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Oct 26, 2010

Kids Grieving, Kids Who Need Us

From Michelle

Yesterday, the day before Daniel's funeral was incredibly sad. Watching kids grieve kids, seeing family I love hurting breaks my heart. Daniel had an outgoing, energetic personality that drew people to him. Seeing the crowd of teens at his visitation was wonderful, yet it also reminded me how many people are hurting today.

Thank you for praying for Daniel's friends and family.

As we grieve the loss of Daniel, God has reminded me of many of the children whom I met in Ethiopia. Kids who were the only surviving member of their family. In Texas, we are surrounded by family and friends. They are doing this alone. I can't even imagine.

Our daughter Hannah has been home with us almost three years. For three years we have listened to stories about her life in Ethiopia. We have laughed and cried with her. The story is hers to share if she chooses but no one is brought to live at an orphanage without a story that will bring tears to your eyes. She arrived there alone and scared. Hannah has an innate confidence. She is a born leader, who loves to help and teach others. Almost nothing makes her feel unsure and fearful. Being a seven year old girl, brought to live with a group of strangers did.

Do you know what her some of her favorite memories are? They are the people who left their comfortable lives in America and reached out to her and the other children in her orphanage. They held her while she was grieving, played with her and laughed with her.

A wonderful friend of mine is giving away a mission trip to Ethiopia. Would you take just a minute to read about what she is doing?


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Michelle - our prayers remain with you!

As a mom of 7 adopted children I understand every word you shared. I have experienced the sorrow, the laughter and the stories! God is amazing how He heals their hearts!

Trusting God to do great things through the heart that will go on the "trip to Ethiopia".

Can't wait to finally hug you in person!

Love you all!

Bobbie Bailey said...

Brent, I will be praying for Daniel's family & friends.

There is so much pain in the world.

I love your and Michelle's heart
for the hurting. You have the heart of Jesus.

Blessings to all,

Sweet Joni said...

My prayers continue to all who knew Daniel, for strength to walk through these times of grief -- seeing adults go through it is sad but it really pulls on my heart-strings when teens & children have to... (I was one of them at age 15)... I can feel their heartache & pain, questioning God "Why?" I pray they all remain (or accept) Jesus Our Lord & Savior!

Hannah is indeed an incredible young gal who one day I'd like to personally meet. God's love shines bright through her & the smiles are plentiful! Ppl like her that have gone through so much loss & seperation but yet finds the strength to give so much warmth to others is amazing FAITH.

Our Missions group at Church will be having a meeting the end of Nov. for all who are interested in short-term tour... I'll be there with bells on! I knew there was a reason I wasn't suppose to travel to OK & AZ in Nov. ;-)

Many hugs & much Love,