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Dec 18, 2013

Cool Christmas Gift...

I don't put a lot of product suggestions on our blog but I thought with Christmas coming, I would tell you about this cool techie gadget I use. I've never seen it anywhere else. NO, I'm not making any money from this, just something cool I use.

Below is a description from their website but here's the scoop: it's a power source about the size of your thumb that you can toss in your purse or briefcase. It will recharge your phone or gadget a couple of times by plugging your item into the USB slot on the Magic Stick.

Simple. But really cool, and useful. Here's what the website says about it:

Magicstick 2800mAh
You’ll never feel powerless when you have the Magicstick 2800mAh rechargeable battery handy. This compact and lightweight mobile charger will quickly become must have for any person on-the-go. The Magicstick 2800mAH is the perfect size for any pocket, purse, or backpack. Never get stuck with a dead phone or other mobile device again. The Magicstick is easy to use and carry. A single USB port and corresponding cable with micro to USB connectionslet you charge a variety of devices seamlessly. This cable can also be used to charge the Magicstick from any high current USB port. A single button illuminates when pressed and shows the power capacity via a colored LED light, so you know at a glance how much charge is left. The Magicstick also features a smooth, brushed aluminum finish available in a variety of colors. An included drawstring carry case keeps it protected and always handy for use. Just grab, go, and get charged up with the Magicstick.
  1. Charges standard smartphone and other digital devices such as Bluetooth headsets, cameras, GPS, e-readers, and more
  2. 2800mAh battery capacity provides up to 2 full charges before needing recharging
  3. Lightweight & Powerful: Perfect for work, vacation, and every day on-the-go
  4. Engineered with smart chip technology to prevent damage or over charging
  5. Aluminum housing for durability & safety
  6. Fun color assortment for personal style expression
  7. Charges as fast as a standard wall charger in an electrical outlet
  8. Check power status with a push of button
  9. Easy and intuitive use
  10. Included carrying pouch
- Buy it here:

Dec 9, 2013

Immediate Emergency Adoption Opportunity - Need an ARKANSAS Family!!!

I got an urgent request from our private attorney, Vaughn Cordes, about a Marshallese adoption opportunity: 

This adoption must go to an ARKANSAS resident for jurisdictional reasons.

If interested contact:

Contact Vaughn Cordes: 

If you know anyone who knows anyone who knows anyone who might be interested, send them a link to this blog post.


Jul 3, 2013

Baby Kaleb is Here...

After three years of adoption "journey" Baby Kaleb has fulfilled "Abby's Wish" and is now home safe and sound with us. What an answer to prayer... the full story and lots of photos in the next few days after we get settled back in at home...


Jun 27, 2013

Immediate Adoption Opportunity in the Northwest Arkansas Area

I got an urgent request from our private attorney, Vaughn Cordes, about another Marshallese adoption opportunity that is available immediately.  I believe the birth is due in August.

This adoption will require someone live reasonably close to Northwest Arkansas (less than 4-5 hours?) because the birth mother really desires an "open adoption", ie. they want to maintain some contact and relationship with the child as they grow up.

For those of you wondering, this doesn't mean the birth mom wants to be "2nd parent" to the child, they just want to maintain contact the child and have kind of an "extended family" type relationship. There is no legal requirement or definition of this relationship. It's just an informal understanding between you and the birth mom.

If interested contact:

Contact Vaughn Cordes: 

May 21, 2013

Help The Moore Folks No Matter Where You Live - Here's How

I received from the following note from a local church that I know does great work in the area and is very trustworthy:

Journey Church in Norman off I-35 and Tecumseh is providing food and shelter for many victims of yesterday's tornado tragedy.  They are in need of boxes, rubbermaid tubs, work gloves, baby wipes, gatorade, water, and easy to eat on the go food items.  If you can help with any of these items or just lend a hand to help there it would be great. Keep all these families in your thoughts and prayers through this tragedy.

Thanks.  Don Rother

- - - - - - - - - - 

You can also give funds through Journey Church:  (look down towards the bottom for giving monetary donations)

I trust Journey Church. You can rest assured your money will be used properly and frugally to help those who have lost so much.  If you want to make sure your giving is administered with great care, give through Journey Church.  I don't attend church there, but I'm very familiar with them and their local reputation.


May 20, 2013

Our Tornado Story from Moore, OK Today

We are getting a lot of inquiries, people wanting to make sure we are okay concerning the killer tornado today.  We are, thank you for caring.

First, our home is about 15 miles south of where the big Moore tornado hit today, and 45 minutes north or so of the other tornados that hit south of us.  Intense day but no danger to our home itself.

However, we have a crazy story from today.   This weekend was my birthday, but I got dead-dog sick and Michelle and I cancelled a long awaited date we had planned for a movie and dinner on Saturday. We had rescheduled it for today.

We had movie tickets for a 3:15pm showing at Warren Theaters... the exact theater in Moore, OK that was ground zero today. If you watched any local news, or the major news stations today, you would have seen this theater on the coverage many times.  The photo on the right even shows the movie we were going to watch.

We left our house about 2:30pm with a quick peek at the news and it appeared that a couple of local thunderstorms were going to go north and south of us. We are used to spring storms so they didn't cause us much concern.  I'm probably a little TOO unconcerned about the spring storms because I've lived with them my whole life, and thank the Lord, have never been hit directly though I've personally witnessed over a dozen tornadoes.  The remarkable reporting, weather coverage and alert systems give people life saving advanced warning, and maybe it makes some of us a little too secure when they spin up.  The storms today intensified very quickly, going from "thunderstorm" around 2:30pm to "killer storm" a half hour later.

At just about 3:00pm, Michelle and I were driving north out of Norman, OK towards Moore about 3 miles from the Warren Theater. It was obviously getting more ominous outside so I turned on the car radio and heard the warnings and reports. I immediately told Michelle we needed to turn around and flee south as fast as possible rather than trying to find a shelter. I knew we could put considerable distance between us and the storm since we were on the Interstate and it was clear  heading back south.

What shocked me was the hard time I had getting off the highway to exit as four lanes of interstate (I-35) traffic was barreling north oblivious to the now-obvious danger, or thinking they could get north of it in time (like trying to get across the train tracks before the train runs you over). You've probably seen the dozens of vehicles that were literally SMEARED across the highway directly in front of the Warren Theater in Moore. Sadly, many of those would have been on the road next to us and we either unaware, or thought they could "beat the train".

So we did a u-turn on the interstate, drove south about 3-4 miles and got off the highway as all the tornado sirens started blaring. At exactly 3:15pm, the time our movie would have started, we watched the storm plow across the horizon knowing this monster was destroying Moore in almost the exact same way it did with the infamous "May 3rd" tornado.

It was really hard to believe that within 15-20 minutes we went from headed to see a movie in the exact location where the tornado hit, heard the radio warnings, scrambled a few miles south, and then watched from the horizon as thousands of homes, businesses, schools and lives were plowed into destruction.  We knew we witnessing a huge economic disaster and an inevitable loss of life.

Life can change so quickly. As always, we thank God that he protected us and ask Him to care for those who got hit.

I saw 29 launches when I worked on the Space Shuttle. Every time was awesome. I've seen over a dozen tornadoes. Every time is awesome and frightening and they dwarf even the incredible power and energy of a shuttle launch. Here is the full video of the actual tornado... it's 15 minutes sped up to show in 3 minutes of video time so you can see the whole life of it:

May 6, 2013

Another Immediate Adoption Referral Available

This is a note straight from our private attorney, Vaughn Cordes, about another Marshallese adoption opportunity that is available immediately. If interested, please contact him directly:

I have a birth family who is only 6 weeks pregnant. They have had eight children already and cannot keep another. 

They have adopted out two children in the past, one to a family member and they other lost in a closed adoption with local attorney. Both parents are out of work. Have six children at home. 

Will need about $1700 per month for ten months plus fees and costs. Adoption costs will be roughly $26K plus $3200 prenatal which is returned after Medicaid is approved. 

This is really early in the pregnancy for when I normally match, but family came to me through our birth mom and is desperate for help. I didn't want to tell them to just tough it out for another 6 weeks so I can match them easier. 

Contact Vaughn Cordes: 

Apr 17, 2013

IMMEDIATE ADOPTION - Within 4 Hours of Rogers ARK

If you are paper ready, financially able ($19-24K) and live within approx. four hours of Rogers, ARK (which would include Fayetteville, Tulsa, Little Rock, maybe OKC area), our adoption attorney has an IMMEDIATE referral ready for a Marshallese adoption... contact me immediately. Brent

Apr 10, 2013

Answered Prayers & Abby's Wish

For almost five years Abby has been praying for a baby. We all have. Actually the KIDS have been praying for TWO babies. Abby usually prays for a sister and Hannah and Landis pray for a brother. Then occasionally, just to keep Brent and I on our toes, they swap roles and pray for the opposite.

We thought we were going to adopt from an Eastern European country, but they are no longer willing to allow Americans to adopt and US immigration has decided they wont approve adoptions between our two countries. I am heartbroken for the kids who will grow up in an orphanage and age out, never having a family.

Ethiopian adoptions are moving very slowly as they put into place almost extreme measures to insure only ethical adoptions. Unfortunately, Brent and I aren't aging slowly, so we don't feel right about that choice now.  :-)

The opportunity to adopt from the Marshall Islands is a Godsend. Brent, the kids, and I were able to spend several hours with some very sweet, young, pregnant women. The time together allowed us to ask them any questions we wanted and more importantly allowed them to get to know us and gave them the chance to ask us questions.We were encouraged to attend prenatal doctors appointments as much as possible. I am thankful that we will have that time together.

We had reached a point where we were only planning on adopting one baby. We had wonderfully logical reasons for that decision. It made sense. But, sometimes God's plans are different than our own. Two of the women we met were sisters. Al involved were hoping both babies would go to the same home and grow up together. While it will stretch us in many different ways, we are very excited that we will have to chance to raise two more children.

We will know more after the birth-moms see a doctor, but for now it looks like one baby will arrive in June and the second in September or October.

- - - - - - - - - -
Abby update:  what can you say.  Abby is doing great.  She has beautiful black hair down to the small of her back (and it's been cut a couple of times even)!  She plays softball and basketball. She's doing great in school.  The cancer is more and more becoming a distant memory but she hasn't forgotten. She knows what happened to her.

Even a couple of years later, we still get notes and prayers and comments from people who journey with her through those 3 years of misery. For everyone who prayed for her recovery, survival and growth, we can only say one thing: PRAYERS ANSWERED!