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Feb 3, 2011

One Lunch, Many Children

From Brent

It's easy to help... so easy that sometimes we lose sight of how easy it is compared to the amount of NEED that exists. Like you, I get overwhelmed sometimes about how much need confronts us every day.

As you know from reading our blog, we don't parade endless appeals across to you, tugging on heart strings and ramping up the guilt trips. Occasionally a special opportunity comes along that we feel drawn to, and we choose to put it out there to you. Here's a great chance to have the whole family do something together that tangibly demonstrates charity, fasting and heavenly reward.

Our friend, Amy over at "Building the Blocks" is hosting a creative effort we can all participate in, and feel REALLY good about.

Give up your lunch on Feb 3rd. Sorry, I know it's late notice. So maybe you can do dinner today or lunch tomorrow.

Donate the money you've would have spent on that meal to the Adami Tulu Preschool for Orphans. Take that lunch hour to pray for the salvation and well-being of those orphans. Then, enjoy the eternity of blessing and treasure that our small gifts add up too. Do this with your kids. Give them a chance to feel and understand giving up something for others.

One lunch. Many children. Treasure in Heaven. Spiritual Blessings.

See... it's so easy to help. And the blessing is ours while impoverished orphans get blessed.

Get the details on Amy's blog here.


Amy said...

Thank you Riggs family for spreading the word!!!

Kelly L said...

Great idea - last week our church ended a church wide 30 day fast by serving a free breakfast to our community - it was awesome to see my girls standing on the corners waving signs for free flapjacks... and people coming to eat... Serving others is what we as followers of Christ need to do.
Love to you
I've Become My Mother

Wendi Taylor said...

I would have participated if I had seen this sooner. I checked for updates here yesterday morning & didn't see anything since last week. I don't think my lunch money would amount to much, anyway. I've been working on reducing my grocery bills & can eat a meal for under $1 total cost. Hope you guys are staying warm with all this bad weather!