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Aug 28, 2010

Abby Update & Got Stuff?

From Michelle

Abby had a pretty good week though she is still having a few low grade fevers. Most likely she is picking up bugs from school but so far has only missed one day school (compared to last year when she was lucky to get to go to ONE day a week).

We appreciate all the kind notes and prayers for Abby. We are getting nearer to the end of her chemo when our prayers will switch from "treatment" to long term healing (no relapse). Thanks so much for walking through this journey with us.

Got Stuff?

I stay at home as most of you know. With Abby's cancer, and three adoptions, that is a choice we've made and we reduce our lifestyle to compensate. It's worth every sacrifice. As all of you stay-at-home-Mom's know, that hardly means a life of ease and frolicking in the park with the kiddos.

We have a family/home business we involve the kids in that we don't talk about a lot. We buy collectibles, wholesale lots of items and various other things as the opportunity rises to sell on auction sites.

We are always on the look out for garage sales, estate sales, boxes of dusty stuff in attics and barns, old collections people want to sell, nostalgic and collectible items Grandma and Grandpa left behind.

Once in a while, we thought we'd put the word out ask our readers if they've got any "stuff" they want to sell. There's lots of "stuff" out there that folks could use a few bucks for, and we could use in our home business.

We are looking for pocket knives, kitchen items, any type of collections/collectibles (lighters, salt and pepper, whistles)... whatever. If you have any "stuff" you want to sell, shoot us an email with photos, a description and how much you want for it.

Email Brent though... I'm out frolicking. :)

I want, what I want, when I want it!!!

Just kidding!

Abby is quite the ham when it comes to a camera pointing her way (or a mirror!). These photos were all in good fun as she was getting in the car to go to dance camp.


Sweet Joni said...

Hey Michelle - HUGS!!! It's so good to hear from you again!!! And that Abby - LMNBO, what a jokester!!! :-D

School already started??? WOW! It starts here in Sept. after Labor Day.

YES, count down LESS than 3 months - YAY!!!

"Stuff"...lots of "Stuff" tho cheaper to send $ then my "STUFF" which reminds me, I found the cutest 'dance' bear for Abby! :)
(And I STILL have a 'Thank You' card sitting here for Brent!)

Oh Lord, please help me get things DONE!!!
Blessings, Peace, Love & Hope to you,
~Joni Lee

Otter Mom said...

Having had an eBay business myself for several years, I know exactly what you mean about involving the kids! We always tease our teenager about child labor, but it's in fun. Businesses like that are really a family affair and they can be fun as well as financially helpful. We're pretty much out of it now, but if I come across anything I think you might be interested in I will certainly let you know. Good luck!

Ann Brown said...

What I love about you, Michelle, is that you know just when I need a word of encouragement. Thx for the CB page entry -- truly God working through you.

Thank you.

And as always, Abby is always in my thoughts and prayers. I get so excited looking at your countdown. I know that Abby, more than so many others, dearly needs a break from this chemo so she can heal.



Mommy2Four said...

So glad you guys are nearing the end of this leg of your journey! Our prayers are always with your family!

So happy to see Abby has a beautiful sense of humor! Here at our house, we're big believers in the power of smiles and laughter! I think it's a God given gift!

Your family is gorgeous, and I'll keep my eyes peeled for anything "sell-able"......we live pretty meagerly here too (my husband just got back to work after 18 months on lay-off...he's a CNC machinist), but I do rummage sale a lot! :)

God bless!
Lindsay K.

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

It is soooo good to read that Abby is doing so much better. Wow, what a difference the absence of mold seems to make!

Denise said...

Praying for dear Abby.