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Jul 23, 2010


From Brent

(Haven't heard from Joni S in a while. Joni, are you out there? Everything okay?)

We've been so busy with Abby, tearing out the moldy bathroom, work, etc. I've hardly blogged or written much of anything for almost a month. That is really strange and abnormal for me given that I typically write a minimum of several thousand words a day on various blogs/books (usually much more).

I'm looking forward to getting back to some writing. To kick it off, let's do an OPEN SEASON FRIDAY. For our newer blog friends, this is where we answer your questions.

Ask us whatever you want. People ask questions about Abby, our family, online business, digital photography, the Bible, Christian living, marriage, parenting, culture, personal finances... whatever...

Also for our newer friends, you may not be aware of my writing efforts. Check them out here: my books | about blogging | my personal blog | my Christian blog | my current events blog

Every day I "tweet" spiritual advice, encouragement and thought provoking original comments. If you are interested in being challenged and refreshed by those, follow me on Twitter here.

Leave your question in this Question Linky. We'll answer them this weekend.


Carrie said...

Good Morning. We are Leukemia too! That isn't as exciting as I wrote it. :-) My four year daughter, Hannah, also has Leukemia is what I meant. I'm so sorry to hear that people have been rude to you. Abby is adorable. I wish you all the best and will send up a few prayers for you.

Sweet Joni said...

Yeppirs, I am home ~ back at pc (an hour ago) after 2 wks gone. Kev found his girlfriend dead while sleeping Sunday July 11th. I made an exist to Duluth, attended visitation, funeral, packed up her apt & storage, cleaned apt & gave Kev emotional support. Besides being "wiped out" from that & family issues still in limbo, I'm doing "ok" ~ Thank you much for asking!!!
Hugs & love

Ann Brown said...

Hi Riggs family!

Brent and Michelle,

just checking in. Hope all is okay. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Ann (and Elke)