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Mar 31, 2011

The Ultimate Blog Party Is Happening NOW!

From Brent

You bloggers out there need to be sure and check out Five Minutes for Mom today.

They have a great blog and are doing their yearly event starting today.

They have great stuff all year long... but the Ultimate Blog Party is, uh, THE ULTIMATE! I asked them for a message to pass on to you:

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If you want to grow your community of blog readers, Twitter followers and Facebook friends, you'll want to check out the 5th annual Ultimate Blog Party at 5 Minutes for Mom.

Join thousands of bloggers coming together from April 1st through 8th to participate in an enormous link up powered by Linky Tools.

You'll virtually "party" together in a blog carnival style, visiting each other's sites and getting to know one another.

There are hundreds of prizes but the big reason you want to be there, is you'll form genuine, lasting friendships and ignite your community.

Click Here to Find Out More
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I've known the precious gals who run this blog for a long time and it's my pleasure to encourage you to click on over to them and check them out.

Get more connected in the blogosphere and hook up with a lot of great new readers, giveaways, contests and events be sure to check them out their Ultimate Blog Party and all the rest of the great stuff they have going on!

Ultimate Blog Party

Mar 29, 2011

Can You Guess What Abby Is Doing?

Here's how Abby spent her last weekend:

"Brrrrrr.... it's cold having to sit out here watching ________ all weekend!"

Here's a hint:

Mar 23, 2011

Want a Guaranteed "Can't Fail" Investment?

From Brent

If you've read our blogs for very long, you know our recommendations to "give" are rare. That is on purpose because we realize there is a never ending stream of blogs every day making appeals.

When I do put something out there for you, I want you to know 1) it's worth your time to consider, and 2) I'm fully behind it myself.

Giving That Really Makes a Difference and Is Being Used Effectively

People long to give in ways that really make a difference for God's work with humanity, something they can relate to and personally read about. A lot of giving today is for "more [resources, programs, options, facilities, entertainment, activities...]" for American Christians, and that's okay because the Church has its work to do here as well.

However, there is something extra special about giving directly to frontline, hardcore, sacrificial ministry... knowing that your dollars are building up extra special heavenly treasure as you invest in ground zero ministry work.

Frontline Hardcore Ministry

For Christians, three of those areas are 1) sharing the Gospel (of course), 2) caring for orphans and 3) helping the poor. Bam, bam, bam... a hat trick of some of the most important ministry work we can either 1) do ourselves, or 2) invest in so that others can do it.

Many of us cannot or aren't called to do this kind of work ourselves but every Christian is called to help in the support of it.

The Todd & Amy Block family (Building the Blocks) are pulling up roots and going to live, work, minister and sacrifice in an orphanage in the mountains of Guatemala. They will share the Gospel, help the poor, raise orphans and minister to spiritually need people.

Pure Spiritual Gold Investment

It is truly FRONT LINE, ground zero Christian ministry of the highest caliber. If you are looking for "pure spiritual gold" to invest in, a sure kingdom investment that will keep paying dividends for all eternity, there's hardly a greater opportunity than this kind of work. Every penny goes straight to their effort, nothing wasted.

We are long time friends with the Block's, having traveled to Guatemala together to adopt kids. We can personally vouch for their honesty, integrity and the frugal, integrity-saturated use of every penny you entrust to them for this work.

The Long Haul

We pray you'll join us in supporting them. One time gifts are great but they aren't going for a "visit". They are going to live there and minister for the long haul. I rarely make such a direct appeal, but I encourage you to consider joining our family as we sign up for monthly support of the Block family orphanage ministry in Guatemala.

Caring for orphans, helping the poor, and sharing the Gospel... spiritual silver, diamonds and gold. We may be having an economic recession but the stock market for souls is soaring and open for business.

While we pray for substantial support gifts too, don't underestimate your small monthly gifts of $10, 20 or 50 bucks. If we could get a couple of hundred folks to give one of those amounts monthly, we could make sure the Blocks don't have the primary problem most missionaries have: spending most of their time trying to raise support rather than ministering and serving others in God's name.

I'm going there right now after I post this to sign up our family. Won't you join us? Click here to donate once or sign up for monthly support.

PS. Feel free to put this blog post on YOUR blog if you want...

Mar 22, 2011

I'll Pay You $100 For Your Idea

From Brent

We live in small town of a couple of thousand people in rural Oklahoma - about 15 minutes from Norman, OK and about 30 minutes from Oklahoma City. In the surrounding rural areas, there are probably 15,000 or so folks. Several hundred kids go to the high school in our town from surrounding areas.

The "downtown" area consists of a nice deli, a convenience store, the post office and a 3-4 other business offices. That's it. That's the "city". While it is a rural community, the "downtown street" is the one spot most people pass several times a week either going to the post office, the local school or to get gas.

In our area, there are lots of home businesses, rural business and farms, sports... a lot of people living a short distance from the cities but close enough to commute to work. We have a mixture of home town rural folks, white and blue collar professionals... our share of seasoned saints. Lots of families, lots of middle class, educated.

There are family businesses here that I give advice to and right now I'm developing a list of good ideas for someone who is considering a family business on this downtown street.

If you send me a good idea that 1) I haven't thought of already, and 2) ends up actually being used, I'll send you $100 cash. Plain and simple. You'll just have to trust me to keep my word, I always do.

What kind of family-owned, family-operated small business do you think would do well in this small, conservative, family-oriented town (with lots of folks living in the surrounding rural areas)?

I know I have a bunch of smart and experienced readers, and I don't mind paying you for your help.

Email your suggestions to me at:

Mar 20, 2011

Update, Prayer Request and Fun Pics & Radiation

From Brent:

If you are concerned about the nuclear radiation from Japan and wondering just how scary it really is... I wrote a blog post about it here:

From Michelle:

Abby's surgery went beautifully. Thank you for praying for her. Her surgeon not only removed her port, he also cleaned up an ugly scar that was on her tummy. Some of you may remember when she had a horrible infection at her g-tube site. The infection happened after the toughest round of chemo, her immune system was almost nonexistent and stayed at zero for weeks . It could have easily taken her from us.

To us, the scar was a reminder that God protected and healed Abby. To Abby it was something that people would ask her questions about or ask us about in front of her.

So our compassionate surgeon turned a thick, raised hard scar into a thin little line. Sometimes the unexpected blessings are the sweetest.

We would appreciate your prayers. Abby's neurologist has been weaning her off of medication for her intracrainial hypertension. Abby has been complaining about headaches for several days. At first she just said it was a little headache but now it is keeping her awake and she is saying the pain medication isn't working.

This a a couple of pictures I found on Hannah's camera.

This is Abbys game face. You know it's scary.

Ready for my close up!

Rockstar? Let's just go with that...

Mar 15, 2011

Prayer Request and a Few Pictures

From Michelle:

Wednesday is HOPEFULLY a big day for Abby. The port they used to infuse chemo is scheduled to be surgically removed. Abby can't wait to get it out! It looks "a little weird" when it shows through her clothes and it hurts anytime some one presses on it. She was taught to be careful with it, to guard it. BUT life in Pre-kindergarten is a full contact sport.

The surgery was already canceled once because of a rash near her post. The rash is gone but now she has cough. It is just the same old allergy/mystery cough she has most of the time. It hasn't even slowed her down. But, we were warned by the surgery nurse, that the anesthesiologist might cancel the surgery, for her safety.

We are all sooooooooo ready to be done, done , done with the port. Grateful it was there when we needed it, but we are ready to kick it to the curb.

Would you join us in praying for wisdom for the doctors, safety during surgery and healing. Please also pray that Abby would understand if they postpone it again. Safety is at the very bottom of her priority list. Her days are spent climbing anything that scares Landis and swinging so high she can touch the clouds. I love watching big sister, Abby, help Landis learn that taking risks can be a lot of fun.

Abby while she was getting her paintings ready for the
art show. She is looking so grown up.

Abby and one of Abby's favorite people onw the planet, Kay.

Abby with one of her paintings. That is her "do you like it?" face.

Mar 14, 2011

What in the World is Going On?

From Brent

Have you heard or read about the mass death of animals all over the world in that past few weeks. It's freaky at best, scary at worst.

I wrote more about it on my other blog. Would love to know what you think about it: