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Aug 8, 2010

Home At Last

From Brent

After 19 straight hours of driving, we are home. Exhausted and lethargic... but home. Below are a few more pics and next time we'll tell you the story of how this last week came to be.

When I got home and looked at the photos already online with my 24" color calibrated monitors, the picky-perfectionist-professional-picture-person in me was a little disappointed. The color correction and dynamic ranges were not as good as they could be. For you advanced or pro photogs out there, you'll know what I mean. Everyone else could care less.

Insert shameless book plug here: have you checked out my Digital Photography Guide that explains all this stuff and everything else you want to know about that confounded picker-taker contraption? Find it here...

Laptop screens, even good ones, make it hard to see the photo color and details well (compared to large professional displays).

Here's the last of the "laptop processed" photos for this trip:

This place was just awe-inspiring. Anyone who sees the Creator
in this scene bathes in hope and expectation of eternity. Anyone who believes
all this is just the result of random time and chance, can't help (if they are honest)
but feel insignificant and worthless at the thought of being nothing more
than a blip on the fantasy 6 billion year radar of purposelessness.

Photography just can't capture the real scope of this.
Landis is a couple of hundred feet up the trail from me giving me
a thumbs up. Do you see him standing left of the trail?

You might think we are exaggerating for effect but we aren't:
all week long, Abby out-climbed and out-walked all of us.
We were AMAZED she wasn't out of breath because of the altitude.
She got winded a few times but it was long after the rest of us were
already panting for breath. It would appear that the mold in our bathroom
really was the cause of her fevers and respiratory junk
because Abby's lungs have gotten clearer and clearer and
stronger with each day that passes. She hasn't had a
fever for almost a month (not longer after the mold was removed).


Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled to hear of Abby's huge improvement! I also see that she is about to break into her last 100 days of chemo. Hang in there Abby!

Praying for her and your family.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Welcome home! What an awesome UPDATE about Abby! Thank YOU GOD for revealing the mold and helping them rid of it!

Hugs and blessings,

Kay said...

Glad you are home after having a wonderful trip experiencing God's Country.... truly awesome!

It really does take one's breath away at the vast beauty that has been created for us to enjoy.

So glad you have had a chance to get out and away and "smell the roses" so to speak. We all need to take time to step back, breathe in the beauty and appreciate what God has created.

Welcome home!

Alison said...

Beautiful pictures!!! Looks like ya'll had a great trip!

Becky said...

I think the photos are beautiful, and you stress too much lol. Even without any editing, the gorgeous landscapes would speak for themselves. Sometimes a lot can be said for a totally raw image that just captures it as it should be. I think you did a great job with the iphone/laptop.
It's great to see the whole family benefiting from the great outdoors. As some people have already said, I can't believe how grown up Abby looks, it's scary how time passes. I'm still praying for Abby that this 'healthy' streak continues, what a great summer!

emsres said...

What a beautiful place to spend time with your family. So glad to hear that Abby was able to not only keep up but often outpace you all. God is good :-)

Christy said...

How amazing that is. I am glad that you guys got rid of the mold... I had a friend that seriously almost died because she is allergic to mold and had no clue that the house they had moved into was infested with mold. Thank the Lord they found out what it was, she is good now... but had a lot of time to recover.

Mold is a nasty beast... Thank the Lord for the team of people that were kind enough to help you do that change so quickly!

Mark said...

Hi Brent. Looks like Bryce Canyon in UT... It is a blessing to see Abby climbing!
In His Love,

Sweet Joni said...

Welcome Home (tho you'd rather be back there) ha

What an AWESOME view of all you've had this week & a great way to get rejuvenated!!! Fresh mountain air, nothing like it 'anywhere'...

:) ~Joni