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Aug 8, 2010

The Scoop

From Brent

As some of you guessed, we were at Sky Ranch near Lake City, Colorado. Here's the scoop...

Last Saturday, our friend Kyle Hess called and said "we had a family cancel, can you be here tomorrow?" Since the only Ranch we could squeeze into the budget right now is a bottle of salad dressing (not Hidden Valley, the generic brand), it was a God-sent blessing to be invited to attend for free as guests. It is hard to express how grateful we are to Kyle and Sky Ranch for extending such a gracious and refreshing opportunity to our family.

At first it seemed more like "you gotta be kidding" but Michelle and I talked about it, jumped through some hoops, and made it happen. One compromise though, was that I would have to work during the week. I ended up working 2-3 hours late at night, then getting up before 4am to work several more hours. It was tiring, but worth it.

Anyway, we got the call from Kyle while we were at my parents in Tulsa. So we jumped in the car about 6pm Saturday, drove 2 hours home to Norman, spent several hours getting stuff together, packed up and left about 3am.

We managed (predictably) to turn a 15 hour trip into 20 hours non-stop and got to the Ranch about 11pm Sunday night. It seems every town we approach causes at least one bladder to fill up to near bursting. Between that, getting gas, eating and taking at least one wrong road for 70 miles, it seemed like forever before we arrived. We were exhausted but thrilled to be there. We woke up Monday morning ready to enjoy a week of family camp.

It was cloudy and rainy almost all week but that didn't stop the fun.
Here is our family (except me, I'm taking photos) and another
off for a beautiful ride against the backdrop of clouds and mountains.

Again, the clouds and rain didn't stop the fun.
The facilities and grounds were beautiful. It took the kids
about 10 seconds to make friends and start playing.

So what is SpideyLandis thinking?
"Mom & Dad, thank you SO much for bringing us here..."
"You have no idea what kind of mischief I've got planned for this week".

You think it looks beautiful in a photo,
you should go there and see it in person. No comparison.

The building in the middle was our bunkhouse. It was a wonderful,
two room family cabin with real beds, great views,
comfortable furniture and two baths. Kind of hard
to call it "camping" with those kind of accommodations.

This is Kyle and his beautiful (it's hard to not keep using
the word "beautiful" over and over again) wife, Brittany.
I got to interview them while I was there and look forward to sharing
a story about them in SeriousLife Magazine.

Here is a 12 photo panorama looking out from Sky Ranch.
You can't really appreciate it from this small photo. Click here or
click the image above to see a large version. This is a REALLY wide
photo so the wider your browser window is opened up, the larger
the original photo you can see.

Yeah, it was really tough having to look at all this for a week.

Engineer Pass... if you ever get a chance to see it, don't pass it up.


Kelli said...

Positively STUNNING!!! I wanna live there!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

OK that is crazy GORGEOUS - ONLY GOD!

Love and blessings - thrilled you were able to make it work!


Pam said...

you are blessed indeed!!

Sweet Joni said...


Landis - up ahead making sure the way is clear, thumbs up to proceed :D

Abby - "Look everyone, I'm a real mountain climber!" :)

Again welcome home & thanks for sharing the beauty of your wk & many years of memories! :)

Love & Hugs,

LaVon Baker said...

I am thrilled that your family got to experience this.
Kyle looks wonderful... just love that kid. But, he's not a kid anymore. He married well in the looks department, but knew he would. Can't wait to read the interview.