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Jul 5, 2011

Airline Tickets, Ideas, Experience

From Brent

Thanks so much for all your kind comments, suggestions and inquiries about our upcoming adoption(s) from Montenegro which is the fulfillment of "Abby's Wish" (for new folks, when our then 3 year old daughter from Guatemala almost died from cancer, her constant wish was for us to adopt her a baby brother and sister... we have been scraping, garage selling and saving our pennies for almost a couple years - along with God's blessings from others - to make that wish come true).

We are very close (days maybe) to getting a referral and choosing the children. With God's blessing, they will be home likely by the end of this summer.

Airline Tickets

We are VERY tight on the considerable expenses and trying to cut costs and save money in every way. One huge expense is going to be airline tickets. Looks like the retail cost is going to be in the neighborhood of $6500.00 total not including hotel and meals which we will do as cheaply as humanly possible.

Given that, we are putting out a shameless call and request for anyone with ideas or ways that we can reduce, eliminate or subsidize the airline expense which would really put us over the top on the entire effort:
  • Are you connected with an airline and know any way of us getting reduced or free airline tickets?
  • Do you know anyone with a kind heart and so many airline miles they are looking for ways to use them charitably?
  • Do you know anyone working with an airline who has what I think are called "buddy passes" or something similar who would help us get tickets for this adoption trip?
  • Any ideas, suggestions or experience on how to get airline tickets cheaper?
Keep in mind that we'll only have a week or two heads up at the most about what dates we will travel, if that matters. It will be two weeks in the country there. Fortunately, they have Internet where we will be and I'll be able to work and do my job.

I counsel people routinely that others who are willing to help and have a servants heart cannot help if they don't know there is a legitimate need. It's much harder to TAKE this advice than it is to give it, especially when we are primarily "givers" at heart. So, I'm taking my own advice and put out the request, praying the right person at the right time will read this.

Regardless, we know God has opened this adoption door and paved the way for Abby's Wish to come true. God's involvement and interaction has been unmistakable. He'll see it through, we have no doubt. We're just doing what we think is our part in serving His plan.

- - - - - - - - - - -
Everyone who reads our blog is such a blessing. We are constantly amazed at the friendships, encouragement and love that flows through this blog to us from you and back. Incredible!

Even our blog "enemies" sometimes become friends. One gentlemen wrote me this week with some VERY harsh words about some advice I gave publicly. By the time we wrote back and forth a few times, he had asked for forgiveness for his unkindness, and we seem to start what appears will be a budding friendship.

God can do stuff like that if we let Him.


Following Jesus said...

If you go through an Travel Agency that works with adoptive & missionary families the rates, even a few days out from travel, are good. We worked with Candy @ Reach One Travel when we traveled to Ethiopia earlier this year. Rates were great!

Michelle said...

I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors to bring children into your loving home. What a lovely world this would be if more families would be willing to accept and love children like yours does. After adopting my daughter from foster care nearly 5 years ago I decided I wanted to try to give back and help raise money for families trying to share their lives with children who are in need of a family. I am starting a store on my blog where the majority of the profits will go to families who are in need of help adopting. Although I am not in a position to help you now, I am hoping with time I will be able to help another family find their chosen child

thismamabear said...

Hello brent and family, I have always been a lurker and have held your family in my thoughts and prayer. I have started a blog and I now am in need of prayer and community. If you can help or your readers want to hop over and pray for my family I would greatly appreciate it.

Cynthia said...

I am in this exact same position and am very worried about how we will raise enough funds for all of the travel. We have to do three separate trips to go to Eastern Europe to get our twins! Please consider posting on your blog any tips that you learn or I'd love an email if you ever had the time.

Vicky said...

I have heard good things about Golden Rule Travel. They help missionaries and adoptive families find great (discounted?) rates. They're also great for the "last minute" nature that often goes with adoption-travel. My best friend used them and was very happy with them.

JessicaW said...

Hey there--about your flights, I'm working on a missions trip with right now, and they do adoptive family rates. I don't know if they can help you out, but it can't hurt to call. They've been super helpful with us. Good luck to you all!