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Mar 31, 2010

Quick Update

From Michelle:

Just a quick note to tell you thank you for praying and for reaching out to Abby and the rest of our family.

There is still no news from the sweat test. Hopefully we can get someone to tell us tomorrow.

For tonight we are home. Abby's pulmonologist's office called to say he is back in town and wants to see Abby tomorrow (Thursday). Praise God. No matter what is causing the thick mucus, we have to get her lungs healthier. I hope she wont be readmitted to the hospital tomorrow but we will do what is necessary to help her.

Thanks again for praying. We will update you when we know more.

Mar 30, 2010

Glimmer of Hope or Delayed Reality, Either is a Blessing

From Michelle:

Abby is doing okay today but is a little teary and tired. One of the tougher things about hospital stays is that medical conversations happen in the range of little ears. Most five year old's wouldn't understand half of what we were saying but Abby is one medically savvy little gal. I need to find some crafts or something to distract her tomorrow.

They are having me do chest percussion to help her cough up some of the thick muck in her lungs. Basically, I use my hand to thump on her chest and back. From what I learned so far I think am supposed to do it for about 45 minutes to an hour. Abby is cooperating but the look on her face tells us that she thinks we have lost our minds. Since her bones are brittle from the chemo, I am thinking she might be right. They make a vest that would be a little gentler but we will have to wait for a diagnosis and insurance approval for that.

We met with the new pulmonologist today. He was nice but I can't wait for Dr. Reyes to get back in town. He confirmed the asthma diagnosis and wanted to run some more tests before diagnosing Abby with cystic fibrosis. I love that they are confirming tests before they stick her with that awful label.

Abby will stay in the hospital until after they run a test tomorrow. The gold standard test for cystic fibrosis a sweat test. They look to see how high the salt concentration is in your sweat.

A result of 60 or higher means you have cystic fibrosis, 40-59 means you might have it and if you are lower than 40 you do not have the disease. A week ago Abby's sweat test score was 66. Not good at all.

The plan was to look at her medications to see if any would throw off the test, do the bronchoscopy and then redo the sweat test. If Abby is in the borderline group they will pursue genetic testing.

I am praying for clear answers tomorrow (Wednesday), strength for Abby and wisdom for all involved. It may take a few days to get the results but I am praying we know tomorrow. I will post when we do.

Thank you for all of your sweet messages to Abby. You made her smile on a pretty rough day. You are such a blessing to Abby and the rest of our family.

Mar 29, 2010

The Waiting Game

From Michelle:

Abby was admitted to the surgery floor of our hospital. The Oncology floor feels like a second home, this place is a foreign land. We crave familiar things even more when we are under stress. Hopefully they will move us to the "right" floor soon.

Abby's lungs are still terribly congested and she is constantly coughing. A pulmonary consult has been ordered for the morning. Our favorite lung doctor is out of the country and Abby needs help soon.

When Abby was in surgery the doctor was able to get sputum samples and did a biopsy. The sample is already growing cooties. Not surprising but not what her oncologist was hoping for. While I am faithfully praying for healing, I knew green snot was not a good thing. Abby's doctors have watched her go through so much. In a way it is sweet how hard they are searching for a easier to treat diagnosis.

For now it is just a waiting game. It is impossible to treat Abby's cancer, intracranial hypertension, asthma and her new "lung problem" in the ways that they normally would. Routine medications for one problem make the other problems worse.

Thank you for your prayers and encouraging messages. I was tired today but knowing so many were praying helped me feel peaceful in the midst of this trial. You are such a blessing to our family.

Abby is finally awake. I can't wait to read her your messages.

Abby Update - Not Really Good News

From Brent

Abby is still in surgery. Doctor just came in… they are still looking at Abby but they’ve confirmed she has double pneumonia now, and still concerned about possible cystic fibrosis. Her upper airway (throat) is structurally okay but her lungs are totally clogged up. Doc said her lungs don’t look infected at this point but that she is “primed and ready” for a something really bad to happen.

They are admitting her and putting her on antibiotics to hopefully keep any infection from getting a foothold.

We try to remain upbeat and joyful, but honestly, we are pretty weary at this point. It just seems like Abby gets hit with everything that can go wrong. We are up all night with her watching her breathing, giving her medications… the doctors, clinics, insurance, bills, appointments, hospitals just never seem to end or let up. It’s relentless. So many other things go undone, unenjoyed and neglected.

Nonetheless, God is good and cares for our every need. We aren’t hungry, cold or homeless. “Tired” is not comparable to imprisoned, tortured, starving or ate up with disease. We count our blessings which are many.
Abby wasa mixture of having fun and crying this morning. Is that from cancer or just learning how to be a girl??? :)

Mar 28, 2010

Long Awaited Not So Fun Day

From Michelle:

We have been talking about Abby's airway for at least 6 months. She has had problems breathing for longer than that but it has been getting more intense.

Today (Monday) Abby will be going to surgery, where she will be sedated for a bronchoscopy. We pray they will be able to learn what is causing Abby's breathing difficulties.

Part of me is hoping and praying they find out what is wrong but I would love even more for Abby to be miraculously healed and this chapter to be closed.

There are always risks with tests. When my daughter, Katie, had this very test, she had bronchial spasms so bad that she ended up in pediatric ICU. I know that "never" happens but I will always remember watching her struggle to breathe.

Please pray for Abby's safety, answers and that they are able to get samples of anything suspicious while they are doing the test.

Thank for for loving Abby enough to take time to pray for her.

Mar 25, 2010

Abby Update

Abby's appointment went fairly well. It is a relief to have this Pulmonologist watching out for Abby. He has spent his life caring for medically fragile kids and he works hard to make sure they have every chance they can have at a blessed life. For years he has spent vacation time on medical missions in developing countries. I love that!

He did a sweat test on Abby to test for cystic fibrosis, a chest xray and reviewed her sleep study. The sweat test was at the highest edge of normal. I have read that there are times when a child with milder cystic fibrosis can test high normal. Her values maybe high because of one of her medications. I know there are several mom's with CF kids who are praying for Abby. Any thoughts?

Does Abby have symptoms of milder cystic fibrosis? Sure but they can be caused by many other things. Am I worried about cystic fibrosis? Honestly, no. Her new doctor is watching her closely and will let us know when it is time to be concerned. We are dealing with enough "real" things without worrying about what ifs. God is watching over our precious daughter, loves her completely and will never leave her. God is always good.

Abby's sleep study showed 30+ episodes of apnea during the night. One time she quit breathing for over 30 seconds and her oxygen dropped significantly (70s).

He said that he hopes her central apnea will resolve when she is finished with chemo but he gently warned that it may be from brain damage from the chemo. Not what I wanted to hear but I appreciate the warning.

He is giving Abby a rescue inhaler, an inhaled steroid and putting her on a pulse/ox at night. The pulse/ox will monitor the amount of oxygen in her blood and alert us if it drops to dangerous levels. I will feel much better when our insurance approves her pulse/ox.

We have had a lot to think about and process lately. Hopefully, we will be able to step back and enjoy our weekend with our kids.

Thanks for all of your encouraging comments and prayers.

Abby dancing with Hannah and Kristin at the art show.

A New Sumpin Sumpin To Eat

From Brent

As part of my Fit@45 journey, I do a lot of cooking. My criteria is "low-cal, filling, healthy, AND EASY TO MAKE".

I'm not one of them there GOR-MET cooks... I don't use recipes, I have ZERO culinary training. My cooking philosophy is this: "what sounds good? Hmmm, I think I throw that together and see what it tastes like."

I've cooked a lot of things ONCE (can you guess why only once?) but I've been cooking long enough that I stumble on to some pretty tasty concoctions that are added to my list of favorites. Original? Groundbreaking? Some sort of cooking expert? No, no and heck no. I'm sure everything I cook is just something I've seen before and have it filed away in the ole brain matter. And I'm not afraid to try things. So with that disclaimer, I thought I'd occasionally show you some of my favorite creations.


I don't like COOKED spinach... cooked too much that is. I like it raw, and I found a way to cook it HOT but not overcook it which I think really changes the taste (to something I don't care for). It makes a great, filling meal... and like all my stuff, it's EASY.

Baby spinach, mushrooms, some onion, a tablespoon of bacon bits (real),
minced garlic, a little Mozzarella, salt and pepper.
And the olive oil spritzer. Get one... I use it almost every time a I cook.
Keeps you from using too much oil; just enough for taste and cooking.

Spritz the pan with olive oil; you don't need much; keeps the calories down.
Medium high heat.

Throw in everything except the cheese and spinach.
Garlic and onions to your preference;
just enough bacon bits for flavor, not bulk. Remember, low calorie...

Don't over cook things. Get it hot, the mushrooms should just
start changing shade and the onions getting soft; about 3-5 minutes.
Things continue to cook even after turning off the heat and taking
it out of the pan. Account for that and don't let it overcook.

Toss in the spinach, spritz with olive oil.

The spinach cooks fast. If you like stronger tasting spinach, cook longer.
If you like more of a fresh veggie taste (like me), cook less.
I cook for about 2-3 minutes knowing it will continue to cook until it cools.
Sprinkle the cheese on. Use very little.
It's for a dash of taste not bulk (or calories).

Eat it fresh out of the pan while hot. Healthy, delicious, easy fast
and low calorie. Perfect for "Fit @45".

Mar 22, 2010

Win $100 or $1000... & Pics & Prayers

From Brent

Fit@45: I figure if I'm grateful for the accountability and encouragement, I ought to make it fun for you guys too, so for the rest of the year...

If you catch me cheating or neglecting my fitness plan and diet I'll pay you a $100. When I finally each my goal I'm going to give some faithful accountability partner on my update list a thousand bucks from my ebook sales.

$100 if I cheat... a grand when I reach my goal. Details here...

I'll keep my daily update over there on the right too, down below Abby's stuff >>>>>>>>>>>

Prayer Request

Please pray for Michelle and Abby today as they talk to the doctors about Abby's sleep and breathing problems. The long awaited pulmonology appointment is today.


Abby got glasses. She picked out these herself.
She's VERY proud of them... can you tell?

Don't let the "aren't I cute?" fool you...
thars mizcheevusnuss afoot.

Hannah got her hair straightened (no chemicals)...
she's been pestering us for months and we finally buckled.

Mar 17, 2010

Mom's a Mess

From Michelle:

Thanks for praying for Abby and me on Monday. She handled the lumbar puncture (spinal tap) and chemo beautifully. She doesn't like them but cooperates and is not scared. Thank you for praying. They used to terrify her. I will never take this blessing for granted.

Abby's intracranial pressure is up again. It was 24 (normal is 8-14). That explains her headaches and grumpiness. She is normally a joy to be around but for the last couple of weeks, the pain has made it harder for her to handle noisy siblings and busy environment. I am scared to give her many of the extra doses of morphine because of her breathing problems.

They recently decreased the medication needed to treat her pressures because it was causing a dangerous side effect that could lead to coma or death. Yikes! Now they are playing with the doses for the medication to treat her pressure and the one to counteract the side effect. I hope they get it right soon.

This one makes me a little nutty. Your body tries to fix the side effect (low co2) by causing you to breathe very slowly. That is the last thing a child with asthma and obstructive apnea needs. And how can you get the rest you need if you aren't getting enough oxygen while you are sleeping?

Abby's oncologist did prescribe a rescue inhaler. It is a huge relief to have it for the times when Abby is in trouble. Thank you for praying specifically for that.

I have been trying to take care of Abby's needs for specialists in our hospital's network. It makes sharing of medical records/test results between offices so much easier. The only problem is that it was taking forever to get an appointment with a pulmonologist. Two of Abby's doctors want her seen by one as do I.

I finally took a "big girl pill" and called the pediatric pulmonologist who took care of my daughter, Katie. I love this doctor and trust him completely but I hoped I would never again have to bring another child to his office. Walking back into that world has opened the floodgates on my emotions and I have cried more tears than I thought possible. I guess the wounds from losing a child never fully heal.

Thankfully he will see Abby on Monday. Also, as part of her chemo cocktail she will get steroids for the next 5 days. They were prescribed to fight her cancer but will also help to calm her asthma down.

So for today, I am trying to focus on being with my kids and just trying to make it through the next few days. I miss Katie, but I have a family here who needs me now.

Your prayers and encouragement are the glue that are keeping my heart pieced together. Thank you for continuing to stand by our family.

Mar 16, 2010

So Close But Yet So Far

From Brent

Here's the view right outside where I'm having a meeting all day today. So close but yet so far... there will be no Spring Break frolicking for me. But at least I can share the pic with you.

Back to work...

Mar 15, 2010

Abby Update - Monday

Today, Abby will get a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) so they can inject chemo into her spinal fluid. She will be getting a total of 4 chemos, two at the doctors office and 2 at home. They are 10 days late beginning this chemo cycle because of the delay due to her respiratory infection. It feels good to be moving ahead again.

I will also be talking to Abby's primary oncologist today. We need to discuss her asthma, pain and sleeping problems.

I have been dreading this meeting for almost a month. There are so many variables and so many things that can go wrong so easily. It's maddening. Normally Brent is wonderful at helping with these discussions but he won't be back in town until the doctor's appointment is over.

We both need your prayers today.

Mar 14, 2010

Be Careful What You Say

From Brent

SpideyLandis came running into the room with a flashlight.

"Momma, I can't get the light to come on. How do you get it to work?"

I was only half listening, and jokingly said "you bang it on your head to turn it on."

Well, you know what came next. Poor kid. Some ice will help the swelling.

Mar 10, 2010

Abby Update & Art Show Pics

From Michelle:

Boy, Abby is one complicated booger.

Her PA said that if Abby was any other kid, she would order her an inhaler. Abby wasn't wheezing during her appointment but the list of doctors who have heard it is growing weekly. I hate the thought of Abby being diagnosed with Asthma. Enough is enough. But I can't wish it away, especially when it would be dangerous to ignore.

I still have no idea what they are going to do about it. Inhalers would increase her intracranial pressure and oral steroids are not a good idea because of her cancer/chemo. Abby's specialists are debating treatment options. It is always a little unsettling when a medical debate is for your sweet little girl. I know their concerns are valid BUT if they don't treat her asthma she could die. One of the hardest things for me is to know when to push for help and when to let go.

We really love the PA we saw yesterday. She is smart, experienced and has a heart of gold. Abby has many serious problems, with few good answers. Pam ended our visit with "well we just need to pray that _____, _______, and ______ don't happen." She is absolutely right.

Our one piece of good news was that a doctor was able to talk the pediatric pulmonolgist into seeing her the middle of April, instead of July.

Before this week is finished Abby will have had 5 medical appointments this week. Today she picked out the cutest glasses and handled a dental appointment beautifully. She is doing what we ask of her but she is exhausted and misses her friends at school. Hopefully by next Tuesday she will get a break.

Today, Abby will see an ear doctor. Abby is complaining that her ear hurts but there is so much scarring it is hard to tell what is wrong. Bless her heart. The chemo keeps her immune system so low even an ear infection is a big problem. The last time Abby had an ear infection she ended up in the hospital with septicemia and on IV antibiotics for 3 weeks. Stephanie, Jeff and Wayne thank you for getting Abby in quickly and taking such wonderful care of her.

Thank you for continuing to pray for Abby. Your prayers and comments are a huge blessing to our family and a wonderful reminder that we are not alone.

From Brent

Would you pray for Michelle? She has been sick all week. I have to go out of town all next week for my job. Normally I take care of things when Michelle is taking Abby to all her stuff, but I won't be here next week.

The Art Show...

Miss and Little Miss Hollywood.... don't they look SO shy?

A nice shot before the sun went down and all the people arrived...

Abby's art sold for $250.00 I think...

Abby started out the night tired but perked up later.

My beautiful girls... I loving taking photos of them.

Fighting, Arguing, Contention

From Brent

Contention, strife, turmoil, arguing, fights... who hasn't had there share?

As Christians, we have practical reasons and practical answers to this issue. I've written about it over on if you are interested.

Read it here...

Fit@665 - Brent

From Brent

Yeah, I know, the title says "fit at SIX HUNDRED SIXTY FIVE"... that's how long it will take if I don't get on track. I was down about 30 pounds and working out every day - feeling GREAT - and then...

I got very very very ridiculously busy with with a big project for my employer, Abby starting getting sick again, etc, etc, and next thing you know I haven't worked out for two weeks and have put back on about 10 pounds.

Well, you can't change the past, but I can certainly get back on track starting today. One thing that really helped me was being accountable publicly to all our friends out there. However, posting about it every day quickly saw our readers and traffic declining. We don't write this blog based on popularity but it's not our wish to bore people with stuff that has no blessing or meaning for them either.

So, for my own need, I'll include a quick, very short blurb every day with my progress just as a side note to other things.

Because I work alone at an office behind my house, the only interaction or accountability I have on a daily basis with other people (besides my wife and kids) is with you fine folks. You are my "friends", my "co-workers", the people I "hang out" with.

For those of you who could care less about the whole fitness thing I'm doing, that's okay, I don't expect people to invest what little time they have giving a rip about my personal weight and health. Just ignore the blurbs and skip over them.

For those of you who can offer a little encouragement and accountability, you have my most heartfelt appreciation. I know that I can be a much better husband, father, minister, writer and servant if I am in good health and fitness.

Me and my beautiful wife at Abby's art show last week.
That's the Oklahoma State Capitol in the background.

Brent Riggs Blog

I just put up a post of random thoughts over on my blog - a little something about "words", "PDA", small towns and saving money... read it here.

Mar 9, 2010

Duct Tape Medicine

From Michelle:

Abby's primary doctor (oncologist) has brought in many specialists to evaluate Abby. The specialists have then in turn requested more specialists look at Abby. She is currently being followed by 8 pediatric specialists and has been seen by 4 other types of doctors (not including her pediatrician).

To say Abby is complicated is a gross understatement.

Friends often ask how Abby is doing but how do I honestly answer them when my daughter is being held together with spit, wire and duct tape.

Abby's oncologist is coordinating her treatment but we haven't been able to see her for months. She has been on hospital rotation when Abby has been home and in the clinic when Abby was in the hospital. Abby has seen other oncologists/PAs/nurses but not her primary doctor. They talk to her doctor and the she decides what to do. The other oncologists are great but they only know a small portion of Abby's medical history/status.

I am frustrated/worried/tired. Abby is hurting again. Her headaches are back because the medication to treat them was decreased. It made her CO2 dangerously low and we could have lost her. It needs to be increased to prevent brain damage but it needs to be managed much better this time.

Abby's breathing is still horrible. The CO2 problem causes slow breathing, her airway is weak because of damage from the chemo and she has asthma. No official asthma diagnosis yet but 3 doctors (who are treating different parts of her anatomy) suspect she has it and I have seen many signs that support their opinion.

I don't think we can safely care for Abby at home without medication and medical equipment to help her breathe but I can't get them without a doctor's order. Abby has an appointment with one of our favorite oncology PAs today. I am praying I will be able to express my concerns clearly and that she will be able to help Abby.

We need your prayers more than ever.

Mar 8, 2010

Blog Hop - Serving Others

Tonight's blog hop is about helping, serving, ministering to other people. You know, random acts of kindness type of stuff. Get the code and instructions to the blog hop here:

From Brent

For this blog hop, some people will tells stories of others, or their own, serving and helping experiences. I want to share a good way to do TWO good things at once: serve others, and get to know your neighbors.

Most people today live in a neighborhood with people they barely know, or don't know at all. We are so busy and so "private" today that we can live next to other "houses" (people come and go a lot) and never know the occupants.

A good way to break the ice, and befriend them is to look for ways to minister to them. Keep your eyes open and ask around about:
  • Elderly neighbors who need handy man or household help
  • Sick neighbors who could use meals or housecleaning
  • Single moms or Dads who could use help with yard work or befriending their children
  • Injured or disabled neighbors who need help with tasks they can't perform
  • Hurting neighbors who need a friend or listening ear
And then there's just simply doing something nice for them for no specific reason: take them some baked goods, or flowers, or something out of your garden. Invite them over for dinner or to church.

We should get to know our neighbors so that we can show God's love to the world... and finding out a way to help, serve or minister to them is a perfect "excuse" to introduce yourself.

MckLinky Blog Hop

Mar 6, 2010

Weary but Blessed

From Michelle:

Thank you for praying for Abby. It was a rough, tiring week but we are home. Abby is still sick and running a low grade fever (100.0). If it reaches 101 she has to go back to ER. Poor kid has had her temp taken a million times today.

Abby's doctors decided to not do the spinal tap/chemo for 10 days. I hate the delay because we want the cancer sells to be destroyed but it is a relief that she will get the chance to heal before they bathe her brain in more chemo. The breaks from chemo really seem to help to help her intracranial pressure normalize.

Normally, Brent and I both make all decisions quickly, confidently and never look back. We are as comfortable waiting on God's timing and direction as we are making and acting on big decisions.

It is a very strange day when I am thankful someone else is making a decision for me but I was very glad the decision about the lumbar puncture was taken out of my hands.

We would have loved to spend today relaxing and regrouping but with Abby's temperature slowly climbing all day our focus had to be on getting housework done in case Abby is readmitted to the hospital. Pretty boring, I know but little things like clean socks make the hospital days much better. Fortunately Brent works hard and fast, while making it fun for the kids. I am blessed to have him for a husband.

Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to get back to making memories. Thank you for all of your prayers and encouraging words.

Well, it is 3am and I am off to give Abby her chemo and take her temp one last time.

Mar 4, 2010

Needing Wisdom and Prayers

From Michelle:

Abby's breathing was "junky" last night in ER but once the Tylenol kicked in she did much better. They decided to admit her for observation. Abby looks better this morning but is still congested and coughing up a lot of gross stuff.

Abby was scheduled to have a LP (spinal tap) today so they can inject chemo into her spinal fluid. Delays in chemo can give Abby's cancer the opportunity to come back BUT sedating her when she is sick can be dangerous.

Normally they do the LPs in the clinic but if they do it today it will be in the hospital. Unfortunately, an anesthesiologist will NOT be present at either location.

They prefer doing the procedure today, since Abby could be sick for a long time but are leaving the decision to me. Thanks for praying with us.

Mar 3, 2010

New Issue of Serious Life Online

From Brent

I just published a new issue of SeriousLife Magazine. I hope you'll check out all the great photos and interesting stories.

Better yet, I hope you'll submit some of your own photos, blog posts, stories and ideas for the next issue!

If you know of any people, events, products, organizations or stories that you think would be a good fit for the magazine, be sure to let me know.

Abby Update - Not Good

From Brent

Abby and Michelle got to come home for about 3 hours and now she is headed back to the hospital in worse shape than she was when she got admitted two days ago.

Would you mind if I whine a little?

This really sucks. Life is very difficult right now.

Okay, I'm done. Sorry to go on and on with my pity party. God is good and He is caring for us better than we could ever deserve. There is joy in every difficulty if we have eyes to see it... sometimes it just takes a little longer to come into focus.

You all are such a blessing to us with your kind comments and encouragement. I trust we will be such a blessing to you some day.

Mar 2, 2010

Abby Update: Fever, Praise God & Some Pics

From Michelle:

Abby has had a respiratory infection for the last couple of days. Her low grade fever finally rose to 102, which bought her an automatic trip to the ER for blood cultures, blood work and fluids.

I never imagined I would be thankful for a fever but today I am praising God for one. While at the ER we discovered Abby's electrolytes were dangerously out of whack. Abby is in metabolic acidosis. Normal CO2 is 23, Abby's CO2 was 7 and we were increasing the medications that probably caused this problem. ER doctor said this is "very dangerous". I Googled it and came up with coma and death as a possible outcomes. I have got to stay away from Google.

For those who are interested, when CO2 is very low your body starts breathing very slowly in order to retain CO2 . Problem is you still need oxygen. Abby was having apnea right before we brought her in. But Abby has been having apnea a lot so I don't know that her doctors would have brought her in for only apnea. Only apnea... good grief. This is like living in the Twilight Zone.

We have hundreds of new pictures to sort through and share. Abby's limo ride and art show was magical. And there are more medical things to relate. I have so much to tell you but right now all I can focus on is how thankful I am that Abby is still here.

Thanks for continuing to pray.

From Brent

Here's a couple of pics. I'll try to get more up quickly over the next few days.

Abby and Sami waiting for the limo to
go to the art show.

Rough life... I have to look at these beautiful
ladies every day.

The limo's arrive...

Sami playing basketball... she's getting much better.

Mar 1, 2010

Blog Hop - Favorite Recipes

From Brent

I hope you'll join us tonight with a favorite recipe. Get the blog hop details here...

Here's my recipe for "I'm On a Diet Cabbage Salad"... a tasty but very low calorie cabbage slaw/salad that will help you through the hunger pains:
  • Slice up red and green cabbage into slaw (however you like it; strips or chopped up)... big serving bowl full, about 8-10 cups.
  • Coarsely grated or chopped carrots, green peppers and onions... however much you like.
  • 1/4 cup of olive oil
  • 1/4 cup of Vinaigrette
  • Juice from one lemon
  • Salt, pepper and favorite seasonings
Toss it all up really well. Better when refrigerated in my opinion.. the coldness makes it crisp and it has time to soak up the flavors.

You can eat a large serving of this cabbage salad to help you get over hunger pains AND... it's really healthy too.

MckLinky Blog Hop