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Feb 9, 2012

Adoption Update and Birthday Pics...

From Michelle

Here's an adoption update and we are working on birthday party pics that will go up shortly... try to see if you can continue life anyway despite the anxiety and expectation of seeing some of our family photos. :)

Adoption Update

Our adoption agency feels we are getting very close to completing this adoption. The last steps they have been all about making sure that the child/children’s birth family is choosing adoption for their child. I love that they are being so careful.

This process has been slowed down a little because of -20 Celsius temps and a lot of snow.  Europe is having a ridiculous winter. Yikes! When it is 50 degrees outside, I wear a coat that is marketed as “perfect for 0 degrees F”. I got cold just reading our lawyers email. I am glad God called us to adopt when clocked Montenegro’s temperatures at 70 degrees F... I doubt we would have chosen Montenegro if the temps were 50 below at the time. J

I have begun freezing meals for my kids to eat when we travel and talking to my family about thing the kids will need help with while we are gone. As silly as it may sound, I am enjoying doing the little things to get ready. It helps pass the time as we continue to learn PATIENCE which is a necessity for international adoption.