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Aug 11, 2010


From Brent

I wasn't going to post anymore photos from Colorado but... I'm a photog junkie, so I relapsed. I need to go to image processing rehab. My drug of choice is Photoshop. Canon is my hypodermic. I promise I'll be better from now on. I'm going cold turkey (no more photos... tonight).

It's amazing to see these isolate "rain dumps". It's like a cloud
just opens the trap door and let's it pour.

Abby with her "Dad's got his camera again..." look.


This was the ranch soccer field just outside our door.

Sky Ranch camp store and chow hall.

It was about 60 degrees when we got there.
Landis is a weenie about the cold, can you tell?
Abby's teeth were chattering.

The Sky Ranch camp store and meeting room next
to the volleyball pit.

The cabin's had marvelous views all around.

View after view after view...

Main street at Sky Ranch.

Landis, an avid Alvin fan, loved seeing
the chipmunks all over the place.

Another breathtaking view in person...
I hope the photo captures a little of it.

Landis and "P" on the trail with Collin.

This was the river right across the road from the Ranch.
We spent a day having fun along this river.

Abby talked about riding horses for the entire
19 hour trip there. She was in heaven once she finally mounted up.

Hannah made some new friends. This photo is hanging in her room.


Shari said...

I am so very thankful you share your pictures. It's a blessing and makes me wanna go there! I am noticing Abby doesn't look like a little girl anymore, but a more grown up look to her! So pretty! :)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Loving every picture - can feel them all! Thanks for sharing :-)

blessings and love,

PS Can I have a Thou Shall NOT WHINE plaque PLEASE????

Mandi said...

What a bunch of classy young kids you have! Well.... Hannah is a classy young adult!

What exactly is this place you went to? A family camp of sorts, but what is it all about? It sure is beautiful!!

Sweet Joni said...

So FUN!!! :-) The struggles & trials we go thru to get to something like these views seem worth it all... so so HAPPY Abby & the rest of you got to ENJOY!!!

Love & Hugs,

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

So fun to see ALL of your CO pics. I haven't had much internet access the past 10 days, so I am trying to catch up a bit tonight with all of my Blogging Friends.

Laurel :)