her (as always :-)
Mattie Patterson

Nancy and Isaac McGee said...

I love that you all keep on keeping on even though people try to bring you down. I love reading your blog and dont post often. I hate that Abby has to go thru all this but God must have a plan even though we do not know what that plan may be. Thanks for keeping us updated so that us, who will probably never meet this side of heaven, can keep up with how you all are doing and pray for Abby and your whole family. Thanks for taking time to keep this blog up. Your whole family is truly an inspiration.

mamalaura said...

So very glad to read the good news about Abby! We'll keep praying!


Jerry and Christy said...

Glad to hear that Abby is feeling better and can enjoy some summer fun. The pictures are precious.


Christine said...

What a wonderful update. Abby looks wonderful.

Bobbie Bailey said...

brent, cannot get over the couple of horrific remarks that were made on your post. really shocking! i'm so sorry. they have to be incredibly miserable people...and, godless.

you and your family are amazing at many levels. i want to be more like you guys!

loe & prayers,

wvamom said...

So glad Abby is getting a reprieve from the headaches, and that the bathroom is coming along. Thank you for updating! Carolyn

Wendi Taylor said...

Yay! So glad Abby is doing a bit better!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO VERY glad to hear that Abby is doing so well. I've been praying for her and for all of you for a very long time.

As far as the negative comments are concerned, please pay them no mind. They come from people who have never been there. Who have never looked at their child and, instead of wondering what they were going to BE when they grew up, wonder IF they were going to grow up. I pray that they NEVER know that type of pain but I also pray that God will heal their heart. It is apparent that they need it.

Bonnie said...

Oh how I have loved reading this update! I can't begin to imagine how hard it is to watch Abby go through all she has gone through (and probably still has to) but it is such an encouragement to see God answering prayers this way. Continuing to pray you all get to enjoy a wonderful fun-filled and "sick"-free summer! Thank you for keeping us update. Blessings!

Beth said...

My brother gave a message on joy this last Sunday. He explained how the joy of a Christian is in our assurance of a home in heaven someday. During trials, we have the hope of this future joy with Christ. He explained how we of course aren't supposed to walk around laughing during times of trial. That isn't the joy God meant. It is ok to reach out to our brothers and sisters in Christ during trials. That is why they are there. God expects us to go through trials without grumbling and to use them to gain a closer relationship with Him. I'm so grateful we have the hope of heaven and the joy we we will have there. I can see your family is focused on that type of joy! Praise God for your example. If even one of those posting nasty comments come to know Christ through your ministry than it is worth it. Thanks for your willingness to minister! Praying for Abby and your family.

Carey said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures!

It's not the ugly comments that matter, but your response to them. Keep on keeping on, and know there are hundreds out there praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Riggs family: So glad to read such a good report on Abby and that you are getting the issues in your house taken care of.LOVE the pic of Abby and Landis.They are so cute!Continuing to pray.
Leveta --A Dillon India mom

Debbie Z said...

So glad to hear that Abby is feeling a little better. I hope things continue in that direction!

Dawn - "Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love you guys!!! Those pics....too cute. People never believe us either that our kids really do love each other a lot, and love playing together. SOOO happy that her headaches are gone. That is a huge help. Continued prayers for your family....especially that those nasty commenting people will back off. This is a blog of your family. All families have problems, issues, negative things that happen to them. Yours more than most! So remember those that love you and care about you too- like us :) PRAYING ALWAYS!!!!!

Leonard Family said...

It is so great to read an encouraging update on Abby! I've been praying for your sweet girl! Thank-you for all you do with your blog. You educate, you love, you support, you encourage and lets us pray for your family. I am blessed to read your blog. Abby is so beautiful! Great pictures of her and Landis!

HUGZ! LOVE and prayers!

Sweet Joni said...

What a Great report to come home to!!! WTG Abby - you stay strong kiddo!!!

Thank You Church family for all you've done & blessings to you!!!

To the vicious commenters: if you "think" Riggs family LOVE going through this journey of cancer... you know where the door is - CANCER SUCKS! And saying Abby should die??? OMG!!! May God handle you!

Brent: there's an "electric" HEAVY bed in G.R. storage for $150. obo
if she still needs one.

Brent & Michelle & kids... Hugs, Love, Peace to you all :)

Elizabeth said...

That picture of Landis and Abby is so very sweet. It reminds me of the relationship of my younger brother and sister, though they are both 10. (6 months apart) Unfortunately my youngest sister (age 7) can be quite the stinker and is often on the outside when they're playing now. It is really frustrating to watch, the more they get into their own group the worse she acts. I try to get especially my little brother to understand this (He's usually the problem, my other sister when they're by themselves together are OK) but that just makes him feel like I'm on HER side and am against him. GRR. (Sorry for the rant!)

Anyway, I'm still keeping your family in mind. Thank you for the faithful updates. God is using your family!