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Dec 10, 2010


Wow... sadly, from the response to my last post, there are many marriages, families, individuals and churches hurting over this issue of internet pornography.

If you have experienced or witnessed the harm of pornography, would you take a few minutes and answer the questions on this TOTALLY ANONYMOUS page?

Yes, it will take a few minutes but you never know how many other may end up being helped, or might avoid the terrible consequences of pornography.



Gena said...

That is sad.

entreplou said...

Brent, When you do this for the Lord, He will surely lift you up. You are right!

Debi said...

Brent and Michele,
I know that this is off thetopic totally but I also know you care deeply about kids and have a prayer network.
I would like to add a 5 year old warrior, Kendall. He made it through treatments for JML and then developed toumers. He is now going through treatments again and will have a Stem cell transplant in February.
Please pray for him and get the word out to pray for him.
His Care Page is
Debi Hamari