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Dec 20, 2010

Party Pics & Brent's New Book On Knowing God's Will Now Available

From Brent

I actually published this book a couple of months ago and simply forgot to announce it. Something wrong with that... I'm getting old I guess.

The Guide To Knowing God's Will
The Guide That Teaches You How to Confidently Determine God’s Will in Your Life

Perhaps the most common question Christians have is “how do I know God’s will?”

• How do I know I’m doing what God wants?
• Will God approve of my decision?
• Is this the best decision I can make?
• Will God still bless me, care for me, protect me and
guide me if I make a decision that is not THE very
best in His eyes?
• Can I be secure in my decision?
• Does my life overall reflect that I know God’s will for it?
• Is my life being affected because I’m not in God’s will?
• I want to do what God wants but how can I know for sure?

There has been much written on the topic ranging from the overly simplistic to the useless wishy-washy. God did not create us only to leave us hanging without a way to know what He would have us to do. No, it’s not a legalistic “A-B-C, 1-2-3” checklist but I’m convinced it’s not nearly as ethereal as commonly thought… nor is it attainable only for the “super Christian”.

In this humble little guide, I will present to you principles, questions and of course, Scripture, that layout out a predictable groundwork that will help you know God’s will about the entire scope of life… the big questions, the little choices and the life changing opportunities that require a decision.

Get the eBook or Print Version here...

Abby Party Pics

Brent's camera got passed around at Abby's party and sometime early on the settings were accidentally changed. Fortunately Jill Samter saved the day. Thank you Jill!!!

Here are a few pictures from Abby's Kick Kemo to the Kurb Party. More to follow soon. Be sure to check out Jill's blog here.

Lynne from Polka Dots And Paisley made this beautiful outfit just for Abby.
Thank you so much for making Abby feel like a princess on her special day.

Brent gathered up all of the kids and teasingly told them that there was only
one goody bag. Abby said that it should be hers since she was the "birthday girl." After hamming it up with Abby, Brent dumped out enough goodies to please an army of munchkins.

Jordon Samter bought Abby and Naomi Smith a Baby be Blessed doll with money that she had earned. Abby loves having a baby that looks like her. It even has a special scripture embroidered on it.

The day before the party, Abby had a pretty rough day at the clinic (bone marrow aspiration and spinal) and Abby was still sore the day of the party. In some of the pictures you can read it in her eyes, but she is here and we are blessed.

Olivia found out about Abby when she was first diagnosed. She "adopted" Abby,
taking on the big sister role with enthusiasm. Olivia always knew just how to encourage Abby. Thank you Olivia. Olivia's parents drove to the party from Kansas. They intentionally arrived early in the day, rolled up their sleeves and worked right along side us as we got ready for Abby's special day. We love you guys! Thanks for blessing our family.

Abby is blessed to have so many wonderful friends.


Sweet Joni said...

A book that is a must get! Thanks Brent for writing this - I'm looking forward to the hard copy!!! (Asap...Lulu signup is touchy this morning - must be celebrating the birth of Jesus)

Great photos of Abby's "Kick Kemo to the Kurb" party - looking forward to seeing many more!!!

Soon another birthday ;)


Watch for a box for arrival from MN -- after the fact bc of Christmas holidays & my tardiness (humanism - can't there be 2 of me?) LOL

Love & Hugs,

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Missing you and wishing your family a very MERRY CHRISTmas!

Lots of love from our family to yours!

Tee said...

I've been not so patiently waiting to see party pictures! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and I can't wait to see the rest!

trooppetrie said...

she looks so grown up so different. I can not get over it. praising with you

Michelle said...

Hi Rigg's family!
We were so blessed by attending Abby's party, thank you so much for including us in your blog!
The pictures are great!
With Love,
The Mann Family