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Aug 10, 2010

Suh Mo Pikkers

From Brent

I wish I could say this was the last of the photos (not really, I LOVE posting them) but there's still a few more posts worth. I hope you are enjoying them.

There was more scenic shots than I could take in a year.

An old mining dam with the bottom blown out.

Hannah really loved Colorado. She was sad to go,
and has asked a dozen times if we get to go back.
This was the first time she had EVER seen mountains.

Landis the Explorer

Natalie was such a blessing. The kids LOVED her
and she really seemed to fit right in with us. We invited
her to go on our family outings.

Abby is looking so pretty, isn't she?


Danette said...

Abby is looking very beautiful and happy. what a change a years makes. So glad she is doing so much better.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Abby is looking AMAZING!

The views - who can get bored of these!

Thanks for sharing - simply gorgeous!


trooppetrie said...

I can see these pictures hanging all over your house. I am so glad you got to go and that Abby is doing so well

"Lolli" said...

absolutely gorgeous family! And, yes, Abby looks amazing! Her entire story is amazing, and i cannot stop sharing it with others! Gorgeous scenery....and no one deserved it more than your family! I love following your blog; i love sharing your story; I love praying for your family; I love knowing you are a part of my family, eternally, even though we have never met. I love you all, my brothers and sisters!

Lisa (aka Lolli)

Wendi Taylor said...

I love the pictures, Brent. My family used to always vacation in Colorado & Wyoming in the summer. It's been a long time since I've seen the mountains. I'm enjoying living vicariously through your family's vacation pics :-)

Sandy said...

Such beauty from our Awesome God....Thank you for posting all the pictures....I may never be able to get to Colorado and these are spectacular photos....
Abbey looks wonderful...God is Faithful...
Be Blessed

Aspiemom said...

I was just thinking how pretty Abby was looking when I saw your next comment!

I love your pictures. It looks so peaceful and beautiful I would love to rent a cabin out there and just take it all in.

LaVon Baker said...

Abby is way beyond pretty. Thrills me to see her having so much fun. And btw, Hannah is beautiful, also. What an amazingly sweet spirit shines in her eyes and in her smile.
Gee whiz, God is sooooo good.