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Jan 18, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way Home From Church

From Brent

First, in case you were wondering, Davids (see the last post) has found his new family and the last I heard everything was on track for him to be adopted by them. Thanks to all of you who donated and helped us help him.

Did You Get Dead?

The girls were sick so Landis and I went to church together and drove a little Jeep Wrangler that belongs to my father in law. After church, Landis gets in and tell me the following (now keep in mind he just turned five, and this was stone serious stuff):

"Dad, I told my friends I rode to church in the Jeep and they asked me if I got dead from it."

"They did?" I responded, "what did you say to them?"

"I told them, 'does it look like I got dead?'"


On the way home from church we occasionally will stop and eat lunch so of course the kids start hinting about it before we get out of the church parking lot. "Boy, I sure am hungry..." "That pizza we had last was sooooooo good."

Abby (6 yrs old) decided to take the direct approach: "Dad, can we go to restaurant?"

"A restaurant?" I toyed with her, "what for?"

She cut to the chase... "Dad, you know why. C'mon, say it with me: rest-au-rant... rest-au-rant".

It got a laugh but didn't get her lunch at Chili's.


Andrea said...

:) Love it! I love stories of the kids... it's always a joy, especially stories of that sweet Abby!
Hey, will you pray for our raffle today? It's the last day, we are trying to raise money for our HS and only need a little more than 200.00!! SO close!
Blessings to you!

Angie said...


Did Emily from Emily's Cancer Blog pass away? Her last update was 4 weeks ago and now her blog is down. Any thoughts?

kay Tangner said...

Love the stories!

Just letting you know about this SUNDAY's Art Day at the clinic for Art with a Heart. It is from 2-4:30. Let me know if Artist Abby plans to attend so her personal artist will be prepared. Thanks.

Ann Brown said...

I love that you document all these adorable things your children say and do. Someday you will have this all to look back on, and your children (and you!) will really appreciate it!

Still think of you all often and keep you in my prayers.

Ann (and Elke)

Toyin O. said...

So cute of Abby:)