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Mar 20, 2011

Update, Prayer Request and Fun Pics & Radiation

From Brent:

If you are concerned about the nuclear radiation from Japan and wondering just how scary it really is... I wrote a blog post about it here:

From Michelle:

Abby's surgery went beautifully. Thank you for praying for her. Her surgeon not only removed her port, he also cleaned up an ugly scar that was on her tummy. Some of you may remember when she had a horrible infection at her g-tube site. The infection happened after the toughest round of chemo, her immune system was almost nonexistent and stayed at zero for weeks . It could have easily taken her from us.

To us, the scar was a reminder that God protected and healed Abby. To Abby it was something that people would ask her questions about or ask us about in front of her.

So our compassionate surgeon turned a thick, raised hard scar into a thin little line. Sometimes the unexpected blessings are the sweetest.

We would appreciate your prayers. Abby's neurologist has been weaning her off of medication for her intracrainial hypertension. Abby has been complaining about headaches for several days. At first she just said it was a little headache but now it is keeping her awake and she is saying the pain medication isn't working.

This a a couple of pictures I found on Hannah's camera.

This is Abbys game face. You know it's scary.

Ready for my close up!

Rockstar? Let's just go with that...


Jill Samter Photography said...

Praise God for what the surgeon did!

Hugs to all of you!

Redeemed1 said...

Hey Brent,
FYI - I've been trying to read the radiation post but I just keep getting a http 500 error.

From the Heart said...

Praise the Lord for what He has done in Abby's life. Thank you, Father, that the port came out without incident and a scar was fixed. To God be the glory.

From the Heart said...

Thank you, Father, for the good news about Abby. You are so faithful. We ask, Father, that Abby's headaches will be ceased in the name of Jesus. There is nothing impossible with You which you have proved through Abby's surgery.

atyourside said...

I have never commented before now, but looking at these 'crazy' pictures of Abby made my heart say "Gee, I LOVE and ADMIRE that little girl!" I only hope and pray that I can be as courageous as Abby as I continue to live w/a Chronic Disease and a 'health challenged' body.

You are an amazing family and an inspiration to so many. May God continue to heal Abby, give you all the strength you need to belp her through whatever lies ahead and be your Jehovah Jireh - the God Who provides and Jehovah Rapha - the God Who heals! Amen

Courtney Kay said...

she is so beautiful and healthy looking :)