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Nov 8, 2011

From Michelle:

We knew going into this adoption that we were signing up to be in a pilot program. We knew that being one of the first families adopting from a newly opened country, there would likely be a few extra bumps in the road. There have been.

Currently our agency is resubmitting paperwork that has to do with the agency, not our family. Basically the government wanted a few simple changes that are easy to fix but take time to send the changes through the proper channels. This is great news for the families that will come after us because they will be able to complete their adoptions much quicker.

We are using a wonderful agency, They are diligently working to find a way to speed things up for our children.

Unlike our previous adoptions, we won't be matched with our children until we travel. We have a heart to adopt children who are seen as unadoptable in some cultures. Since some see them as unadoptable, many don't have the paperwork completed that is necessary for them to be adopted. My hope is that the delays in our adoption have given some of these children time to become "paper ready".

Would you pray that:

1. The meeting tonight with the deputy minister would be very productive.
2. ALL of the children in the orphanage would have their needs met and feel loved. People sometimes wonder how large families care for all of their children. Can you imagine being responsible for an orphanage full of kids?
3. We would receive permission to travel soon.

- - - - - - - -

Wonderful friends of ours are in the process of adopting 2 older boys from the Ukraine. The Patterson's worked hard to raise money for Abby's Wish and were so sweet to our family when Abby was sick.

The shirts they are selling to raise money for their adoptions a at the very top of our whole families Christmas list. You won't believe how cute they are.

- - - - - - - -

During a rain downpour, the kids played in the water coming off the roof.


Murphy Momma said...

Wonderful to check in on you guys and see how things are moving along. I praise Him to see what He's done in Abby's life and your family's since we last met.

Y u think said...

I just ran across your site and enjoyed it very much. I love the pics - I have two kids of my own, children are God's gift.

Melissa said...

Hi Brent and Family,
I thought I'd let you and others in the adoption journey know that Marvielles Jewelry (, an adoption-centric store is offering all families 20% of profits to go toward their adoption expenses. For every buying customer that puts the name of the family they are supporting in their sales at check-out, Marvielles will donate 20% of the sale to the family. Since it's the holiday season and people are looking for gifts, it is a good deal. Contact Melissa, the founder, at info@marviellesjewelry to get set up.



founder, Marvielles Jewelry

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