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Dec 7, 2010

M E N, PAG and The Naughty List

From Brent

Our kids are so stinkin' funny. Almost every day they say something that we get a big laugh from. That's why our blog is called "Where Laughter Lives...". That's not some sentimental moniker; it really describes our life. Here's a couple of recent chuckles:


I took Landis to the bathroom in a restaurant. He is five. I asked him, "which door do we go in?"

He pointed to the guys door, and said "that one". I asked "why that one?"

Landis replied, "because it says M... E... N..." Landis is just now beginning to spell, so surprised, I quizzed him, "what does M-E-N spell?"

Landis looked up at me and said, "Adult Boys".


Continuing that theme, later I asked Landis, "what does your shirt spell?"

He looked DOWN at the shirt he was wearing, read the three letters across the chest, and said "PAG".

Hmmmm... what brand of shirt do you think it was? :)

The Naughty List

We were driving home and Abby saw some Christmas lights. "Christmas lights, Daddy!!! Look!!!"

I casually responded in keeping with our usual family humor (which the kids are all used to), "oh we're skipping Christmas this year. Didn't you get the memo?"

Abby never missed a beat and proclaimed with authority, "Daddy... I'm going to tell Santa and he's going to put YOU on the naughty list!"


Amy T. said...

So, I like the PAG story. My 5 year old (adopted from China at 4 years) was looking out a glass door at a store while I was paying at the near by register. She was looking at the word that was actually on the other side of the door and trying very hard to sound it out. "L-L-U-P" she sounded out and was so proud of herself. The store clerk and I started cracking up! It was the cutest thing!

Redeemed1 said...

Oh so cute! Kids really are blessing from the Lord.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

LOL! Oh goodness can I see them saying these things! HA!

Hugs and blessings to you and the kids!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love it!!! Reason 1,003 why children are a TRUE GIFT from God!!!!

whenpigsfly said...

You blog name is just right!
Good job Abby, keep your daddy in line!!!
See you two GROWN UP RIGGS in a few weeks!!

Shari said...

I am laughing of course! :-) I needed this today!

Kathleen said...

thanks for the laughs :-)
I've had some funny ones from my 3rd graders as well lately. This convo ensued yesterday:
Child: "Ms. W. I got the black mouse (computer). Did you know that black is like the nakeditive?"
Me: "Did you just say you have a naked mouse?"
Child: "you know, white and black are opposites just like positive and nakeditive numbers"
Me: "Oh you must mean NEGative..." Hahaha I love that kid.

Penny said...

#1 Funny. As a kindergarten teacher, "Good job, Landis."
#2 GAP :)
#3 Good for Abby with a quick comeback. haha

Elizabeth said...

Hehe, kids are great. I'm always posting quotes from my younger siblings on facebook.

I'm still patiently, or not so patiently, waiting for pictures from the party! :)

Sweet Joni said...

Leave it to the children to teach us well... LOL

Happy to see you feeling better (enuf to blog anyway) :-)

Hugs & Love,

p.s. why do I have to ALWAYS open this window twice bc the first time a red x is shown instead of capti-letters???

p.s.s. box is STILL here! I'll explain later... (no stressing allowed) *wink* Tho I 'think' mom's taking me up to Cubs Foods aka post office this wk! :D Bob's in the hospital....

emsres said...

Brent: You're in trouble now. I have an "in" with Santa. My brother-in-law is the mall Santa out there in Norman, OK. He's put you on the naughty list (for teasing) until further notice. I know I'm a bit prejudiced but he really is one of the best Santa's ever--hope you can take the kids to see him.

Nora S. said...

Brent--It's still the dog days of Summer in Oklahoma? I think I'm moving there because we're having the Fridged days of Fall here in CT--12 degrees this morning!!! Too cold for man or beast.

Loved Landis's take on the MENS room : )

Glad to hear Abby is enjoying a more normal life...she's getting her quick wit from you know who.

Looking forward to the pictures of the party when you have some breathing time.

Blessed Christmas to you, Michelle, and all the precious children you surround with love.