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Aug 14, 2010


From Brent

Can you believe how hot it is? [Yell real loud "HOW HOT IS IT????"]

It's 107 today. I'm ashamed to say I don't feel like doing a stinkin' thing today (which goes completely against my productive grain). I probably still will... but I don't feel like it. It's so hot you can literally smell the "hot" when you walk outside.

It's so hot the chickens are laying fried eggs.

It's so hot the local Amish are using air conditioners.

It's so hot the trees are arguing over the dogs.

It's so hot you HOPE the lid is up on the toilet when you sit down.

It's so hot it doesn't matter which sink faucet you turn on.

It's so hot we got evaporated milk out of the cows this morning.

It's so hot we're getting fresh popcorn straight from the stalk.

It's so hot the Baptist church up the road canceled the book burning today.

It's so hot the Senior Center is having a bikini contest.

It's so hot we're making INSTANT sun tea.

It's so hot the car is overheated... and it hasn't even been started yet.

It's so hot that a hot shower is more refreshing than a dip in the pool.

It's so hot the pigs are sweating like fat humans.

It's so hot the lawyers are committing suicide because it's got to be cooler in hell (doh! that will get me some comments!!! :) )

It's so hot Congress is taking their hands out of our pockets for a little while so they can fan themselves.

NOW THAT'S HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Love it!!! I must say I am surprised that our sweet chickens are even still laying eggs. (even though they are fried :-)

Holly said...

Those are pretty funny!

Sweet Joni said...

LMNBO!!! Love 'em all :D 107* reminds me of wearing oven mitts to drive the car! LOL

Did you put a/c in your office??? Now time to build an attached a hall to the house so you don't have to go outside! Ha

Anonymous said...

Would you PLEASE not put a number like that as a title? My heart stopped and my eyes filled with tears. I thought that was a fever number. VERY relieved that it isn't.

I remember those hot Oklahoma days. Really something!

"Lolli" said...

Hey, Hey!

Take it easy on the baptists! I "are" one-not now, but it is my heritage!

Trennia said...

Your are funny!
I'm a Baptist,but you lost me on the book burning thing?
Anyways these are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Sorry its so hot where you are. Cant fry eggs out here in MASS on the sidewalk so I had to fry them in the Pan. HAHA, as it has been in the 70's Day & 60's Night...I'm lovin it as there isnt any humidity either.


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

I'm getting kind of worried about this heat that I keep reading about. Amy B. said it was 111 in the Dallas area today. Yikes!

We are headed that direction ... with our camping trailer ... with NO air conditioner. Oh my!

Hoping it cools down a bit in the evenings, or I'm going to have some very tired kiddos.

I'll be up your way sometime in the next couple of weeks. Hoping I can stop and say "hi" as we're passing through. I'm revising my route right now, but will let you know when I get OK scheduled.

Laurel :)

Otter Mom said...

As a Baptist, I don't think we actually burn books - but we do a lot of other things that can be jokes. Anyway, I'm from South Texas and grew up with this heat on a regular basis, every summer. But I have to say that it's now hotter than I remember it being in S. Texas! The humidity is what gets me, hear near Tulsa.

elteescat said...

This reminds me of that scene in the movie The Core when the guy's tires melted! Wanna talk about hot!!

Holly said...

I read these to my hubby and he told me I should stop reading your blog because of the Baptist line! yeaaah...I told him you're actually a really nice guy, and that he should lighten up. : )

Sandra said...

It is so hot in Mississippi that the Baptist are sprinkling,
the Methodist are using wet wipes, the Presbyterian are giving rain checks, and
the Catholics are turning wine to water.


Anonymous said...

We had a big thunderstorm last night with impressive clouds(I'm sure it wasn't as big/impressive as in OK!) and it made me think of you and your storm pictures.
Hope Abby is doing well!
Mary in PA

Lory said...

111 in Dallas? Wow, it is that bad! I thought Laredo was the hottest city, but heat does not reach 111...or at least I don't think it does.

Dawn - "Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Now that's hot!

Looks like you had a GREAT vacation!!!! Abby does look GREAT! Praying for continued happy that she is doing so well!!! I know you are all incredibly excited!!! Only 93 more days left :)

Elizabeth said...

Ha!! I'm so glad you keep your humor thru it all. Where laughter lives!!

Petula said...

Those are funny! It has been extremely hot here as well. I'm going to click on the "share this post" link. I think others will like this as well. :-) I hope everyone is doing well. Take care and be cool!

Anonymous said...