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Feb 27, 2011

Ladies, Try Not to Be Jealous

From Brent

Okay, I'm a guy but even I can recognize hair that other women would be jealous of. Abby's hair grew back in a little bit curly from her pre-cancer perfectly straight... Mom got it all curled up for the Art Show. Today (Sunday) it's still holding the curl. Try not to be jealous. :)

Can you believe how much it has grown back?
Michelle and I just couldn't quit looking at how
beautiful her hair was Friday night.

This was her hair ONE YEAR AGO at the same art show...

And this was her hair exactly two years ago
when she couldn't hardly get out of bed
much less go to an art show.

The Tri Delta girls from Oklahoma State University
bought Abby's painting to hang in their sorority house.
I'm looking forward to doing a story
about them in our magazine.

Michelle and Kay Tanger with Abby...
there is no art show without Kay. She has been a
cheerleader for Abby since the very
start of her battle with cancer.

Landis loved the airplane that was hanging overhead.

All the girls... Hannah (cousin), Michelle, Abby and our Hannah...

Abby and Landis spent the night flashing smiles
and schmoozing people into making higher bids on her artwork.

The hair, the pinky finger, the coy smile... Abby had it all working that night.

Abby had to bring one of her favorite dolls. Thank you Jordon Samter and Baby Be Blessed giving Abby a doll with such a beautiful message.

Abby looking for her next victim... er, uh, bidder.


JillAileenJones said...

Beautiful!!!!! Both inside and out-God has such big plans for your precious little girl, you can see it in her eyes. I am overwhelmed with joy when I see her and how great she looks, where she has come from.
God is good all the time, all the time, God is good!
Love the paintings too!

"Lolli" said...

So proud of her and happy for her. P.R.E.C.I.O.U.S. Proud of you all!

Jill Samter Photography said...

totally jealous!

wait until jordan wakes up tomorrow morning and sees abby holding her doll. so thankful she loves it! jordan still after two years sleeps with her doll too!

love you all and miss you!

Kelli said...

Awesome...I love that Abby is involved in the local art show! I remember the pictures from last year and it looks like this year was just as great! Her hair is awesome! :D

DawnS said...

She sure has earned every one of those beautiful curls! So happy to see her looking gorgeous and healthy!

Sweet Joni said...

WOW!!! Praise the LORD for all HE has done... Abby is a BEAUTIFUL warrior child!!! (you may need a shot gun) Bahahaha J/K! -- OK, ppl don't take that the wrong way! this is to Brent & Michelle -- That is so kewl that Abby's drawing will be hanging at the U!!!
And her purple dress is gorgous on her!!!

Spidey! LOL Too cute! Love that shot you got of him & the plane!!! Where you lyeing on the floor for that? :D

Good to see Hannah again too!!! And of course Michelle! Smiles are looking GREAT!!! :)

Congratulations to Abby & so Grateful you all had a good time at the Art Show! :)

Hugs & Love,
(& THANKS for understanding my Lateness w/box... Unbelieveable!)

Holly said...

Oh, BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it, love it, love it! And I am loving my Sarah's hair too, even though it is less than an inch long. It is just fantastic when they start getting their hair back!! : )

Nati @ I will praise Him said...

She's so beautiful. Praise God!

Donna said...

Brent, This is so wonderful to see Abby all smiles with curly long hair. Thanks for sharing her photos. It made me smile! BTW, my hubby's hair grew back curly after cancer 14 years ago. :o) He DIDN't like it. It did eventually straighten back out. LoL!


snekcip said...

I don't comment often, but I have to say "Oh my is that child GORGEOUS"!! What a beautiful "Living Testimony" Abby is!

LaVon Baker said...

My heart if full of praise to God for Abby and God's plans for her.

Penny said...

LOVE Abby's hair! All your "girls" are looking beautiful~ I've missed seeing Hannah's lovely smile. :) And your mischief making little boy is too cute!

Sophie said...

She is so beautiful!

Trennia said...


Anonymous said...

My prayers for Abby started with the picture of her 2 years ago and the prayers have continued through this "monstrous" journey she has been on. Her faith and the faith of her parents has touched so many hearts... including mine.

Abby is so beautiful and her curly hair is gorgeous, but even when Abby felt the worst, she was still beautiful. Abby's beauty comes from deep within her heart and it is contagious to anyone that "meets" her.

love and prayers...
Ann Stegall
Wake Forest, NC

Hannah Marie said...

She is just gorgeous!!!

Leanne Davis said...

Brent, seeing these pictures made me cry. her face is the face of a miracle. God bless your entire family.

J A C Q U E L I N E said...

I love it! I will not give in to jealousy this time. :)
With that said I wish my hair could grow long and full right about now...but I will behave and be thankful for what I have.

She is a lovely little girl.

Nancye said...

Wow! What an amazingly talented, beautiful little gift from God!!! Abby you are such an inspiration to me! When I have down days dealing with the limitations and pain of my disability, all I have to do is think about all you have been through, and you give me strength to go on. Bless you sweet girl! You are a walking testament of God's grace and healing!!

Nancye Davis

Heather said...

She is such a beautiful little girl! Congratulations on her health!