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Apr 27, 2011

My Newest Book - 500 pages of Christian Answers

I wanted to let you know about my newest book: SeriousFaith Bible Questions & Answers - Volume One

There is a serious need today for serious answers to serious questions about the Bible & Christianity. I do not write answers to support any specific doctrinal tradition or group. My only goal in answering questions is to find out what the Bible says, explain it as best as I can and present honest opinion, being clear about what is opinion and what is specifically God's Word.

Besides clear Biblical answers, I offer plenty of opinion too. There’s something in this book to “offend" just about everyone. Despite our deepest conviction, no single Christian, group or organization has perfect and complete knowledge of Scripture and Truth... including me. By the time this is printed, I WILL PROBABLY DISAGREE with some things I’ve written!

Here's a summary of the questions:

  • Accommodation And Christian Living
  • Adam And Incest
  • Adult Children And Sin
  • Adultery - Should You Come Clean?
  • Adultery - Emotional Adultery
  • Anger And Sin Not
  • Annihilationism
  • Answering Questions Directly
  • Apostle Paul
  • Appropriate Behavior
  • Assurance Of Salvation
  • Atheism
  • Attributes Of God
  • Authority Of God And Government
  • Authority Of Scripture
  • Baptism - Should I Be Rebaptized?
  • Baptism - Does The Act Of Baptism Save A Person?
  • Baptism And Dedications
  • Baptism - Is It A Requirement Of Salvation?
  • Baptism - Is Re-Baptism Necessary?
  • Belief – Struggling To Believe In God
  • Bible - The Difference Between The Law And The Word
  • Bible - What Does Matthew 5:18 Mean?
  • Bible - Who Decided Which Books Would Be In The Bible?
  • Bible - Is It Really True?
  • Bible - Which Bible Is The Real Bible?
  • Bible Authenticity And Inconsistencies
  • Bible Characters - Eli
  • Bible Characters - Mary
  • Bible Study - Thoughts On Serious Teaching
  • Bible Translations
  • Binding And Loosing
  • Birth - Is God Responsible For Birth Defects?
  • Birth Control
  • Boldness
  • Books - What Books Do You Recommend For Christians?
  • Business - Should We Be In Business With Unbelievers?
  • Business - Should I Do A Deal With An Unbeliever?
  • Calvinism-Arminianism
  • Cannibalism
  • Causality - Everything Came From Something
  • Children In Ministry
  • Children Of Divorce
  • Christian Living - The Gospel Of Peace
  • Christian Living - How Worldly Is To Worldly?
  • Christian Vocabulary
  • Church - Is It Really Important?
  • Church - Biblical Leadership And Structure
  • Church - Planting A New Church
  • Church - Selling Products And Books
  • Church - Modern Practices
  • Church - Biblical Illiteracy
  • Church Leadership
  • Church Organization
  • Civic Duty
  • Clothing - Women Wearing Pants
  • Communion - Are We Picking And Choosing?
  • Communion – Miming It?
  • Communion - Every Sunday?
  • Communion - Should It Be Given To Nonmembers?
  • Compassion For Those Who Are Hurting
  • Compassion For Those We Don't Like
  • Compassion For What Jesus Did For Us
  • Confession Of Sin To Others?
  • Conscience - Should I Enlist In The Military?

  • Conscience - Should I Give If My Spouse Does Not Want Me To?

  • Counseling - Is A Christian Counselor The Answer?

  • Covenant - Are We To Follow The Old Testament Law?

  • Creation - Was Adam A Caveman?

  • Creation - Can You Believe In An Uncreated Creator?

  • Creation -The Purpose Of Man

  • Creation - Explaining To Children About The Creator

  • Creation - Is The Earth Billions Of Years Old?

  • Creation - Was The Earth Created In Six Days?

  • Cremation - Is It Biblical?

  • Criticism - Why Do Christians Criticize Others?

  • Curse - Is There A Generational Curse?

  • Dating - Christian women and worldly men

  • Dating - Proper Boundaries Before Marriage

  • Dating - Marrying Into Another Religion

  • Death - What Happens When We Die?

  • Death - Organ Donation

  • Difficult Verses - You Are God's

  • Dinosaurs In The Bible

  • Dinosaurs On The Ark

  • Discernment - God's Voice Or Mind Tricks

  • Divine Judgment - Are Catastrophes God's Judgment?

  • Divine Revelation - People Visiting Heaven Or Hell

  • Divorce - Will God Forgive Me?

  • Divorce - Biblical Reasons

  • Divorce - Legal Issues

  • Divorce - Physical And Mental Abuse

  • Divorce - Will God Allow Me To Remarry?

  • Doctrine - Are There Apostles Today?

  • Doctrine - Replacement Theology

  • Doing Good - Covering Up Sin For My Friend

  • Drinking - Is It Wrong To Have A Drink?

  • Drinking - Is It Ever Okay?

  • Elders - Accusations Against Elders

  • Elders - Requirements And Divorce

  • Employment - Working For Unbelievers

  • Eternal Life

  • Eternal Security

  • Eternity - Can We See Those We've Left Behind?

  • Evangelism - What Is Too Pushy?

  • Evil - Why Does God Allow It To Exist?

  • Evolution - Why Are You So Dogmatic?

  • Faith - How Do You Get It?

  • False Religion - What Constitutes A False Religion?

  • False Teaching - The Secret

  • Family Problems - Disrespectful And Hurtful Family Members

  • Fasting

  • Finances - Bankruptcy

  • Food - Prohibited Foods

  • Forgiveness - Making Amends

  • Forgiveness - Forgiving Terrorists

  • Forgiveness - Does It Require Repentance?

  • Forgiveness - Does The Offender Have To Repent?

  • Forgiveness - Does God Still Punish Us After Forgiveness?

  • Forgiveness - Forgiving Terrible Wrongs

  • Gambling - Is It A Sin?

  • Genesis - Cain's Wife

  • Genesis - Creating Day And Night

  • Genesis - Where Did All The People Come From?

  • Genesis - Did It Rain Before Noah?

  • Genesis - What Are The Nephilim?

  • Giving - Should You Give If You Don't Tithe?

  • Giving - Are Christians Commanded To Tithe?

  • Giving - Am I Responsible For My Spouse?

  • God - Do Christians And Jews Worship The Same God?

  • God - A Crutch Or Fire Insurance

  • God – Why Create Evil Humans Knowing They Will Be Evil?

  • Guilt - Should A Christian Ever Feel Guilty?

  • Guilt - The Difference Between Guilt And Conviction

  • Hair - Men With Long Hair

  • Hard Verses – Acts 16:31

  • Hard Verses – John 14:13

  • Hard Verses – John 20:21

  • Hard Verses - Baptism For The Dead

  • Hard Verses - The Body Of Moses

  • Hard Verses - Dead People Walking Around

  • Hard Verses - Saved By Childbearing

  • Healing - Modern-Day Healers

  • Healing -Is Sickness A Lack Of Faith?

  • Healing - Are We Healed By His Stripes?

  • Heaven - Is It Going To Disappear?

  • Heaven - Will There Be Sex?

  • Heaven - Are There Really Gates?

  • Heaven - Will We Have Special Relationships?

  • Heaven - Will We Recognize People?

  • Heaven - Will We Miss Those Who Are Not There?

  • Heaven - Giving Account Of Our Life?

  • Salvation - Age Of Accountability

  • Heaven - What About Aborted Or Miscarried Babies?

  • Heaven - Is That Where We Started?

  • Heaven - Will There Be More People Created?

  • Heaven - Animals In Heaven

  • Heaven - Marriage In Heaven

  • Heaven - Is My Pet In Heaven?

  • Heaven - What Is The New Heaven And New Earth?

  • Hell - Catholics Going To Hell?

  • Hell - Trading Places

  • Hell - Is It A Real Place Or Just Hard Times?

  • Hell - Do We Really Want A God Of Wrath?

  • Homosexuality - Can You Be Gay And Saved?

  • Homosexuality - Does The Bible Call It A Sin?

  • Homosexuals - Will They Enter Heaven?

  • Honor - Call No One Father

  • Humility - Washing Each Other's Feet

  • Jesus - Did He Go To Hell?

  • Jesus - Why Was He Not Received?

  • Jesus - Was He A Jew?

  • Jesus – I AM

  • Jesus – Why Did God Kill Him?

  • Jesus - Born Again?

  • Jesus Christ - Beat Up On By Satan?

  • Judging - Are Christians Supposed To Judge?

  • Judgment – God’s Judgment

  • Justice – Why Did Jesus Die?

  • Killing – Is War Wrong?

  • Knowledge – What Does 1Corinthians 13:12 Mean?

  • Language – Which One In Heaven?

  • Lawsuit – Should I Take This Christian To Court?

  • Leadership – Four Scriptural Principles

  • Legal – Suing Christians

  • Life – When Is Someone Really Alive?

  • Love – Types Of Love

  • Magic – Right Or Wrong?

  • Marriage – Is My Husband Really A Christian?

  • Marriage – Repenting Of Divorce

  • Marriage – Leaving Father And Mother

  • Marriage – When Does God Recognize It?

  • Marriage – Divorce Because Of Pornography

  • Marriage – Domestic Discipline

  • Marriage – Compassion For A Widow

  • Marriage – Always Fighting And Annoyed

  • Marriage – Interracial Okay?

  • Marriage – Is Sex Okay If You Are Engaged?

  • Miracles – Our Great Miracles?

  • Money – Money Changers

  • Moral Responsibility – Confronting Sin In Others

  • Morality – Purity In Marriage And Parenting

  • Morality – Should I Let My Adult Children Share A Bedroom With His Live-In?

  • Morality – Is Admiration Of Beauty The Same As Lust?

  • Movies – Harry Potter & Lord Of The Rings

  • Movies – Da Vinci Code

  • Music – Instruments In Worship?

  • New Age – Harmless In Schools?

  • Obedience – Is It Necessary?

  • Obedience – Surrendering To God

  • Obedience In Marriage

  • Occultism – A Harmless Interest?

  • Pagan Rituals - Cremation

  • Parenting – Children Questioning Your Faith

  • Parenting – Counseling Adult Children About Who They Date

  • Parenting – Your Children’s Friends

  • Parenting – Godly Parenting

  • Parenting – Boys Fighting

  • Parenting – Over Protective?

  • Parents – Honoring Them When It Is Hard

  • Peace – Will There Ever Be World Peace?

  • Persecution – Modern Persecution Of Christians

  • Piercings – Right Or Wrong?

  • Prayer – What Is Praying For The Dead?

  • Prayer – Does God Listen To Non-Christians?

  • Prayer – Why Doesn’t God Answer?

  • Prayer – Should We Pray For Ourselves?

  • Prayer – Can We Pray Directly To God?

  • Prayer – Can Prayer Really Change Things?

  • Prayer – Praying For “Favor”

  • Promises – How Do We Know When The Bible “Promises” Something?

  • Prophecy – Is America In The Bible?

  • Psychology – What About Rick Warren?

  • Purity – How Can You Get Rid Of Sexual Impurity?

  • Race – Is Interracial Marriage Wrong?

  • Races – Where Did All The Skin Colors Come From?

  • Regeneration – The Difference Between Born Again And Regenerated

  • Reincarnation - True Or Not?

  • Relationships – Dealing With Difficult People

  • Relationships – Hurtful Family Members

  • Religion – Plymouth Brethren

  • Religion – Just Be Sincere, Right?

  • Responsibility – Overcoming Past Sin

  • Restitution – Does The Bible Require It?

  • Revelations – Who Are The 144,000?

  • Roles – Women In Ministry

  • Salvation – Is Repentance A Requirement?

  • Salvation – Can You Appear To Be Saved But Really You Aren’t?

  • Salvation – If God Has Forgiven Everyone…

  • Salvation – Can I Be Sure?

  • Salvation – Is Fornication A Ticket To Hell?

  • Salvation – What Is Grace?

  • Salvation – “Jesus Loves You” Or “You’re Going To Hell!”?

  • Salvation – Can A Practicing Roman Catholic Be A Biblically Saved Christian?

  • Salvation – How Young Is Too Young?

  • Salvation – Unbiblical Traditions

  • Salvation – Can You Lose Your Salvation?

  • Salvation – Are We Supposed To Know For Sure?

  • Salvation – Will A Person Who Has Never Heard About Jesus Go To Hell?

  • Salvation – If God Is Good, Why Does He Send People To Hell?

  • Salvation Of Babies

  • Sanctification – Does My Life Testify To My Salvation?

  • Satan – Can God Save Satan?

  • Satan – Can He Read Our Minds?

  • Satan – Can We “Bind” Him?

  • Satan – Can Demons Know Our Thoughts?

  • Science – Does It Have Priority When It Disproves The Bible?

  • Scriptural Terms – “Anointed”

  • Second Coming – Predictions By Christians

  • Security – Will You Go To Hell If You Sin And Don’t Realize It?

  • Self – Is God Against Anything That Focuses On “Me” Instead Of “Him”?

  • Self Esteem – Scriptures About It

  • Sin – Are We Really Evil And Deceitful? Or Good?

  • Sin – What Was The Sin Of Adam And Eve?

  • Sin – How Could Satan Sin If He Was Perfect And Lived With God?

  • Sin – Does Accidental Sin Mean I’m Really Not Saved?

  • Sin – Struggling With The Same Sin Over And Over

  • Sin – Persistent Sin That Won’t Go Away

  • Sin – What Is The Sin That “Leads To Death”?

  • Sin – Confronting Sin In Other Christians

  • Sin – Can You Be A Christian Lesbian?

  • Sin – Where Did It Come From?

  • Sin – Are Children And Babies Sinful?

  • Sin – Is Plastic Surgery Wrong?

  • Sin – If There Is No Sin In Heaven, Where Did It Come From?

  • Sin – What Is “Living In Sin”?

  • Sin – How Can We Go To God In Pray When We Are Sinful?

  • Sin Nature – How Am I God’s Child If I Am Full Of Sin?

  • Sin Nature – Is A Person “Born Gay”?

  • Skepticism – Is The Bible Full Of Errors?

  • Spiritual Warfare – Should “Putting On Armor” Be A Daily Ritual?

  • Suffering – Caused By God Because Of Your Sin?

  • Suffering – Ministering To Those Who Are Hurting

  • Sufficiency – Is The Bible Really All We Need?

  • Suicide – Living An Unbearable Life Or Not

  • Suicide - Will You Go To Hell If You Kill Yourself?

  • Supernatural – UFO’s

  • Tattoos – A Sin?

  • Teaching – Seems Like A Popularity Contest Doesn’t It?

  • Teaching – Should Spouses Both Be “Called”?

  • Teaching Materials – Can I Use Seriousfaith Stuff?

  • Temptation – Does God Tempt Us?

  • Theology – What Does “Christology” Mean?

  • Tithing – When To Give, Should We Tithe?

  • Tithing – Is It Biblical?

  • Tongues – Still For Today?

  • Tongues – Are You Really Saved If You Don’t?

  • Transformation – The Purpose Of Hard Times

  • Trinity – Can You Deny The Trinity And Be Saved?

  • Truth – Foundational Issues

  • Twitter – What’s The Purpose?

  • Witnessing – Is Every Christian Required To Evangelize?

  • Witnessing – What Is It, Really?

  • Witnessing To Muslims

  • Women Pastors And Leaders

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Apr 26, 2011

Parenting Wisdom for All Ages

Someone sent me one of those emails full of interesting photos. As I viewed these, it dawned on me that I could use them to teach some valuable lessons about parenting. Below are a couple of samples. You can read the post here...

Apr 23, 2011

Pre-Easter Pic

I have never tried sponge curlers on Abby's hair. She will either wake up with beautiful curls or a hot mess. If every Easter picture features damp straight hair, you will know which we ended up with.

Abby's doctor appointment went well. Her blood work was perfect and there were no signs of relapsing. Praise God! They did find an ear infection that Abby had not mentioned to us. When I asked her about it she just smirked and said that MOST of her ear felt perfectly fine. The girl may end up being a lawyer.

Erin, the PA, did say that if Abby's leg pain doesn't resolve they might run tests on them in a month. So lets just pray they are better by then. :-)

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. I would love to hear how you made it a special (and meaningful) day for your families.

Apr 16, 2011

Adoption Update and Urgent Request

From Michelle:

Abby Update: Today I am taking Abby to her monthly post chemo check up. For most of the month we are focused on living life and being a family. Today, Abby will see kids who are in the midst of a battle that she remembers all too well. Please say an extra prayer for those kids and their families. I will let you know Abby's test results later tonight. Abby looks great. We expect nothing but good reports, but we will never tire of getting good news.

Adoption update:

After 3 adoptions I thought we had this thing down. I was wrong. Brent and I typically make decisions very quickly and never look back. This time we made lots of decisions that we thought made sense but never felt a peace about going forward (sending them the big bucks) . Several agencies closed programs or changed parameters right when we were praying about moving forward with them.

I have been watching people flock to agencies I love. The waiting lists have been growing exponentially. While I love knowing that so many families are stepping forward to adopt children who need a family, I didn't feel we should wait years for a child when so many orphans need a family today.

Finally we are moving forward. Our request to adopt should be with our foreign facilitator THIS week. They have 2 months to make their decisions but we are hoping it is much sooner.

Our kids are bouncing off the walls excited. They can't wait to meet their new brother or sister. Abby is still praying daily for a baby brother and Hannah wants a little sister. Landis just wants to finally be a BIG brother.

Thank you for praying for our growing family.

I can't believe how grown up Abby looks.

Still playing picture catch up. We are trying hard to eat healthier. I was thankful
that she loved the pencils and ignored the candy. Healthy eating and a public
school education seems like an impossible combination some times.

Five is such a sweet age. Landis wanted me to meet all of his friends.
I can't wait to watch him take on the role of big brother.


Would you please pray for and get the word out about a very special little boy. He desperately needs a "Ukraine paper ready" family to commit to adopt him immediately. Please pray that his dreams come true.