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Aug 12, 2010

Sit Back and Enjoy

From Brent

I put the Colorado photos in a slideshow. The photos are large format, the show plays automatically.

If you just want to enjoy the scenery and relax for a few minutes soaking in God's creation, check it out here:


Anonymous said...

Love the pics but more excited about seeing a double-digit number on chemo days. LESS THAN 100 DAYS TO GO!!

Praying for smooth sailing from here. So excited about her current good health!

I hope Abby's parents are getting some much-needed REST!

Praying daily,


Kathy said...

One word for the slide show...Wow! Your photographs are awesome. So glad to see Abby looking so good, too! Thanks for sharing :) (Kathy)

Brook said...

I grew up in Colorado and am so glad that you guys were able to enjoy it in all of God's wonder. It is the most beautiful state I have ever been in and I currently live in Arkansas, which is also beautiful.

I am so glad to see that Abby is feeling better. It was wonderful to see Hannah enjoying the scenery.

Lyn said...

Where was Grant?

Sweet Joni said...

These are all wonderful photos! I like the slide show program especially in large screen... have used Picasa but this is really nice! Nice clean air -- can't imagine anything including rain that would be depressing of this vacation spot! :) Grateful you got to go...!

mom2joelito said...

Your photos are wonderful. Being in a place with such majestic views sure would make you feel closer to God! Your family is beautiful!