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Jan 4, 2011

Where Laughter Still Lives

From Brent

I should be a stand up comic. I get fresh content every day from my kids who keep us laughing.

Get It Over With

Abby loves to sleep in Landis's room because he has bunk beds. She is oldest, so of course she gets the top bunk.

Every night, bedtime is an adventure of rough-housing, tickling and playing before the kids go to sleep. Abby tries to sneak up her bunk bed ladder before I'm looking because she knows the tickle-bug (Dad) loves to get her on the way up.

So she heads for the ladder and here comes Dad. You never actually have to tickle Abby... she starts laughing if you just LOOK LIKE you're going to tickle her.

I take few steps toward her... she stops in anticipation. I back up a step, and she goes up one more rung before freezing as I start towards her again. After making it about half way and tired of wondering if I'm going to actually tickler her, Abby stops and says:

"Oh, just tickle me and get it over with!"

Obedient Children

Michelle was doing laundry and told Abby and Landis to go get hangars from their closet. Being the good, obedient children they are, you know what they did right?

They went and took OFF every stitch of clothes that were on every hangar, and brought all the hangars from their entire closet leaving a pile of clean clothes on their floor.

Can't exactly get mad about that kind of obedience.

That WAS My Question

The kids know to wait and not interrupt Michelle and I if we are speaking. So Abby was standing there waiting for her chance and said "Dad, can I ask a question?"

"Sure", I replied, "what is it".

At this point, Abby just starting making some random comments about whatever (to her, "asking a question" means "can I talk now?"). After several comments I said "Abby... you said 'can I ask a question?'... what is your question?"

To which she humbly replied "Dad, can you hush?"

(Not a response I would generally condone, but I insisted on her asking a question, right?)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Love it! :)

4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

ditto the love it!

Paul tickles the "tickle bugs" out of the kids every night! {grin}


Ju said...

Dear Riggs Family!
I am from Brazil but live in Germany for one year.
I have found your blog 2 years ago, but never wrote!
I keep Abby on my prayers and I am so happy that she is getting better. you have such great family and I love to read about Abby , Landis and Hanna.
I am married for 4 months and trying to be a mother for 6, I am so sad right now, because the only thing I can think is about having a baby and so sad when I am not. Please can you keep us in your prayers?!!
I really would love to adopt someday, but my husband don`t want, unfortunately !
Well, I wish all the best for your family, you really are amazing parents and I will keep always reading this blog and praying for Abby.
Can you please tell me what have happened to Emily? the girl from England who has cancer, her blog is gone and i am worried about her. Thanks
God bless your family!

Courtney Kay said...

:) I love those kiddos of yours!

Crystal said...

Cute Abby stories! Thanks for sharing!