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Nov 16, 2010

Three Days? Evidently Cancer Doesn't Care... Abby On The Way To The Hospital

From Brent

Abby has a 105 degree temp and is on the way to the Emergency Room with Michelle.

We pray her blood counts will be high enough they don't have to admit her again. Then she can come home, and be "sick" like a normal kid. And get well for her party this Saturday.



Anonymous said...

Praying for little Abby now!
Lynne Bunn

Donna said...

Dear Brent, What a sweet picture of your little Abby. I'm praying for her to get well enough to go home in time for her party. I know somewhat what this is like as my dear hubby had cancer and went through several months of chemo. Normal was gone..but we celebrated as many semi-normal ones as we could. He has been cancer free for 15 years. PTL!

Donna @ Comin' Home

molette said...

Prayers for your sweet girl. I think she has been through enough already and deserves a break.

Ann Brown said...

What a gorgeous photo.

I"m so sorry to hear that Abby is sick. I'm praying that it's "just" the nasty virus that has made its way around here recently, and that her counts are over 500 (please, Lord!). Cancer has a nasty way of reasserting itself just when you thumb your nose at it and want to celebrate.


Ann (and Elke)

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Praying with you!

Oh the silly fool is trying to distract from GOD getting all the glory this weekend.

Time to remind him - he is the LOSER!

We are VICTORIOUS in Christ Jesus!

In JESUS name - we pray for protection around your family and Abby!

Love to you all - only 3 more days until I get to give everyone a hug in person!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

The enemy can't stand it when God is about to get all the glory...praying for sweet Abby and a great weekend for all!

Alison said...

Praying for Abby right now!!!

Tee said...

Okay, God, it's time for this kid to get a break! Please touch her little body and make her well so she can be at the party that she's looking so forward to! No cancer complications, not now, not ever!

Debi said...

Praying for Amazing Abby girl!

Susan Baker said...

Praying for her

Kelli said...

Bless her, God...we thank you for her complete healing in Jesus name!

I would give anything to be there with you all this Saturday to celebrate the end of Abby's chemo. Know that you are all in my heart and prayers.

Kelli B

Sweet Joni said...

Oh NO! :( Looks like, by the comments, it was last night & now is quarter to 5am -- I so hope Abby is home resting by now!

Lord, Thank you for walking with the Riggs Family & especially Abby through her Cancer Journey! In Jesus names. Amen.

Charisa said...

Praying for sweet Abby and the rest of the family!