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Oct 16, 2010

Jessica Is Beautiful Blog Hop - Smiles for the Princess! Join Us!!!

From Brent...

You know Jessica now, right? If not, read the last couple of posts.

We live in a superficial, physical-beauty-driven world. Children with facial abnormalities are particularly prone to the relentless cruelty of the most cruelest of all groups: school kids. There is no doubt that Jessica has endured or will endure taunts, whispers, looks and insult... this won't end with school... adults are pretty petty and cruel too.

Should Jessica be rescued or sheltered from it? No. She should not be subjected to it unnecessarily but enduring this will make her sensitive to others and emotionally mature. We used to think that overcoming adversity built character... but that was before psychobabble took over our culture.

Jessica will be just fine. She's got great parents and God's watchful care. My only motive for rallying people to her photo was simple: compassion. She'll get plenty of difficulty to deal with... compassion compels us balance the account to some degree.

Hey, want to have some real fun and show some extravagant love for Jessica? Let's do a Jessica is Beautiful Blog Hop and see if we can create a whole nest of blogs to bless her with kindness and love.... do this to participate:

  1. Create blog post ON YOUR BLOG with note or blessing or message or photo just for Jessica.
  2. Come back here, and add your link and short message to the Linky Tools list below.
  3. Get the BLOG HOP CODE at the bottom of the Linky list and put that code IN YOUR BLOG POST. This will make the list appear on your blog, so that your readers can join in. Be sure to tell your readers what is going on, and why they should join in.
  4. Go say "LIKE IT" again! Why not?!? click here.
Why am I doing this? Because it feels good. And we can all use a little "feel good" sometimes, can't we? I know there are LOTS of hurting kids and we can't do this for all of them. We just do what we can do as the opportunity rises.


(you don't have to have a Linky Tools account to do this)


4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

beautiful post for a beautiful girl!

sorry I don't comment much anymore... hands full... but i'm here friend! :)


Debbie said...

Hi Michelle. Thanks for posting on my blog. The we are relatively fine. Satan is trying to make his presence known and Cheyenne hasnt been feeling well. She started antibiotics today so by Monday, I hope her fever is gone and her cough is better.
Love and prayers to all

Sophia said...

I don't have a blog, but I want Jessica to know that she's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! She is a princess :)