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Nov 16, 2010


From Brent

If you are coming to Abby's party, or thinking about it, be sure to read the end of this blog post.

Abby's Chemo Countdown
Countdown until Abby is finished with chemo
(started at 986 days July 20, 2008 to November 19, 2010

Three more days!

There was some difficult things to deal with along the way...

Then there was some really difficult things...

And some hard times...

Incredibly hard times...

And agonizing times...

But through it all, Abby was Abby:

Always the camera hound...

Superstar even when bald...

Ready to flash that smile on command...

A flirt, flirt, flirt...

A friend to her friends...

Beautiful even with an inch of hair...

Still a big sister...

And did I mention cute?...

Abby's Kick Kemo to the Kurb Party

Here's the list of blog friends from out of town that are coming to the party (if you are local or family, you don't need to be on this list. Basically, we just want to know how many people to expect):

Party Information:
  • When: 6:00-9:00pm next Saturday (Nov 20); come as you please but the prizes will be given away between 7:00-8:00pm

  • Where: Crosspointe Church - Hwy 9 & 24th Street (directions here)

  • Why: celebrating the end of 2.5 years of Abby's chemo and Leukemia

  • Details:

    • lots of finger food and desert to eat;

    • kid-centered, prizes given away to kids and adults;

    • games, activities, moon walk, fun for the kids;

    • casual dress, think of it as big fun party for kids

    • We especially want to recognize and say thank to everyone who was so kind and helpful to us during this difficult journey

Please RSVP with # of adults, and # of kids, so we can know how much fattening finger food and desert to buy as well as prizes for kids. For those of you who want to help:
  1. If you are local or will be here early and want to help with setting up, managing kids and activities or decorating, we will appreciate any and all help. Please email Brent and let him know your availability and he'll keep a list -

  2. IDEAS FOR FOOD, GAMES, ACTIVITIES & PRIZES: - Do you have suggestions for games, contests & activities for a truck load of kids for 2-3 hours of fun?
    - Do you have ideas for prizes that the kids can win, and what kind of contests, activities or event would give every kid a fair chance to win? The SIMPLER the better but we want it to be fun for the kids... we are trying to plan about an HOUR of time to give away the prizes; the rest of the time will just be free to play and have fun
    - Any suggestions for easy fun finger foods and deserts that we can buy and quickly prepare or set out?
Gifts for Abby We don't usually mention about people sending these things but so many people are asking, here is our answer: if you want to bring or send a gift, card, photo, poster, whatever... we will put them out at the party give them to Abby there. SUGGESTION: Abby really loves books now, and a childrens book (used is fine!) with a note from you would be perfect. She could collect and keep these to read to her own children, and help her remember all the wonderful people that loved her through this cancer. We know this is late notice, but send them to:

Brent Riggs
504 Morehead
Washington, OK 73093

One last thing... We are not exactly the best at planning parties and social events. People like Carol Bauman exist to plan world class parties. We're just simple folks from a hick town. If you have any ideas, suggestions, advice or epiphanies, could you email us and let us know. We appreciate any help and want this to be a great memory for Abby, but also a great time for all those who attend.

One last last thing... We aren't sending out official invitations. So many people have walked with us through this journey we KNOW we would miss someone and feel terrible. This is an open invitation to everyone who has loved Abby through her cancer treatment. You are invited. If you want to come, YOU ARE INVITED. No criteria, no conditions. YOU ARE INVITED, okay? We just want people to let us know they are coming so we can plan accordingly.

Abby (right) at 8 months old with her friend Maria...
My favorite pic of Abby; one of my favorite pics of all time.


Kathleen said...

Praying for Abby! Satan seems to be attacking the health of the King's girls lately. I'll offer up my pain this week for her speedy healing!

As far as the party- here are my ideas:
Good old cake walk- good thing at the end to use up some of the extra desserts

scavenger hunt

Build the tallest tower (give each team random supplies from home, plastic cups, straws, marshmallows, toothpicks, tape etc are some ideas and see who can build the tallest and/or strongest tower)

Kick the cancer (twist on kick the can)


Pin the crown on a large poster of Abby

Freeze Dance contest

Maybe set up a wii and have a bowling tournament

We move like this- have all your dancers out in open space and give them prompts- move through peanut butter, like you're in space, up high, down low, feathers etc. Can also play different music and have them move to the emotions

Have teams stand in lines and pass an orange from chin to chin- no hands! Or everyone hold a twizzler or straw in their mouths and pass a gummy life saver along line- no hands! Can do same holding paper towel tubes and passing a ping pong ball inside- don't let it drop

Funny relay races

Bozo bucket game (throwing ping pong balls into buckets in a line)

Giant Simon Says Game

Beach ball volleyball

Photo booth (someone taking pictures with Polaroid, use curtains to create "booth", lay out some funny hats/props...

Sorry that's a lot, but not sure what you were looking for. Threw in the dance ideas from a retired dancer to a little ballerina with the big dance of life ahead of her!

kelliebean said...

Abby-girl, we are so happy for you and your family!!!