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Sep 30, 2010

SeriousLife Magazine - Don't Miss the Brand New Issue - You'll Love It!!

We just published a new issue of SeriousLife Magazine! Take a few minutes and check it out. You'll find great stories and articles about:

  • What to Do If Your Life is in a Funk
  • Can You Love Jesus and Hate Church?
  • How to Love God When Life Stinks
  • The Importance of Patience
  • Warnings About Debt
  • Trying Too Hard to be Perfect?
  • It's Time for a Faith-Based Response to School-Based Bullying
  • Why Your Employees Are Miserable
  • Health: Is Soy Bad For You?
  • Parenting: Building a Strong Foundation
  • A Story About An Amazing Young Lady
  • Science & the Bible: The Moon Shall Be Turned Into Blood
  • A Letter To My Mother
  • Serious Recipes
  • Mood-Driven or Mission-Driven
  • Unconditional Love
  • A Call To Spiritual Maturity
  • Livin' on a Shoe String and Lovin' It!
  • Jesus Was Just A Wise And Good Man, Right?
  • They Are ALL SO Judgmental!

Another issue comes out in about 2 weeks. Be sure to submit your stories, blog posts, suggestions, and photography to be considered for publication in the next issue. Go to the site, look up at the top for links where you can enter your submissions.

We've had issues that have gotten over ONE MILLION page views... come on and join us. Sign up for your FREE subscription!


Tay :) said...

I loved looking on here and seeing Matties beautiful smile as well as Abbys! The 2 girls that brighten my day from all the way in Texas! WOW :)
I can't wait to look and read what you have to say about beautiful Mattie! Gotta love her :)

Anonymous said...

How do you subscribe to Seriouslife Magazine?

Kari said...

I just noticed your daughter is wearing one of my Simply Love shirts on the magazine cover!!! I love it!! I hope you come over to my crazy blog and WIN a missions trip to Ethiopia... 4 new amazing Simply Love shirts:)) I love all that you do for bloggers with a purpose!