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Mar 15, 2011

Prayer Request and a Few Pictures

From Michelle:

Wednesday is HOPEFULLY a big day for Abby. The port they used to infuse chemo is scheduled to be surgically removed. Abby can't wait to get it out! It looks "a little weird" when it shows through her clothes and it hurts anytime some one presses on it. She was taught to be careful with it, to guard it. BUT life in Pre-kindergarten is a full contact sport.

The surgery was already canceled once because of a rash near her post. The rash is gone but now she has cough. It is just the same old allergy/mystery cough she has most of the time. It hasn't even slowed her down. But, we were warned by the surgery nurse, that the anesthesiologist might cancel the surgery, for her safety.

We are all sooooooooo ready to be done, done , done with the port. Grateful it was there when we needed it, but we are ready to kick it to the curb.

Would you join us in praying for wisdom for the doctors, safety during surgery and healing. Please also pray that Abby would understand if they postpone it again. Safety is at the very bottom of her priority list. Her days are spent climbing anything that scares Landis and swinging so high she can touch the clouds. I love watching big sister, Abby, help Landis learn that taking risks can be a lot of fun.

Abby while she was getting her paintings ready for the
art show. She is looking so grown up.

Abby and one of Abby's favorite people onw the planet, Kay.

Abby with one of her paintings. That is her "do you like it?" face.


Kat said...

Praying for a safe and smooth removal (that Abby may just be done with it :)). Let us know how it goes if you get a chance! Prayers!

Holly said...

She is looking so beautiful. Just thinking about all the times we prayed for that sweet girl, and seeing her looking so wonderful and healthy. It's amazing. : ) It will be such a happy day when she gets that port out! When Sarah got her broviac out, it was like the period at the end of the sentence. It shouts, "DONE!" Praying that they will take it out soon with no problems. : )

Trennia said...

Do I like it?
I love it! It is beautiful work created by a beautiful little girl!

Terri Green said...

All beautiful pictures of your little princess!! Praying that the procedure will go quickly and safely tomorrow!

The Green family

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing. it's refreshing to read how you continue to place your desires as lesser importance to doctor's opinions. i have to admit, i didn't always take that stance in our own medical journey. Liz

Mama D.'s Dozen said...

Tell Abby, "I like it."

Mama D. :)

Kim M said...

It is so good to see an update on precious Abby! She is looking very grown up, what a beautiful girl she is. I will be praying regarding the surgery, please let us know the decision.

Praying in Waterford, MI
Kim M

Jill Samter Photography said...

Brent and Michelle - She is seriously talented artist! Love it!

Give her a huge hug from all of us! Praying today is the day to be DONE DONE DONE!

Love to all of you!

Kim said...

Wow, she really IS looking so grown up!! :O(

Praying for her and your family!

I know that you don't mind prayer requests, so can you pray for something for me, too? I am doing a fund raiser right now for an orphanage in Ethiopia that desperately needs help (the situation is much more urgent than I go into on my blog, I tried to be delicate because many children who have come home came from this orphanage).. and I could use some prayers that we are able to raise a LOT more money, because right now, it is very slow going. Thank you!

Shari U said...

Abby looks stunningly beautiful with her hair grown out. I haven't checked the blog in a long time; so nice to see her looking so healthy. I'm so happy for your family that our prayers have been answered and you have your girl here with you! God bless you all!

"Lolli" said...

Praying they will be able to remove the port and soon! Praying for peace, discernment and wisdom. I have an idea: have Abby paint some paintings to sell to those of us who would like an original--ME--and use some or all of that money to help with another adoption. Good idea, huh? I would purchase the tree one in a just give it some thought!

Holly said...

I love her painting! And with so many others who have prayed and watched the hand of God in Abby's life, I will pray for this procedure. Let it be over....never to return Lord!
In Jesus' name!!

From the Heart said...

Just wanted you to know that I have placed a prayer for Abby at The Lighthouse of Prayer. May God give her favor and the surgery will not be postponed.

mamamargie said...

Beautiful painting. Beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

When I first saw Abby's picture, I thought "Wow, she is so grown up looking." Then I read what you wrote about her looking so grown up. LOL

Prayers that she can get the port taken out and get on with living !

love and prayers
(and thinking of you all often)
Ann Stegall
Wake Forest, NC

Ann Brown said...

Sorry to officially "check in" so belatedly --please know that I check on you all often and hold your entire family close in my prayers!

Glad that that port came out! Elke gets hers out tomorrow, and I am SO excited!