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Jul 1, 2011

Adoption Update

After three adoptions Brent and I thought we had this adoption thing down. Oh boy we were wrong. Adopting from an eastern European country is a much different process than what we have been through before. It's not harder, just different.

We are with an agency we haven't used before, and they are a pilot program. The country we are adopting from is very new to international adoptions. With a pilot program, timelines and adoption requirements can change rapidly. We knew that going in and we are fine with that. So far the changes have been very easy to take care of/handle.

This is our fourth (and maybe fifth) adoption. We have three living, breathing reminders running through our home, constantly reminding us that God is good and that adoption is a beautiful thing.

We adore our agency, love our facilitator and are very excited about the country we are adopting from. Our hope is that as adoption veterans, we can take on being "first" with this new program and smooth the way for other families after us. For those well versed in adoption:

  • Our home study has been approved, dossier is done, the country we are adopting from has approved us and immigration has given us the go-ahead.

For those of you who are not adoption veterans:

  • Abby will be a big sister very, very soon.

We are waiting for our referral. Waiting to find out who our next child\children will be. I can't wait to see their little faces. Would you please join us in praying:

  • We will be referred the children God wants us to adopt.
  • That they will be well cared for
  • They will be in our arms soon

I would love for the children to be of Roma heritage (a poor underclass in that region) because that is where the biggest need is. I have been told it can be difficult to do that because they often don't have the paperwork necessary to be adopted. Would you join me in praying that God would open the door if it is his will?


Nora S. said...

Sounds very exciting...we'll pray for all to go according to His great plan. What country are you going to?

Hope to see more family updates when you have the time. Miss all those great family pictures. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.


Kay said...

Oh how exciting, I was wondering how the new adoption (adoptions possibly) were going. I bet Abby, Landis and "Sami" are excited too.
Sending prayers your way, may the desires of your hearts be answered and God's direction be given in this matter.

Sweet Joni said...

Oh WOW! I've been thinking lots about your adoptions! And really praying that 2 would enter your loving positive home soon! This is GREAT news!!! Please do take lots of photos, course you will but share em' all :D

I'm excited for all of you & especially Abby!!! XOXOXO
Love & Hugs!

Kat said...

When I read what you said about the sweet Roma blessings, I knew exactly where you were talking about. I had that exact conversation with our social worker. You have our prayers and a big excited, "WOO HOO!" as you bring your new blessings home!

mamamargie said...

How exciting!!! We are working on our fourth adoption, but are not as far along as you. Can't wait to catch up. Can't wait to see whom God is going to bless you with. Praying with you! :)

Mama D.'s Dozen said...


So excited for you all.


Kim M said...

So excited to see your update! I will commit to praying for your little one(s)! You must be so excited!

Praying from Waterford, MI
Kim M

Karrie said...

Sweet Michelle,

As Adoption Veterans ourselves we completely understand where you are and how it feels. We are praying with you and trusting God's ultimate Shepherding power to bring your children home to you from where ever they are waiting. We attempted a process with Mongolia and it was also a 'developing' one. At one point all requirements changed mid process and the disallowed adoptions by families who had previously adopted internationally. The loss was heart breaking and yet after the grieving process, we determined to save 'some body', somewhere, and God opened a door to a different country and to a province and orphanage that had only been opened that year. We brought Gates home. Gates because God made a way where there was no way, through wall after wall. Today is his two year homecomming anniversary! You cannot fail Michelle! God IS on your side.

Melissa said...

I find your desire to adopt from the Roma culture very cool - I've been attending CentriKid Camps ( as an adult sponser, and this year they've chosen new missions to support (I believe that they change the missions every few years). But I remember watching videos and learning about the Roma culture and I find your desire to adopt from there amazing, as the culture and the people are amazing!

Lyn said...

AWESOME!! We tripped and trusted and wound up in a region we had NO knowledge about with a child who was destined for our family and has blessed us each and every moment of every single day. Have fun...and enjoy every single matter what.

Jill Samter Photography said...

So thankful for your willing hearts!

Trusting God to answer your requests and bless your socks off with His answers!

Much love and praying your children home!

Aboed said...

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Marie said...

Ah so you are adopting from Romania then? If so I followed the blog of a woman who adopted from Romania and it was tough going but she finally got her son. You will get there! Looking forward to meeting the new additions!