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Aug 31, 2011

Spending Time with Your Family & Thoughts on Money

From Brent

A couple of posts on my other blogs I thought you might be interested in:

I hope you'll take time to read them and let me know your questions and thoughts.

Aug 19, 2011

Job Opening!!! I know of an immediate job opening...

From Brent

I know of a very good job opportunity related to a programming, website development skill set.

Even if this is not a job YOU are interested in, could you forward this information to people you know who might be?

You have to be located near the Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville area in order to be available to travel to a central location in North Vernon, IN on occasion for development meetings. Otherwise you could work from home or your own office (or if you live close enough, you could work full time in the NV office).

The specific work activity is UI development on a web application. The application is ASP.NET built on a SQL DB database. Skills needed/preferred for this work are:

  • ASP.NET web development experience
  • VB.NET server side (though C# is easily converted, so if you are C# developer, that will work)
  • Client side:
    • Javascript
    • AJAX
    • CSS
    • Web Services
  • Other: the application relies heavily on the DevExpress suite (; it is not required that you have experience with DevExpress but is a definite plus. These tools are enhancements to .NET controls. DevExpress can be quickly learned by an experienced ASP.NET developer.

"UI" normally implies graphic design but that is not a requirement here as they have graphic design professionals. It would be a plus but not required.

You would work on a growing team of developers that currently includes a UI expert who is being moved to another project (this is the job opening); a SQL guru and 3 others involved in management, sales and production.

They are ready to hire immediately and this is a very good job opportunity with a growing company.

Email me and include your resume if interested and I'll follow up.

Aug 17, 2011

Are You Worrying About Anything?


If you are having trouble with worry, I wrote some encouragement for you over on my other blog...

Aug 12, 2011

Canvas Prints

From Brent

See that logo over there to the left for Easy Canvas Prints? They contacted me asked me to do a review in exchange for a print. I told them "sure, but I won't be less than honest. If the print you send me is not dazzling, I won't say so publicly."

It was. It is remarkable. Now, having said that, trying to take a photo of a photo is never flattering. So I'll have ask you trust me (as a professional level photographer) that the print is marvelous. It is vibrant and the canvas is perfect. It could be a painting.

Take a minute and go visit them. Get a photo of your kids or wedding or baby stretched over canvas. It truly is really beautiful hanging on the wall. I will definitely be getting several more from Easy Canvas Prints but I have a feeling they are going to make me pay for it. :)