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Sep 2, 2010

There's a Storm A'Brewin Ethel

From Brent

Beautiful and scary storm coming right this minute. Got some great shots before the lightning lit up my common sense.

I love these kind of clouds. Anyone out there know the science
behind how they are created? Right outside our back door.

Front edge as the sun was going down.

Okay, I know some of you ladies are going to chew me out for being
out in this stuff, but LOOK at that lowering! For you non-tornado alley folks,
that when a rotating center of clouds in a storm (this one really was not
very "tornadic" in reality), starts to tighten up and drop, the precursor to
a possible tornado (but not likely).

Most lowerings just skitter along for a little while and fall apart
which this one did. Look really close at the ground below the lowered clouds.
See the red dust (Oklahoma's version of dirt) getting sucked up into it?

Magnificent to see!

More to come. Heavy lightning now so the power will probably go out.


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

You and my dad.....silly people...does it matter if the storm may or may not be a tornado? Silly men who stand in the middle of a storm are crazy :)

Nora S. said...

I love these weather pictures. They are just beautiful. And I like seeing the terrain in OK. It is so different from CT--the pictures here and the ones you posted a few days ago of your road/sunset--it looks so open and tranquil...until a tornado comes I guess :0

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

AWESOME SHOTS! Yep you are crazy but love them anyway!


Sweet Joni said...

Oh in the world??? I've NEVER seen an 'upside down bubble cloud' as in the 1st & 2nd photo!!! The dust is arising indeed. We call them sand storms in AZ. Awesome shots!!! :)

whenpigsfly said...

Brent .. YOu and my husband Charlie would have a science-guy blast together!!! He actually got up on our roof to photograph the funnel cloud south of town this past spring! He told the boys,
"Stunt course. Professional science guy. DO not attempt this at home." When they said "Dad we ARE home," he told then to "just don't try this then"
Oh you guys!!!

Angela said...

Well, the storm's gonna come whether you're inside or outside, so you might as well be outside. :-)

I lived in MS as a child for 7 years and we used to go outside to watch the storms rolling in.

Otter Mom said...

It's been 17 years since we moved to the Tulsa area from S. Texas and I'm still in awe of the weather we get here! Sometimes the clouds look bad when they aren't. But they are always beautiful.

sari said...

Wow....these are truly magnificent photos....You should submit these to some photo contest!

Wendi Taylor said...

I love storms, too. Probably would have done the same thing.

Wait, I did. In the midst of Hurricane Ike no less.


Anonymous said...

Try cloudman

Kerrie said...

The clouds you mentioned are called "Mammatus or Mammatocumulus Clouds"...from the Latin "mamma" meaning udder or breast. If you Google it you can see some other (probably enhanced but magnificent anyway) images and read about how they are formed. The Wiki entry probably gives the best explanation.

They're gorgeous and some of my favourite types of cloud formation.

Kerrie said...

I forgot to add...

The Bureau of Meteorology in Australia (where I live) produces a "Weather Calendar" each year and invites submissions from photographers of various weather/climate features. The calendar is produced and is a huge seller for them and is released each November - many people in my family get one as a Christmas gift.

Your photo would be a great submission for next year's calendar but I think all entries have to be photographed in Australia.

Is there a similar thing available in the USA..?? Might be worth looking into.