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Dec 27, 2010

Do You Have a "Victory Over Porn" Story?

I've finished my book on Internet Porn and realized that I've left out a most important part: HOPE. Not completely, but the kind of hope that comes from hearing the real stories of victory from real people is missing.

I want people to finish the book with the highest level of hope and anticipation of victory over the porn problem in their family or marriage. I've given steps, facts, ideas, strategies and advice. The perfect ending would be real stories about marriages, families, churches and individuals who have experienced victory over porn.

Would you send me your story? It can be the whole story, or just an inspiring statement that you have survived porn and so can others. It can be an encouragement that victory is possible, or an entire account that details how you got victory. Whatever you think will give HOPE to those currently being hurt by porn.

Your identity will be completely secret and even if you accidentally put something in your story that might give away a person's identity, I'll remove it.

Send your stories to:

I'm ready to publish this book RIGHT NOW... so if you could send your stories immediately, I'd love to get yours in the book.

More Abby Party Pics

Jill, Abby and Jill's daughter Jordon.

Jill and Jordon flew in from out of state to help Abby celebrate.
Jill is a nutrition and health guru. Vegan. No sugar, organic foods only kind of gal.
My family (Michelle) owns a cattle ranch. We want to eat healthier, have been
moving towards a healthier lifestyle but the Riggs and Samters are still oceans apart.

Jill couldn't have been sweeter or more encouraging.
She quietly made whatever food was offered work for her and Jordon.
Then, after the party, she spent hours answering our questions. The changes we
have made have already had a dramatic impact on our families health.
Thank you Jill.

Abby with her friends.

Rachel (and her sister Naomi) donated their hair to Locks of Love back when
Abby was sorely missing her long beautiful hair. The kids who donated hair hold a special place in Abby's heart. It was neat to see all three girls with their hair long and beautiful again.

Jill, Linda and me. Thanks to Jill, I have lost 15 lbs since this picture was taken!

Carol found Abby ultra talented face painter.
She was wonderful with the kids. Thank you for making Abby's day special.

Landis with his big brother, Dane. Dane is a great big brother.

Abby's cousin Hannah. Abby asks at LEAST once
a day if her cousins can come over. We love you Hannah!

Abby and her big brother, Dane.

Can you believe how long and healthy Abby's hair is?

We got a moon bounce courtesy of the church where
the party was held. We are so grateful for how kind everyone there was.

Abby and Jordon.

Dec 20, 2010

Party Pics & Brent's New Book On Knowing God's Will Now Available

From Brent

I actually published this book a couple of months ago and simply forgot to announce it. Something wrong with that... I'm getting old I guess.

The Guide To Knowing God's Will
The Guide That Teaches You How to Confidently Determine God’s Will in Your Life

Perhaps the most common question Christians have is “how do I know God’s will?”

• How do I know I’m doing what God wants?
• Will God approve of my decision?
• Is this the best decision I can make?
• Will God still bless me, care for me, protect me and
guide me if I make a decision that is not THE very
best in His eyes?
• Can I be secure in my decision?
• Does my life overall reflect that I know God’s will for it?
• Is my life being affected because I’m not in God’s will?
• I want to do what God wants but how can I know for sure?

There has been much written on the topic ranging from the overly simplistic to the useless wishy-washy. God did not create us only to leave us hanging without a way to know what He would have us to do. No, it’s not a legalistic “A-B-C, 1-2-3” checklist but I’m convinced it’s not nearly as ethereal as commonly thought… nor is it attainable only for the “super Christian”.

In this humble little guide, I will present to you principles, questions and of course, Scripture, that layout out a predictable groundwork that will help you know God’s will about the entire scope of life… the big questions, the little choices and the life changing opportunities that require a decision.

Get the eBook or Print Version here...

Abby Party Pics

Brent's camera got passed around at Abby's party and sometime early on the settings were accidentally changed. Fortunately Jill Samter saved the day. Thank you Jill!!!

Here are a few pictures from Abby's Kick Kemo to the Kurb Party. More to follow soon. Be sure to check out Jill's blog here.

Lynne from Polka Dots And Paisley made this beautiful outfit just for Abby.
Thank you so much for making Abby feel like a princess on her special day.

Brent gathered up all of the kids and teasingly told them that there was only
one goody bag. Abby said that it should be hers since she was the "birthday girl." After hamming it up with Abby, Brent dumped out enough goodies to please an army of munchkins.

Jordon Samter bought Abby and Naomi Smith a Baby be Blessed doll with money that she had earned. Abby loves having a baby that looks like her. It even has a special scripture embroidered on it.

The day before the party, Abby had a pretty rough day at the clinic (bone marrow aspiration and spinal) and Abby was still sore the day of the party. In some of the pictures you can read it in her eyes, but she is here and we are blessed.

Olivia found out about Abby when she was first diagnosed. She "adopted" Abby,
taking on the big sister role with enthusiasm. Olivia always knew just how to encourage Abby. Thank you Olivia. Olivia's parents drove to the party from Kansas. They intentionally arrived early in the day, rolled up their sleeves and worked right along side us as we got ready for Abby's special day. We love you guys! Thanks for blessing our family.

Abby is blessed to have so many wonderful friends.

Dec 10, 2010


Wow... sadly, from the response to my last post, there are many marriages, families, individuals and churches hurting over this issue of internet pornography.

If you have experienced or witnessed the harm of pornography, would you take a few minutes and answer the questions on this TOTALLY ANONYMOUS page?

Yes, it will take a few minutes but you never know how many other may end up being helped, or might avoid the terrible consequences of pornography.


Pornograpy, Marriage and Families

I'm finishing up one of the most important books I think I'll ever write as it addresses something that is destroying individuals, marriages, families and churches: INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY.

I'm taking a very practical "advice" approach to the topic as much as already been written from a conceptual, cultural or "exposing the problem" viewpoint. In this book there will be things like:

  • How to find out if a computer has been accessing porn sites
  • How to block porn sites
  • The telltale signs that someone is involved in porn
  • How to confront someone who is looking porn (husband, wife [yes, wives are increasingly into it too], kids, friend, fellow Christian)
  • Practical ways to deal with someone in your life who is into porn
  • Practical ways to deal with YOURSELF if you are into porn
  • The real world destructive consequences of porn
  • The "secret scourge": how many Christians and "good" people are really into porn and hide it
  • What churches, families and friends should do to confront the porn issue and how to help people
  • How porn affects kids
  • How porn affects singles
  • How porn affects marriages
  • How porn affects individuals
  • Porn in the marriage bed
  • What God says about porn
  • What about the spouse who refuses to stop?

And more... I want to finish the book with real world stories, and answers to real world questions. This is where I need your help.

Can you send me:

  • Any questions you have about the porn issue
    • I want to have a very practical QUESTION & ANSWER section in the back of the book.
  • Any stories you have about how porn has affected your life, your marriage, your kids, your church or the life of someone you know.
    • These can be stories of both heartbreak or triumphant... stories that tell the truth about the DAMAGE of porn are just as effective as stories about gaining victory over it
    • Use fake names and locations and events in your stories...

No one will ever see these emails but me. Once I extract the content, I'll permanently destroy the email. You email address will NEVER be published, or included with anything you send in (question or story). If I feel like there are any facts in your story that might give away identity, I'll remove or change those (and I will assume you've already put in fake names, locations and events to hide identity).

Would you respond today and help me get this book ready? It will make a great "New Year's Resolution" book for many people (I'll be offering this as an eBook so people can get it discreetly too; this is quite a delicate issue).

Send questions, comments, suggestions and ideas for this book to me:

Dec 7, 2010

M E N, PAG and The Naughty List

From Brent

Our kids are so stinkin' funny. Almost every day they say something that we get a big laugh from. That's why our blog is called "Where Laughter Lives...". That's not some sentimental moniker; it really describes our life. Here's a couple of recent chuckles:


I took Landis to the bathroom in a restaurant. He is five. I asked him, "which door do we go in?"

He pointed to the guys door, and said "that one". I asked "why that one?"

Landis replied, "because it says M... E... N..." Landis is just now beginning to spell, so surprised, I quizzed him, "what does M-E-N spell?"

Landis looked up at me and said, "Adult Boys".


Continuing that theme, later I asked Landis, "what does your shirt spell?"

He looked DOWN at the shirt he was wearing, read the three letters across the chest, and said "PAG".

Hmmmm... what brand of shirt do you think it was? :)

The Naughty List

We were driving home and Abby saw some Christmas lights. "Christmas lights, Daddy!!! Look!!!"

I casually responded in keeping with our usual family humor (which the kids are all used to), "oh we're skipping Christmas this year. Didn't you get the memo?"

Abby never missed a beat and proclaimed with authority, "Daddy... I'm going to tell Santa and he's going to put YOU on the naughty list!"

Dec 3, 2010

The Party, The Flu, The Pics

Wow, I didn't realize it has been so long since we've posted. We need to get a bunch of the party pics up.

After Abby's party the flu traveled through our family, slowly wrecking havoc (still is). We are doing much better but it left us with two tired parents, some pretty bored kids and a mountain of unfinished work. Abby and Landis got it for few days. Then I got it. Then Brent got blasted for a whole week and was really out of the loop for a week. My bout has just drug out for a couple of weeks. But, Abby is doing great so we still smiling. Very thankful that our biggest challenge today is something "normal".

Thank you for loving Abby and praying for her. She LOVES not taking chemo. In her five year old mind, taking chemo meant not getting to drink from water fountains, not being allowed to sneak yummy bites of her siblings food. Her immune system was just too weak.

Tonight, I saw her dive on the floor for something yummy that Landis had dropped. She claimed the 5 second rule and popped it in her mouth (disgusting I know). When he objected she just wagged her head and said, for the hundredth time, "I am not on chemo anymore!"

Her doctor said Abby's immune system won't be normal for 6 months. I think the princess has a "dirt licking" plan to speed up the process.

I am sure Brent will do something phenomenal with the party pics when he is feeling better. I can't wait to see what he comes up with.