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Aug 12, 2011

Canvas Prints

From Brent

See that logo over there to the left for Easy Canvas Prints? They contacted me asked me to do a review in exchange for a print. I told them "sure, but I won't be less than honest. If the print you send me is not dazzling, I won't say so publicly."

It was. It is remarkable. Now, having said that, trying to take a photo of a photo is never flattering. So I'll have ask you trust me (as a professional level photographer) that the print is marvelous. It is vibrant and the canvas is perfect. It could be a painting.

Take a minute and go visit them. Get a photo of your kids or wedding or baby stretched over canvas. It truly is really beautiful hanging on the wall. I will definitely be getting several more from Easy Canvas Prints but I have a feeling they are going to make me pay for it. :)


trooppetrie said...

there canvas pictures are amazing. they do a great job. how are you guys doing?

Robbin Petter said...

Hi, I think you are right.

Photo on canvas