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May 6, 2013

Another Immediate Adoption Referral Available

This is a note straight from our private attorney, Vaughn Cordes, about another Marshallese adoption opportunity that is available immediately. If interested, please contact him directly:

I have a birth family who is only 6 weeks pregnant. They have had eight children already and cannot keep another. 

They have adopted out two children in the past, one to a family member and they other lost in a closed adoption with local attorney. Both parents are out of work. Have six children at home. 

Will need about $1700 per month for ten months plus fees and costs. Adoption costs will be roughly $26K plus $3200 prenatal which is returned after Medicaid is approved. 

This is really early in the pregnancy for when I normally match, but family came to me through our birth mom and is desperate for help. I didn't want to tell them to just tough it out for another 6 weeks so I can match them easier. 

Contact Vaughn Cordes: 


Aspiemom said...

Just visiting your site and saw this. My brother and his wife are missionaries in the Marshall Islands, specifically in Majuro.