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Jan 18, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way Home From Church

From Brent

First, in case you were wondering, Davids (see the last post) has found his new family and the last I heard everything was on track for him to be adopted by them. Thanks to all of you who donated and helped us help him.

Did You Get Dead?

The girls were sick so Landis and I went to church together and drove a little Jeep Wrangler that belongs to my father in law. After church, Landis gets in and tell me the following (now keep in mind he just turned five, and this was stone serious stuff):

"Dad, I told my friends I rode to church in the Jeep and they asked me if I got dead from it."

"They did?" I responded, "what did you say to them?"

"I told them, 'does it look like I got dead?'"


On the way home from church we occasionally will stop and eat lunch so of course the kids start hinting about it before we get out of the church parking lot. "Boy, I sure am hungry..." "That pizza we had last was sooooooo good."

Abby (6 yrs old) decided to take the direct approach: "Dad, can we go to restaurant?"

"A restaurant?" I toyed with her, "what for?"

She cut to the chase... "Dad, you know why. C'mon, say it with me: rest-au-rant... rest-au-rant".

It got a laugh but didn't get her lunch at Chili's.

Jan 12, 2011

David Adoption Update... Check it out!

From Brent

I just thought of a way to help raise some money for this family to adopt David...

For the next 24 hours,



(if you want to donate MORE than the $6 an ebook costs,
go ahead and make your donation here, then email me
and ask for the book(s) you want)

You get a book (hopefully a good one), David gets a forever family. Can't beat that deal! See all my books at
Digital Photography Digital Photography

A Family for David - Prayer Answered!!!!

From Brent

Even while we were in the process of making phone calls and considering adopting David ourselves (more on that in a minute), another family - God's perfect choice - stepped forward and have started the process of adopting David.

THEY NEED SOME HELP raising the unexpected additional funds (this family is already adopting a child from Latvia and are going to adopt David as well).

Would you consider helping us send a gift to this family for the selfless decision to adopt David on such short notice (what an act of faith!!!)?

Click here to send your donation to our Pay It Forward fund* via PayPal...


*Note: We consider this part of the Pay It Forward ministry. If you are unfamiliar with that, read about it here.

In Other News

We were waiting for the right time to announce it appears we've raised enough money to immediately go forward with Abby's Wish (our next orphan adoption). Over the next few weeks, we will be "Ebaying" a lot of stuff from our house and belongings to raise the final few thousand dollars... but we have enough in savings now to commit to a referral, and go full steam ahead with the adoption (that's why we were able to consider adopting David today too).

We don't want to steal the thunder from the wonderful news of David finding a family today.... so we'll leave you with that, and post more details soon as they become available.

Abby is getting her wish....

Urgent need for a family for this child!

This boy's story is heartbreaking. He is urgently in need of a family and time is running out. Imagine the future this child is facing. He is aware what will happen to him. He knows his chances. Imagine for a minute this is your child. If you aren't able to adopt him yourself (as we are not), please spread the word. His story needs to be heard. Miracles DO happen and God can work and still bring this boy home.

"Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors:
I have prayed over the last few days about how to share this story, and I have no words to adequately express it. However, it has to be shared and I will do my best. Many who have heard it are so sick over it, our hearts just ache. We know God has a plan; is it you?

In January, 2010, I met an awesome child/young man at an orphanage in Riga , Latvia . His name is Davids. He was one of a few children we were introduced to that day for consideration in our Summer 2010 orphan hosting program. He was really sharp and smart, had a great sense of humor and looked you in the eye when he tried to speak the good amount of English he had already learned. I remember asking his favorite things to do and he didn’t hesitate to explain he loved kite flying in the sky and dreamed to be a pilot some day! He also enjoys soccer, basketball, swimming and all sports. But, the thing that surprised us most was his age! He was already 15 and effectively the size of a 9 or 10 year old child. We asked the orphanage director more about him later, and were told Davids is healthy, just small and has the kindest, gentlest heart. He generally plays with the younger group of kids because the older ones make fun of him and claim to be “too cool” to hang out with a guy his size. As for history, he has been in 4-5 different orphanages, but has managed to keep hope for a brighter future. He is a sincere and especially child towards younger children. Lego building is one of his hobbies! I remember, he made a joke when I asked him if he liked dogs and cats…a traditional question we ask… He said, “of course! But, I am no cannibal.” And gave us the biggest smile of all! Later, when he was among the group and doing art projects, he drew a picture of a jet airplane landing under a sky that resembled the American flag. When I asked him to explain it, he told me, “My dream to fly airplane and live in family in America !” From that point, he had us at “hello” and we were committed to helping him fulfill his dream.

For the summer program, Davids was hosted by a multi-cultural, multi-racial family and he did awesome! He was kind to his younger host brothers and sister and enjoyed just about everything they did. He especially liked to build and make things and play sports outside, with swimming being one of his favorites! He learned a lot more English and wasn’t shy to use it either. While his host family was not his forever family, our team and staff was so thankful when we received a call from a couple who wanted to go and visit with him before his return to Latvia . We knew time was short, and we encouraged anyone who might be interested, to meet him asap. After one meeting, the family who went, let me know they would be adopting him and how encouraged and inspired they were by Davids. After many discussions, we realized that he needed to know the plan, as his birthday was coming up…his 16th birthday, which means several things to an orphan. First, it means they are about to age out and can’t be considered for adoption. Second, it means that they are on their path of graduating the orphanage and will soon be on their own. Third, it means life as they know it now: food, shelter, protection and security is about over. In the first year after a child leaves the orphanage, generally 15% commit suicide. So, it was decided for me to talk to Davids when our interview returned to Latvia this past August and see how he felt regarding this adoption.

When I sat down with him, I had a translator with me, but he didn’t need her. We sat on a sofa in the social worker’s office and I asked him how he liked America and what he thought? He explained he loved it, and it was more than he ever imagined! I asked him if he remembered this particular man who came to meet him and spent time with him the week before he returned to Latvia , and he said “Oh Yes and we had fun!” I went on and said, “Well, this man told his wife about you and they want me to tell you they are so happy, and they want to adopt you.” Davids’ look was utter shock! He said, “Who, me?” and I confirmed it was indeed him. He said, “Oh yes! VERY VERY much YES! And, they want ME?” He was just the most excited kid I think I ever had the pleasure to tell about an adoption. Most kids are shocked, but usually have to think about it and have several questions to ask before they really accept it and consider it as real. Davids’, on the other hand, was just the happiest kid on the planet that day; his dream was coming true.

Last week, I got an email from his adoptive family… now just 10 days before his 16th birthday,it basically said they felt that they would adopt a girl they met (which was planned all along), but they no longer wanted to adopt Davids’. They had changed their mind. The next day, I got an unsolicited email from Davids’ social worker in Latvia . This is what she wrote:

"Hello Le Ann,
I wish to ask you about one of our boys, his name is Davids T. He was hosted Summer 2010 at a host family in IL. Since he was close to 16, we got information and you shared with him that there is family who will adopt him. It was not the family who hosted him, but another one.
Till this day we never received more information about the adopting family, and we confirmed that the Ministry also has no information yet. I must share, we are all worried and concerned. Davids became so nervous in this last month, his attention to everything is gone. Yesterday he was moved to hospital, because of problems with his stomach relating to the stress of not knowing. We know this all is because he is so close to his 16th birthday; it's on 23 January this year.
We don’t know what to say and can't say anything to Davids because we don't know. It will be a shock for him if it's not true, he has so long lived with this thoughts focused on this adoption and a family in America .
We wish to know the truth to share so he can know and be happy again.”

We have tried to contact his family and explain, show them, what their decision has done to this child. So far, there is no response, but more importantly, there is no time with only a few days that remain for someone to file the I800 with USCIS to adopt Davids’. I have explained to his social worker what the full situation is, and as a strong Christian, she has agreed to pray earnestly with us for a new family to come forward for this child! The adoption agency who was working on this case has agreed to do everything they can to expedite the adoption and assist where possible to get them through the system.
If you or someone you know is interested in moving NOW to adopt Davids’, this is what needs to happen:
1)You must already have an approved home study issued by a Hague Accredited adoption agency in the USA . It must be able to be amended to show you are approved for at least one child, a boy, who is age 16 or under.
2)You must be willing to file with the USCIS the form I800, which will specify Davids’ as the child you intend to adopt, and it must be received prior to January 23, 2011. If done, this gives the adopting family 180 more days to complete the adoption.

Here are a few photos of Davids’: (the one on bottom is me telling him he was being adopted).

Please join us in immediate prayer and action to locate and identify Davids’ Forever Family!!! You are out there somewhere and God knows exactly who you are and He doesn’t make mistakes. We just need to get the word to you about him."
Le Ann Dakake, Director of Hosting Programs, New Horizons for Children 678-313-8321 cell

Jan 10, 2011

Destroying Families & Marriages

My latest book is now available. I don't want money to be a reason why any person who needs this book can't have it. If you can't afford to buy it, email me and I'll send you a free eBook version. BUYING THE EBOOK VERSION COMES WITH THE RIGHT TO DISTRIBUTE IT FREELY. The problem this book addresses is far too important to limit distribution by requiring a purchase for every copy.

Internet Pornography - The Guide That Teaches You How to Discover and Deal With A Porn Problem

As you know, Christians are not immune to the traps of Internet pornography, and it’s estimated that 50%+ of the people sitting in pews have (or will have) a secret struggle with porn… and 25%+ of Christian leaders. And it’s no longer a “male” problem. From anecdotal evidence, I would guess those numbers are low. It is truly an epidemic that Christianity and American culture only admits in whispers.

I want to distribute this book as widely as possible. Given the statistics and the amount of email I get about this issue, it is no doubt a widespread but often secret problem. I’ve named the eBook file a discreet file name so as not to embarrass anyone you might send it to. There will no doubt be many people you know – friends, family, church members, youth, etc. – who need this information and may not know where to look or who to ask.

In fact, the best tactic is simply to send the eBook to EVERYONE you know and tell them you are distributing it randomly and “maybe you know someone who could use it.” This way, you get it into the hands of people who need it but are too embarrassed to ask. It seems that everyone knows someone who is struggling with porn (and chances are, you might be too).

I’m hoping you’ll show/send this book to your church leadership or Christian group so they can have it as resource. I stayed away from sectarian doctrinal differences so the book could be comfortably used in any church. Let your church leaders know they can distribute this eBook freely, without restriction. Should anyone wish to purchase a dozen or more paperback copies to make available for a Church, Sunday School class, men’s group, etc. let me know and I’ll be happy to print them AT COST, NO PROFIT ($4.27 each, even cheaper for larger quantities; this offer is NOT an attempt to sell anything for profit).

On the page where I sell the book publicly, there is also my list (and links to) of recommended computer software for monitoring and blocking pornography:

I’m much more interested in getting this book into as many hands as need it than I am making a bunch of money from it (though I'm not going to gripe at anyone who chooses to purchase it :) ). This is a heartbreaking and terrible problem as you probably already know.

Get the eBook or the paperback here...

In the book:

The Internet has made porn instantly available to anyone with a computer, cell phone, iPad or a broadband connection. Millions are suffering the destruction and heartbreak that porn delivers. Christians are no more immune to this scourge than the world, and it is the whispered secret of churches that the pews are filled with men AND women who have a secret porn habit. Marriages, families, communities and churches are being eaten from the inside out by the cancer of porn.

In this guide you’ll find:
  • How big is the porn problem? Are Christians affected?
  • Is Porn a male issue? Are women into porn?
  • Whose fault is your porn problem?
  • The truth about porn and sexuality
  • How do good people end up ruined by porn?
  • Real answers from real people about porn
  • How Porn Affects Kids
  • How Porn Affects Singles
  • How Porn Affects Marriages
  • Porn In The Marriage Bed
  • How Porn affects Churches
  • What God says about porn
  • The signs that someone is viewing porn
  • How to Check for Porn on a Computer
  • How to confront your husband, wife or kids about porn
  • Helping someone who has a porn problem
  • Helping your own porn problem
  • How to block porn from a computer
  • How to have victory over a porn problem
  • How to make real change in your life

Get the eBook or the paperback here...

Jan 4, 2011

Where Laughter Still Lives

From Brent

I should be a stand up comic. I get fresh content every day from my kids who keep us laughing.

Get It Over With

Abby loves to sleep in Landis's room because he has bunk beds. She is oldest, so of course she gets the top bunk.

Every night, bedtime is an adventure of rough-housing, tickling and playing before the kids go to sleep. Abby tries to sneak up her bunk bed ladder before I'm looking because she knows the tickle-bug (Dad) loves to get her on the way up.

So she heads for the ladder and here comes Dad. You never actually have to tickle Abby... she starts laughing if you just LOOK LIKE you're going to tickle her.

I take few steps toward her... she stops in anticipation. I back up a step, and she goes up one more rung before freezing as I start towards her again. After making it about half way and tired of wondering if I'm going to actually tickler her, Abby stops and says:

"Oh, just tickle me and get it over with!"

Obedient Children

Michelle was doing laundry and told Abby and Landis to go get hangars from their closet. Being the good, obedient children they are, you know what they did right?

They went and took OFF every stitch of clothes that were on every hangar, and brought all the hangars from their entire closet leaving a pile of clean clothes on their floor.

Can't exactly get mad about that kind of obedience.

That WAS My Question

The kids know to wait and not interrupt Michelle and I if we are speaking. So Abby was standing there waiting for her chance and said "Dad, can I ask a question?"

"Sure", I replied, "what is it".

At this point, Abby just starting making some random comments about whatever (to her, "asking a question" means "can I talk now?"). After several comments I said "Abby... you said 'can I ask a question?'... what is your question?"

To which she humbly replied "Dad, can you hush?"

(Not a response I would generally condone, but I insisted on her asking a question, right?)

Jan 3, 2011

Your 2010 Blog

From Brent:

2010 is gone and you have another year of blogging in the bag. Just for our blog friends at Riggs Family Blog, I'm running a
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Get your blog downloaded into a "book" (electronic word processing file) for printing, or archiving* or whatever you want to do with it.

I'll change the price back to $49.00 next week, so if you want this special, jump on it.


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