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Aug 10, 2010

No, Really... I Think This Is the Last of the Photos

From Brent

For those who have asked, you can check out Sky Ranch here...

I think this might actually be the last photos for real... but before you look at these, would you do us a favor?

Take a minute and watch this song written and sung by the daughter of our sweet friend Jill Samter. They are a precious family and Lexi (the daughter) is a role model for all our teenage girls. This video is part of a contest she is in. Each view of the video is a "vote" for her to get to be an opening act at a concert. It's very sweet... you'll be glad you took the time. View it here...

Abby and Landis with Collin after the long awaited horse ride.

Wouldn't you hate to have to look at this every day???

Got this one out the window as we were driving by.

I looked in my side view mirror, and saw this incredible rain burst...
this cloud was literally just dumping a column of rain. It only lasted about
a minute then it was gone. It was like God tipped a giant bucket of
rain out in that one spot. Remarkable...

Thunderstorms were firing up and I caught this one
with my iPhone. The beautiful storms clouds were exploding
in the distance. Look at the side mirror in the lower right corner;
you can see the sunset that was shining on the storm clouds.
I was so engrossed with this scene that I wasn't paying
attention to my speed or...

... to my new friends in the rear view mirror who wanted me to stop
and have a little chat with them about the excessive use of my gas pedal.
I was only about 4 miles over the speed limit though so I think
they really were just hoping they would get their photo taken
and get on our blog. I only got a warning and they got on the blog.


Mandi said...

I just wanted to say I haven't grown tired of looking at your family photo's!!! I love the father-daughter dance pics. I wish I had some memories like that when I was little :)

Terri Green said...

Too Funny....on the last photo!! And we have very much enjoyed the photos!!

Love in Christ!
The Green Family

Aspiemom said...

Brent, I don't want the pictures of your trip to end! Your pictures are beautiful and since I haven't been able to go away for a vacation in 2 yrs, I am kind of tagging along on yours through your posts and pictures!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

You are so funny!

Thanks for sharing Lexi's information Brent and Michelle!

We are sad to say she was disqualified and they refuse to let her video have new view counts. She is not from GA or 18. :-(

God bless you both and praying others will come alongside of Lexi and encourage her to keep building wells and fighting against human trafficking!

Love you all!

Penny said...

Love the beautiful pictures! Two words for you, though~ cruise control. lol

Janet Hess said...

Brent thanks so much for sharing your great pictures!! It brought back great memories of our visit to Sky Ranch. It is gorgeous in the mountains and on the drive home! I'm so glad your family was able to go! Janet :)

Anonymous said...

Have loved the pictures. So good that you had this opportunity to enjoy God's creation with your family. And I love your sense of humor.