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Nov 7, 2010

Nashville and the Evil Broccoli Queen

From Brent

(Note: after you read this post, make a trip over to this precious girl's blog and leave her some encouragement. This cancer stuff is a major drag.

Below are some photos from our recent trip to Nashville but first, I need to warn you about the evil broccoli queen. Here's the sordid tale...

We were to have dinner with the Cummings; Steve, Deidra and their kids. Early in the day, Deidra asked my wife if we liked broccoli cheese soup. Normally, we eat whatever is put before us but everyone has that ONE or TWO foods they hate so much they'll actually come clean about it.

Broccoli is that wretched, intolerable food for me. Hate it, hate it, hate it. In every form, no matter how much it is drowned in cheese, I would still rather fight a rat over month old trash from an outdoor dumpster in the middle of the summer next door to the local sewer plant.

Michelle timidly informs Deidra how much I despise those Satan-inspired little clumps of stomach turning goodness innocuously labeled with the pleasant-sounding "broccoli". So, no broccoli, right? You would think. But it turns out that Deidra has an evil broccoli twin. Fast forward to dinner time...

"How do you like that Asian slaw, Brent?" Deidra innocently inquires. I should have guessed something was awry but since this was our first dinner with EBQ (Evil Broccoli Queen), I proceeded to tell her "this stuff is the BOMB!" I loved it. I wanted the recipe. I really did.

Cue the evil smirk, the wicked glint in the eye, the sly nod.

"There's broccoli in this, isn't there?" I asked already knowing the answer.

I had let my guard down, lulled into blind trust by a preacher's wife who would never trick first time dinner guests into eating the food they hated most. Preacher's wife? That should have been my first warning to be on guard. Fooled by a saintly mother wearing an apron with a Bible verse on it. And I never even saw it coming...

So the gauntlet has been thrown down. It might take me 20 years, but I'll get Deidra, aka. Evil Broccoli Queen. I'll get her good. Anyone remember my April Fool's joke from 2 years ago? If yes, you know what I'm capable of.

Watch your back EBQ.

Don't let the beautiful smile and innocent twinkling eyes fool you...
During the day she is know as "Deidra", the saintly Preacher's wife.
At dinner time, she becomes the Evil Broccoli Queen.

Here's some photos from our trip:

My good friend Steve Cummings. The Cummings were so
gracious to let us stay at a family condo in Nashville. We spend a
lot of great time with them. There family is a joy to be around.
Steve is a preacher in Tusculum, TN.

The kids at the Parthenon in Nashville. The building
really is quite a marvelous thing to see.

The children were out trick or treating in the Cummings
neighborhood and we just had to take a picture with these folks.
I have no clue who they are but they were sure showing the kids a great time.

Princess Abby.... the smile is because she just looked at
the 40 pounds of candy in her bag.


Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Go Deidra!!! She's my kind of Preacher's Wife (because I'm "one of those", too).

I'd LOVE to have your family over for dinner, Brent. But ... I promise NOT to make you eat broccoli (Poor Brent!). You see ... I despise broccoli, as well. It would make my kitchen stink if I had to cook it up for you. :)

But .. I am SURE that sweet Michelle would tell me what the other 1 or 2 foods that you desest are, and we could certainly find a way to disguise them for you.

Hope y'all had a BLESSED weekend! Miss your smiling faces!

Laurel :)

Sweet Joni said...

WTG EBQ!!! :D About time someone gets Brent back for the April Fools joke two yrs ago!!! LOL

Miss Abby, 40# of candy??? Could open her own street side candy station with that much! :D

One just never knows where you folks end up!!! OK, FL, CO, TN... where to next? LOL

Happy you all are finally able to travel more often without worry of ER visits!

Courtney Kay said...

love seeing her happy!

Aspiemom said...

What a fun post. I love how you told the Broccoli Queen story. So funny!

Glad you enjoyed Nashville. That is where I go for my CF clinic but I've never seen that building. Will have to work it in to one of my trips there. (Abby looks beautiful, BTW)

Stacie said...

Nashville is where I am from. Glad you all had a good visit and that Brent ate broccoli! It's so good for you! Although, I am crazy enough to also like the stems of broccoli.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love it....I have a few or so foods like that - and broccoli is on my list as well. And yet someone once fooled me with broccoli slaw in a salad and I LOVED IT! Now I eat it, but I still don't like broccoli any other way!

So excited to see that huge smile on Abby's face

Juli said...

LOVE the broccoli story - I'll have to remember that with my kiddos some day. I haven't commented for a LONG time, but I am still praying and lurking and smiling at your beautiful children and thanking God that you are going to be celebrating a huge victory in 12 days! God Bless You all ... enjoy the broccoli!


KT said...

I am cracking up, not only do I live in nashville but live in the Tusculum area. so glad you got to visit AND got to trick or treat on one of the best nights ever! couldn't believe the weather.
enjoy your blog:)

Lisa said...

Good Granny's Gravy, I just about spit soda on my computer screen laughing insanely at your lively plight. Oh my goodness it was fun to laugh (I am hoping with you)...

whenpigsfly said...

Love that story!!! Personally I hide other veggies in my meals too so my hat is off to Deidre!!
REally looking foreard to seeing Y'all in two weeks!! Party is still on RIGHT??????????????

Steve Cummings said...

She does it to me all the time as well, Brent. But she's such a good cook (my mid section is exhibit A) that I don't mind. She can make anything taste good which is both a blessing and a curse for me. We thoroughly enjoyed having the Riggs in our home and in our lives for a few days. Let's do it again soon.

Coleen said...

Just found you. I"m following here now and hope you will follow on mine as well. We are missionaries in Ukraine and we have two adopted daughters too. Blessings,

"Lolli" said...

I'm so sad you were here and I did not get to meet you and your beautiful family! I have been following your blog for a long time! Please let me know next time you are here.

Blessings and hope you had an awesome southern welcome!

Lolli (aka Lisa)

Holly said...

That post is a riot! I love it!!

Anonymous said...

I always have to tell people that I can't have anything that has coconut in it or cooked in coconut oil because I am very allergic to it and would end up in the hospital !! So nobody should ever trick me into eating anything with coconut. I'm not an iced tea lover, but that isn't such a big deal as I can just ask for water.

Paul and I lived in Nashville, TN for a couple of years and visited all of the beautiful buildings there and went to some country music award shows, etc. There is some beautiful country around that area and TN has some great state parks. Glad you all had a good time there. Abbey is looking so good, too !!!

love and prayers....
Ann Stegall
Wake Forest, NC

Marie said...

Oh I love broccoli! Me and my friends are known at our famous Thai place as the "extra broccoli" girls. It's yum!