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Dec 27, 2010

More Abby Party Pics

Jill, Abby and Jill's daughter Jordon.

Jill and Jordon flew in from out of state to help Abby celebrate.
Jill is a nutrition and health guru. Vegan. No sugar, organic foods only kind of gal.
My family (Michelle) owns a cattle ranch. We want to eat healthier, have been
moving towards a healthier lifestyle but the Riggs and Samters are still oceans apart.

Jill couldn't have been sweeter or more encouraging.
She quietly made whatever food was offered work for her and Jordon.
Then, after the party, she spent hours answering our questions. The changes we
have made have already had a dramatic impact on our families health.
Thank you Jill.

Abby with her friends.

Rachel (and her sister Naomi) donated their hair to Locks of Love back when
Abby was sorely missing her long beautiful hair. The kids who donated hair hold a special place in Abby's heart. It was neat to see all three girls with their hair long and beautiful again.

Jill, Linda and me. Thanks to Jill, I have lost 15 lbs since this picture was taken!

Carol found Abby ultra talented face painter.
She was wonderful with the kids. Thank you for making Abby's day special.

Landis with his big brother, Dane. Dane is a great big brother.

Abby's cousin Hannah. Abby asks at LEAST once
a day if her cousins can come over. We love you Hannah!

Abby and her big brother, Dane.

Can you believe how long and healthy Abby's hair is?

We got a moon bounce courtesy of the church where
the party was held. We are so grateful for how kind everyone there was.

Abby and Jordon.


whenpigsfly said...

Love your photos and WOWZA 15 pounds!!! That is super!!!! That was a fun fun fun wodnerful party to be a part of for sure and we have lots of great memories for a long time to come.

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

OK my sweet friend - please share your copy of the photo of me with the girls and then the one of Jordan with Abby - TOO CUTE!

You are very funny and I will always be here to cheer you both on!!!!

You are both doing great!!!!

Hugs and love,

Misty Rice said...

She is growing up so quickly.... she looks lovely, healthy and happy. What a beautiful child.

Sweet Joni said...

NICE photos - Looks like FUN had by all :D Love the colorful heart on Jordon's shirt -- "peace & love" says it all...!

And I'm embarassed! Can you believe I STILL have a box sitting here waiting to mail??? YIKES! I'm afraid it'll miss Abby's birthday :( Where have the days gone?

Stepdad is doing GREAT after hip replacement, Mom is "pooped out" & I've just finished the Church Newsletter due last week! But ya know, my muscles are gaining strength from all the shoveling at their place & the weight is still dropping from walking over daily to do whatever needs to be done! :)

Congratulations Michelle! That's Great lose in just a month!

How's your WEIGHT GOAL coming along "Exercise Dude" aka Brent? Only FOUR DAYS to go!!! ;)

Hope your Christmas was AWESOME & all the family is healthy!!!

Much Love & Hugs,

Shari said...

Abby is one beautiful little girl! I am so glad she had a party to celebrate her! Our family has been changing our eating habits to all healthy, too. My husband has lost 55 lbs and I have lost 32 lbs since July. It's amazing how we feel since the changes! Have a beautiful day! :-)

Kay said...

It looks like they all had a wonderful time! Yes, it is great to see Abby with her beautiful long locks back and I pray every day that she continues to have good health so she doesn't lose all her hair again.

Monica said...

Looks like the party was great. So sorry I live so far away, that I couldnt come. Love seeing Abby so healthy.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

LOVE all of the party pics. So good to see Abby healthy.

Very excited about your weight loss, Michelle. I got serious this fall, and just hit the 31# lost mark, since I saw you in August. I still have a long ways to go, but I was excited to wear a beautiful Mother of the Groom outfit at our first family wedding on the 18th.

Hope you all are doing well.


The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Abby looks great! I love those eyelashes too! Congrats on the weight loss.

Family website said...

That's awesome! 2 of my daughters have expressed an interest in donating their hair to locks of love. They are growing their hair out now. It really makes me so proud of them!

mamamargie said...

Jill sounds like my type of eater! Glad she could answer questions for you. Changing your diet is a huge deal. It's wonderful to have a friend walk you through it.

Abby's party looked so fun! So happy for your family! :)

steffenboysmom said...

You have a God miracle on your hands. We just got word of Clayton's passing. ( three year old who met Jesus after a bout with leukemia)

WE rejoice with you as Abby still is doing well! God bless you guys!