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Oct 1, 2010

Some Good Friday Stuff

From Brent

Was working on some stuff and found a couple of good Friday reading posts for you. They might make you laugh, might make you think and will probably make some people mad at me (as if that's a rare occurrence).

Read this
one about sissy baseball, pimp mobiles, self esteem and raising whiners.

Read this
one about excuse-making-parents, signs of the times and girly men.

Just didn't want to let the week slip by without stirring the pot a little!



Wendi Taylor said...

You definitely stirred that pot!

whenpigsfly said...

What a great substitute for dreary over spoken morning news! Drinking my cold, weak but OK at least they HAVE coffee, I got to laugh, say "amen" "oh me' and "right on" over and over!!Thanks for sharing!!
and a must-be-feeling-better Daniel, VERY crabby this morning and about to get his first tube feedin

Kristen said...

Even when I don't always agree, I enjoy reading your opinions on parenting & religion. That being said, it would be nice once in awhile to read about things you wished you had handled differently....its obvious you are good parents w/clear goals for your family, but surely you've made a mistake or two along the way. Sometimes it seems like you are criticing everyone else's choices but unwilling to admit to your own occassional missteps.