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Oct 5, 2011

Your Kid, A Pill and a Funeral

From Brent

I've written before (read here) about the trend among kids to raid the parents/grandparents drug cabinet and get high on prescription medicine. It's a HUGE issue now. Don't pretend like you are immune.

Sadly, even innocent taking of medication can kill kids. Read this story about a young man who had everything going for him. He took a "normal" dose of his Grandmothers "pain pill" and died from it. For his bodyweight, he took 4x too much.

He wasn't partying, getting high or experimenting. His shoulder hurt and he took some pain medicine... and died.

Read the story. Then go lock up your pills, and call your parents and tell them to do the same.


Anonymous said...

Hello, how about a post on Abby and the family ? How is she doing ? I miss blogs about her and the kids. HOpe all is well with everyone. Thanks, Beth

Gena said...

How sad but it does happen, every day!

People forget about allergies, too. If it's not something they've taken before, harmless as it may seem, if they're allergic it can be serious and deadly!

Thanks for sharing!

Tracy said...

Love this blog thanks for sharing :)

Toyin O. said...

What a sad story, medications can be tricky.

ladyguinevere28 said...

Hello Brent,

Just dropping by and I also add you in my blogroll. I hope you could also add me in your list.



Live*Laugh*Love said...

Hey I am a new follower would you be so kind & follow me back, thanks :)


Eric Roy said...

It saddens me how focus on the family has faded away and the respect for it's foundations have been so diminished.