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Apr 17, 2013

IMMEDIATE ADOPTION - Within 4 Hours of Rogers ARK

If you are paper ready, financially able ($19-24K) and live within approx. four hours of Rogers, ARK (which would include Fayetteville, Tulsa, Little Rock, maybe OKC area), our adoption attorney has an IMMEDIATE referral ready for a Marshallese adoption... contact me immediately. Brent

Apr 10, 2013

Answered Prayers & Abby's Wish

For almost five years Abby has been praying for a baby. We all have. Actually the KIDS have been praying for TWO babies. Abby usually prays for a sister and Hannah and Landis pray for a brother. Then occasionally, just to keep Brent and I on our toes, they swap roles and pray for the opposite.

We thought we were going to adopt from an Eastern European country, but they are no longer willing to allow Americans to adopt and US immigration has decided they wont approve adoptions between our two countries. I am heartbroken for the kids who will grow up in an orphanage and age out, never having a family.

Ethiopian adoptions are moving very slowly as they put into place almost extreme measures to insure only ethical adoptions. Unfortunately, Brent and I aren't aging slowly, so we don't feel right about that choice now.  :-)

The opportunity to adopt from the Marshall Islands is a Godsend. Brent, the kids, and I were able to spend several hours with some very sweet, young, pregnant women. The time together allowed us to ask them any questions we wanted and more importantly allowed them to get to know us and gave them the chance to ask us questions.We were encouraged to attend prenatal doctors appointments as much as possible. I am thankful that we will have that time together.

We had reached a point where we were only planning on adopting one baby. We had wonderfully logical reasons for that decision. It made sense. But, sometimes God's plans are different than our own. Two of the women we met were sisters. Al involved were hoping both babies would go to the same home and grow up together. While it will stretch us in many different ways, we are very excited that we will have to chance to raise two more children.

We will know more after the birth-moms see a doctor, but for now it looks like one baby will arrive in June and the second in September or October.

- - - - - - - - - -
Abby update:  what can you say.  Abby is doing great.  She has beautiful black hair down to the small of her back (and it's been cut a couple of times even)!  She plays softball and basketball. She's doing great in school.  The cancer is more and more becoming a distant memory but she hasn't forgotten. She knows what happened to her.

Even a couple of years later, we still get notes and prayers and comments from people who journey with her through those 3 years of misery. For everyone who prayed for her recovery, survival and growth, we can only say one thing: PRAYERS ANSWERED!