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Aug 9, 2010

More Pics - Hope You Aren't Bored of Them

From Brent

Hope you aren't bored of all the photos. We love to document our family adventures on the blog for the future. It's a great way to have those memories at your fingertips down the road.

The family camp counselors were a remarkable bunch of young folks.
We were very impressed at how servant-hearted they were and how
they just did everything they could to make the parents and kids feel welcome.
We had a "barn dance" one night and it was absolutely entertaining to watch the
family camp staff get out there and lead the way to fun. Natalie (on the right)
was our family guide. What a wonderful and Godly role model
she was for all our children. Hannah really loved having Natalie with us.

I won't put their names up because I haven't asked them if they mind
but I do want to tell you a remarkable story about this family.
First, I was just almost in tears watching them dance with their son
who has Downs. The little fella was a delight all week long warming
hearts with his big heart. We found out after a couple of
days that this family had almost adopted Chrissie Patterson and knew
the Patterson family. So here we were in the middle of the Rocky Mountains
where we had been invited to come at the last minute.
We didn't know any of the families. And yet, God arranged for us to
meet and become friends with this couple who also have a heart
for adoption, and had almost adopted Chrissie whose
home-going to heaven we had just recently attended
along with a wonderful weekend with the Patterson's.
God can really arrange things, can't He?

This is why our black brothers and sisters make fun of us white folk dancing.
Seriously, the barn dance was absolute, screaming good fun.
The kids, the counselors and most of the parents danced, or sort of danced, or
attempted to dance to all the fun songs. The counselors and staff were a HOOT,
doing the Hannah Montana dance, the Michael Jackson Thriller routine, and all
the usual steps like the chicken dance. It made me realize I need to let my
hair down (yes, that is a figure of speech) and cut loose more often.
It's healthy and relaxing to just "have fun" sometimes. I'm far too serious.

Hannah and I love to dance at home. We are thinking about getting some
instructional DVD's and really learning more. I DETEST the overtly immoral and
sensual dancing that is so common today but, and I hope my Baptist and
Church of Christ friends won't hammer me too hard, the "fun" group dances,
country line dances and modest ballroom dances are really a very enjoyable way
to have some family fun. And FATHERS, it is great way for you to be affectionate
to your daughters and teach them the respect, modesty and courtesy they
should demand from any future male suitors.

Couldn't resist another shot of "P" and his Mom.

Brittany Hess shows us all how to do the Chicken Dance with style.

Kyle and Brittany Hess are only three months into their wedded bliss.
Can you tell they are madly in love?

It's just SO hard to capture the size and depth of the mountains.
We saw this cave and Hannah took off "climbing up" to it. She got about
50 feet and discovered that climbing up a 150 ft steep grade was a
little more complicated than she imagined.

I'm sitting here in Oklahoma now where it's 140 degrees outside.
It was about 70 on this ridge a couple of days ago.
I wonder if the family is up for another 19 hour drive this week...


Anonymous said...

Wow. I have looked at your pictures thinking would I be able to take my son (who has down syndrome) and not worry that he'd fall in the canyon. Thanks for showing me, I could.

Jan (who grew up in the CofC and cannot dance a lick)

Anonymous said...

Got room for one more? Love this part of God's beautiful world. And I like the cooler temps also. sg-KS

LaVon Baker said...

Great pictures.

Regarding the temps, I know exactly what you mean. We just arrived in Branson and we are ready to go back to the UP of Michigan where the temps were so much nicer. Our house is on wheels, so what are we thinking???? Oh, I almost forgot.. we are not the Boss of us! :-)

Belinda Adams said...

Hey, I have been following your blog for so long and praying for your family. I have a quick question: Is the Sky Ranch owned by the same people who own the one in Van, Texas? We live in Corsicana, Texas, just South of Dallas, but for many years we went with our Youth group at church to Sky Ranch and it was awesome! I do have to say though that the scenery in Colorado at Sky Ranch has got the scenery at Sky Ranch in Van beat hands down! lol It looks like you guys had a great time. God is good all the time, all the time God is good! I know what you mean about OK heat, we are having the same thing in Texas. In fact we were in OK two weeks ago at Broken Bow in Beaver's Bend with our RV. It was hot but it is beautiful there. My husband trout fishes in New Mexico and Colorado and says if you just got dropped down from the sky at Beaver's Bend in the trout stream, you would think you were in NM or Colorado until you felt the heat...ha Our prayers will continue to be with you...