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Dec 10, 2010

Pornograpy, Marriage and Families

I'm finishing up one of the most important books I think I'll ever write as it addresses something that is destroying individuals, marriages, families and churches: INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY.

I'm taking a very practical "advice" approach to the topic as much as already been written from a conceptual, cultural or "exposing the problem" viewpoint. In this book there will be things like:

  • How to find out if a computer has been accessing porn sites
  • How to block porn sites
  • The telltale signs that someone is involved in porn
  • How to confront someone who is looking porn (husband, wife [yes, wives are increasingly into it too], kids, friend, fellow Christian)
  • Practical ways to deal with someone in your life who is into porn
  • Practical ways to deal with YOURSELF if you are into porn
  • The real world destructive consequences of porn
  • The "secret scourge": how many Christians and "good" people are really into porn and hide it
  • What churches, families and friends should do to confront the porn issue and how to help people
  • How porn affects kids
  • How porn affects singles
  • How porn affects marriages
  • How porn affects individuals
  • Porn in the marriage bed
  • What God says about porn
  • What about the spouse who refuses to stop?

And more... I want to finish the book with real world stories, and answers to real world questions. This is where I need your help.

Can you send me:

  • Any questions you have about the porn issue
    • I want to have a very practical QUESTION & ANSWER section in the back of the book.
  • Any stories you have about how porn has affected your life, your marriage, your kids, your church or the life of someone you know.
    • These can be stories of both heartbreak or triumphant... stories that tell the truth about the DAMAGE of porn are just as effective as stories about gaining victory over it
    • Use fake names and locations and events in your stories...

No one will ever see these emails but me. Once I extract the content, I'll permanently destroy the email. You email address will NEVER be published, or included with anything you send in (question or story). If I feel like there are any facts in your story that might give away identity, I'll remove or change those (and I will assume you've already put in fake names, locations and events to hide identity).

Would you respond today and help me get this book ready? It will make a great "New Year's Resolution" book for many people (I'll be offering this as an eBook so people can get it discreetly too; this is quite a delicate issue).

Send questions, comments, suggestions and ideas for this book to me:


Anonymous said...


From someone that has cried many, many hours over the last month because of this horrible reality.

Anonymous said...

I answered your query in your most recent post.
I have had a porn addiction for a long time... ever since I was 16... I'm 25 now. I'm also a female, that is a Bible believing Christian.

People don't seem to understand what a tangled web pornography is. When you view it just once, those images are stuck in your head... even if you never look at it again.
Thank you Brent, for writing this book... I think that if more people were honest and open about their struggles, life would be alot easier.

Jamie said...

I think struggles with pornography like struggles with homosexuality/sexual sin have been ignored by the church body, it makes us feel like it's something to be swept under the rug. The best way to deal with sin in your life is to get accountability partners in your church/family/friends and to have a group praying for you as you pray yourself to overcome the temptation. Sexual sin is placed next to gossiping in 1 Corinthians 6:9-10, yet people who gossip (uh everyone) are not treated like people struggling with sexual sin are in the Church today. Make no mistake, these ARE sins and the church should not condone any sin, but people struggling with sexual sin should have the church to lean on in the fight against the devil like others who are fighting more "acceptable" sins.

Nancy and Isaac McGee said...

I, for one have a hatred for porn. I have never thought it was ok or anything of the sort but I have looked. I hate myself for it but thank goodness I never got addicted. I do believe my ex husband was addicted because there were porns mags in his bathroom but he got it from his father who also used to keep the magazines. I have a son who is only 3 and I hope and pray he never gets into this type of thing. I know boys will be boys but if you have a strong Christian faith I think you can overcome it, w/ prayer

Bill said...

Thank you and I look forward to reading your book. Porn addiction is a serious problem and more people need to be aware of it.